High Performance Reporting Engine Benefits

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    The High Performance Reporting Engine of ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is designed to increase the raw data storage capacity of NetFlow Analyzer and improve the speed of report generation despite high data volume. The benefits of ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer's High Performance Reporting Engine are as follows:


    1. Increased raw data storage capacity

    Raw NetFlow-based data can now be stored for more than 6 months which empowers the IT administrator to drill down to such a long period of time whenever he wants.


    2. Instant Report Generation

    Generating reports for huge volumes of data is now an instant process with the High Performance Reporting Engine.


    3. Columnar Database 

    The High Performance Reporting Engine uses columnar database. It is proven that columnar database is best-suited for an analytics engine for the wide set of advantages it offers.


    4. Shortened look-up time 

    The primary advantage of using columnar database is that it takes much lesser time to look-up for information that is searched. This factor is very critical for a high performance reporting engine and improves the speed of querying.


    5. Saves Troubleshooting Time

    When bulky volumes of data is processed in a matter of seconds, troubleshooting the issue happens speedily and thus helps solve network issues much faster.


    6. Improved data compression 

    The High Performance Reporting Engine has much improved data compression capabilities. This means huge savings in terms of disk space and increased data storage capabilities with existing storage infrastructure.


    7. Assured Minimum Downtime 

    With improved storage and reporting capabilities, drilling down to the root cause becomes much faster. This has a highly positive impact on troubleshooting time thereby bringing down the network downtime considerably.


    8. Better Capacity Planning 

    When raw data storage is increased, it enhances the capacity planning reports automatically. With availability of data for longer periods, the ability to perform better capacity planning giving much more sharper insights into the future bandwidth requirements.


    9. Insightful reports 

    IT Managers can substantiate their facts and figures with much more assertion as they can access raw data for a much longer period. This data is highly insightful to prove to the management the past and current usage patterns which in turn affect several policy and infrastructure based decisions.


    10. Better bandwidth management 

    The instant reports from high volumes of data give more accurate statistics on the bandwidth usage patterns based on which resource allocation is performed. The High Performance Reporting Engine facilitates adopting more effective bandwidth management strategies to optimize the performance of your network.


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