Interface Details in NetFlow Analyzer Version 12


    NetFlow Analyzer version 12 shows the Interfaces view separately. You can select the view from the below option to view Active, Down , Inactive and Unknown interfaces separately. 



    Status of interfaces can be detected based on the below icons presented beside the interface names.


    Icon  Status  Description
    Active Interface  Active Interface The link is UP and flows are being received
    Unknown Interface  Unknown Interface The interface is responding to SNMP requests and the link is UP, but no flows received from last 10 minutes
    Down Interfaces  Down Interfaces The interface is responding to SNMP request and the link is Down and no flow received from last 10 mins
    InActive interfaces  InActive interfaces The status of the interfaces is unknown and no flows received from last 10 minutes.
    New Interfaces

     New Interfaces


    The interfaces sending flows but not managed due to the license limit.

    Views in Interfaces tab:

    You can see the Interface view in 3 different ways:


    • Default Table view 
    • List view 
    • Heat Map view 
    The IN Traffic and OUT Traffic columns show the utilization and speed of IN and OUT Traffic on the respective interfaces for the past 12 hour(Today) average, you can change the average view by clicking on the clock icon %click icon%. You can click on the IN Traffic or OUT traffic bar to view the respective application traffic graph for that interface.

    Traffic Details

    To get the real time traffic details for the interface you have to drill down the interface that you want to monitor. Clicking the interface name will give a quick view of traffic graph for the selected interface for last 12 hours.

    Click on the arrow  to expand the view to get the detailed information on the interface like: