Installing and starting the HighPerf add-on


    Click here to find out what the pre-requisites are for installing the HighPerf add-on.


    The HighPerf add-on is available to users as a PPM on request. Contact support at for PPM or for a free, personalized demo of the add-on.

    To install the HighPerf add-on,

    • Download the PPM file.
    • Open Update Manager.
    • Upload the PPM file and click Install.
    • Once the installation is complete, click Finish.

    To configure and setup,

    • Login to NetFlow Analyzer and navigate to Settings > NetFlow > HighPerf Addon Settings.
    • This page will show you the
      1. Installation and Working status
      2. HighPerf and database versions
      3. HighPerf tables migration status - which gives you the migration status of existing raw data tables
      4. Raw data storage period
    • You can enable Raw data and select the raw data storage period under Settings > NetFlow > Storage Settings > Raw Data.
    • Once HighPerf is installed and raw data is enabled, you can increase raw data storage capacity and start generating insightful reports with higher accuracy. The HighPerf add-on ensures improved data compression, minimum downtime, better capacity planning and bandwidth management, and faster troubleshooting.


    1. Existing HighPerf and Deep Packet Inspection users can contact for support.
    2. Try a free, personalized demo or to get a price quote.