Audit Exchange databases with database changes reports

Exchange databases need continuous monitoring to track any accidental change that can have costly effects. These reports generate data on any database mount or dismount and can report on the database status with the database name, the server and the exact time stamp details. The reports include

Exchange Databases Dismounted Report

  • Unexpected dismounting of databases can deny access to mailboxes for thousands of users.
  • This report tracks and lists the public and private databases that were recently dismounted within the specified time.

Exchange Databases Mounted Report

  • A report that lists the databases that were mounted. By altering the period and filter values, the required data can be obtained.

User Action on Exchange Databases Report

  • A single point report providing consolidated data on the databases that were both mounted and dismounted.

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

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Report with details of dismounted databases A periodic summary of all the mounted databases Overall data on all the Exchange databases mounted A holistic report on all database mounts and dismounts


 Get a complete picture of all the Exchange databases that were mounted or dismounted with all its associated insights.
 Get alerts configured for any database mount or dismount and gain real–time data for immediate action.
 Configure automatic report scheduling; export reports to any formats like csv, xls, html or pdf.

Other features

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