Configuring NDE on a Native IOS Device


    To enable NDE on a Native IOS device, enter the configure mode on the Supervisor Engine, and follow the instructions for an IOS device. Then issue the following commands to enable NDE.

    Configuring NDE

    Enter privileged mode on the Supervisor Engine and issue the following commands to enable NDE:

    Command Purpose
    mls nde sender version 7 Sets the export version. Version 7 is the most recent full export version supported by switches.
    set mls aging long 64

    Breaks up long-lived flows into 1-minute fragments. This ensures that traffic graphs do not have spikes.

    It is important to set this value to 1 minute in order to generate alerts and view troubleshooting data.

    set mls aging normal 32 Ensures that flows that have finished are periodically exported. A lower value may result in NetFlow Analyzer reporting traffic levels that are too low.


    In order to put interface an routing information into the Netflow exports, issue the following commands depending on the Supervisor Engine.

    Switch Configuration Lowest IOS (MSFC) Level Commands
    Sup2 or 720 12.1.13(E)

    mls flow ip interface-full

    mls nde interface

    Sup1 12.1.13(E)

    set mls flow ip full 


    Tip This information is not available with IOS versions earlier than 12.1.13(E) on the Supervisor Engine 2 or 720