Enabling NetFlow Analyzer Add-on in OpManager


    Once you purchase the NetFlow Analyzer Add-on, follow the steps below : 

    Step 1: Go to Settings → Basic Settings → System Settings

    Step 2: Under Displayed Modules in the General tab, select Flow Analysis (NetFlow).

    Step 3Save the settings.



    Once you have enabled Flow Analysis, follow the steps below to export flows.

    Step 1: Navigate to Settings → NetFlow → Discovery → Export Flow. Alternatively, navigate to Inventory, and click the Add icon in the Flow Analysis tab to access the Flow Export page.
      Double-check that you've added the correct credentials, otherwise the device might not be discovered properly.
      NetFlow Analyzer requires both SNMP and Telnet or SSH credentials. SNMP fetches the device and its interfaces, while SSH or Telnet execute the flow export commands.

    Step 2: Devices can be identified using either the hostname or IP address. Enter the Hostname or IP address. You can add SNMP credentials by clicking the add icon next to Select SNMP credentials or by selecting one of the existing SNMP credentials. Select SSH or Telnet as the protocol type.

    Step 3: Enter the User NamePasswordPromptEnable CommandEnable User NameEnable Password, and Enable Prompt. You can test the connection using Ping, Test SNMP, or Test Telnet/SSH. Click Next to select the interfaces.



    Step 4: On the Select Interface page, select the Loopback interface—which is the source interface of the router—and any other interfaces you'd like to export flows from, and click Next.



    The device type and the flow export configuration commands will be automatically listed on the Export Flow page. You can verify the configuration commands and edit them as needed. NetFlow Analyzer supports all major flow formats from various vendors.



    If NetFlow Analyzer doesn't have predefined flow export commands for your particular device model, you can manually enter the commands and execute them using NetFlow Analyzer's CLI or GUI.



    Step 5: Once you check the configuration commands, click Execute Configlet.
    Verify the configuration output.



    Once the flow is exported, you can view the added devices in the Flow Analysis tab in the Inventory.