Configuring HighPerf

    Note: The feature has been temporarily disabled. Existing DPI(Deep Packet Inspection) users can contact for support.


    On the local host:

    • Go to Admin -> HighPerf Reporting Engine
    • Enter the username and password for the local host.
    • Clicking 'Save' tests and saves the credentials and data starts getting collected in the HighPerf DB.
    • You can also test the connection by means of using the 'Test' button.
    • In case it fails, it could be because either User name or Password are incorrect

    On the remote server:

    • Go to Admin -> HighPerf Reporting Engine
    • While you choose the 'Remote Server' option for where the HighPerf Reporting Engine is installed, you will be prompted to enter the following information:

      1. Remote server name/IP - Enter the IP or name of the server where the HighPerf DB is installed.

      2. Remote server username - Enter the username of the machine where the HighPerf DB is installed.

      3. Remote server password - Enter the password of the machine where the HighPerf DB is installed.

    • After entering these credentials you can save or test if data is collected in the server. By clicking 'Save', the testing is automatically done in the backgorund.
    • If the 'Test' or the 'Save' option fails, it could be because:

      1. Username or Password are incorrect

      2. The remote machine is not reachable

    Note: If HighPerf Reporting Engine appears to be offline even after correct configuration, it could be due to the following reasons:

    1. Remote machine could be down. Please ensure that the remote machine is up and running.

    2. HighPerf DB appears to be down. You are requested to contact our Technical Support team for assistance.