Free Exchange Health Monitor
  • Free Exchange Health Monitor


    • Monitor the performance of all Exchange Server versions up to MS Exchange Server 2013
    • Check the CPU,Disk and Memory utilization details of the host server
    • Monitor various Transport Queues like active/retry mail box delivery and more
    • Keep a tab on the Windows services related to your Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Monitor the Client Access Server details like OWA per Average response/search time
    • Get insights on Memory details like pages/sec, page reads/sec
    • Generate real time performance reports in PDF format and Email it from the tool
    Free Exchange Health Monitor
  • Diagnose the health of Microsoft Exchange
    Diagnose Exchange Server Health
    Monitor Exchange services, email queues, storage, and more.
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Free Exchange Monitoring Tool

Keep an eye on Microsoft Exchange Server performance!
We all know how critical email and calendar services are for business. Here is a tool for monitoring the performance of Microsoft Exchange servers – ManageEngine Free Exchange Health Monitor.

Exchange Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

Microsoft Exchange Server Monitoring

  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk space and disk read/write utilization of exchange servers
  • Monitor the status of Windows Services related to your Microsoft Exchange Server
  • View mail box details such as user count, send/receive queue size, message sent/sec and active/peak client logons
  • Monitor memory details such as transition pages repurposed/sec, page reads/sec and pages input/output per second
  • Spot growing mailbox and remote delivery queues
Mail Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

Mail Server Monitoring – Settings

  • Set critical and warning threshold values for mail queue sizes, CPU, memory , disk utilization and ensure your mail server is running smoothly
Mail Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

Microsoft Exchange Server Reporting & Email

  • Get a snap shot of real-time performance report fetched by the tool in PDF format and Email your stake-holders from the tool