How to add a device in NetFlow Analyzer?

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    1. Navigate to Settings > Discovery > Export Flow
    2. Enter the device Hostname / IP Address
    3. Select respective SNMP credential or Add new SNMP credential (if credential does not exist)
    4. Provide the below information to communicate to the device in sequence
      • a. Select the protocol type (SSH\Telnet).
      • b. Enter User Name, Password, Prompt, Enable Command, Enable User Name, Enable Password and Enable Prompt.
    5. You can add additional parameters like Telnet/SSH port, Timeout (sec), Login Prompt, Password Prompt, Login Prefix Prompt, Login Prefix, Enable UserName Prompt, and Enable Password Prompt, by checking the Additional Parameters checkbox.
    6. Click Next to test the connection using Ping, Test SNMP, and Test Telnet/SSH and move to the next page to add Interface for Export Flow.

    How to select interfaces?

    Network Traffic Monitoring

    1. The Source/Loopback Interface Device type will be automatically selected.
    2. Verify the source interface and device type and commands and click Export Flow to proceed.

    How to find the right configlet for adding device ?

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    In Predefined Flow Export, the Source interface and  Device type will be automatically selected. Verify the source interface and device type and commands, and click Export Flow.

    In Custom Flow Export, check the Show flow export command box to view the list of devices and their commands in our database. You can manually enter flow export configuration commands for your device or copy the commands displayed, and execute them.

    How to export flows from non-CLI devices?

    NetFlow Analyzer allows you to export flows non-CLI devices directly from the UI. You can export flows using two methods,

    1. Predefined Flow Export, where the device type and configuration commands are auto-discovered.
    2. Custom Flow Export, where the users can manually enter the configuration commands.


    Network Traffic Monitoring

    The output of the executed commands will be displayed after the execution.