User profile migration tool

What is a user state migration tool (USMT) and How to migrate user profiles?

Upgrading the Operating System of your computer is always considered a tedious and time-consuming process. With Microsoft announcing the end of support for Windows 7 and 8, migrating to Windows 10 has become a necessity in all enterprises.  Migrating to a new Operating System can be a hassle, especially when users have numerous User Accounts and a substantial amount of personalized data and configurations in their computer. Windows User State Migration tool is exclusively designed to grease the wheels while imaging and deploying operating systems.

Moving all the the different users created in your computer can be done seamlessly with ManageEngine OS Deployer's User Profile Migration. This will facilitate effortless Windows 10 migration. OS Deployer offers a variety of options to customize your image and incorporate the computer specific settings to automate the User profile migration process.

Why should you use USMT?

Using user state migration tool while upgrading or migrating OS, poses the following benefits:

Reduce time and effort

Imaging, deploying and, maintaining OS in a network estate can make you sweat out. USMT comes handy and effectively reduces the time required to execute your OS migration plan.

Ensure productivity

You can effectively reduce the time taken to customize the user profiles in individual PCs and get that done all at once. This way, your end users need not wait long to get used to the upgraded OS.

Slash-down the help desk tickets

Is resolving the help desk tickets post OS deployment your greatest nightmare? With Windows user state migration tool (USMT), you will not receive recurring tickets on missing files, folders and user accounts. user profile migration tool ensures completely seamless migration experience.

How OS Deployer enables user data migration?

User Profile Migration is allows you to move the User Accounts along with the data and configurations that are personalized for each user, while upgrading your Operating System. OS Deployer lets you migrate OS settings, applications, and Access Control Lists (ACLs) associated with each User Account. It will enable the user to migrate the access permissions, preferences, security settings and configurations to the target computer unique to User Profiles. This will help in saving time and improving productivity.

Note: Windows user profile migration tool cannot assist in downgrading to earlier versions of Windows OS.

When would you need to migrate user profiles?

  • To migrate your data to the newly purchased computers in your enterprise.
  • To upgrade existing computers with outdated OS without losing the user data.

What data will be migrated?

The following are the user data migrated by this feature.

  1. Folders from User Profiles:

    My Documents, My Video, My Music, My Pictures, desktop files, Start menu, Quick Launch settings, and Favorites.

  2. File Types:

    .accdb, .ch3, .csv, .dif, .doc*, .dot*, .dqy, .iqy, .mcw, .mdb*, .mpp, .one*, .oqy, .or6, .pot*, .ppa, .pps*, .ppt*, .pre, .pst, .pub, .qdf, .qel, .qph, .qsd, .rqy, .rtf, .scd, .sh3, .slk, .txt, .vl*, .vsd, .wk*, .wpd, .wps, .wq1, .wri, .xl*, .xla, .xlb, .xls*.

    Note: The asterisk (*) stands for zero or more characters.

  3. Operating System Components:

    USMT migrates operating-system components to a destination computer from computers running Windows 7 and Windows 8. For example, Accessibility settings, Group membership, Fonts, Keyboard and Mouse settings, Phone and Modem options, Taskbar settings etc,.

What are the pre-requisites?

OS Deployer requires the latest version of Windows ADK toolkit to perform user profile migration. After downloading the latest version of Windows ADK tool, ensure you have enabled the following,

  1. Deployment tools
  2. Windows pre-installation environment (WinPE tool)
  3. User State Migration tool

Back-up and restore user profiles using OS Deployer

Read the step-by-step instructions to be followed while migrating user profiles using OS Deployer.

  1. How to back-up user profiles?
  2. How to migrate user profiles?

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