SMS Server Settings:


You can configure ADSelfService Plus to use your own GSM Modem for sending SMS. We also support 3rd party SMS providers like Clickatell (built-in support) or you can configure your own custom SMS Gateway.


Configuring GSM Modem



Steps Involved In Configuring The Modem Port & Modem Speed:


Requirements For Establishing SMS Server Connection:

- Matching these criteria allows ADSelfService Plus to support your modem/ mobile phone.


Configuring Clickatell


To use Clickatell as your SMS provider, you need to buy Clickatell SMS credits. Once you have enough SMS credits, you can start configuring Clickatell as you SMS provider.


Configuring Custom SMS Provider


You can configure you own custom SMS gateway provided that the gateway is HTTP or SMTP based. Please follow the steps given below:


HTTP-based SMS provider:


SMTP-based SMS provider:


Note: If you don't configure the SMTP server settings, then the mail server configured under the Mail Settings tab will be used.







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