Technicians are end users with specific privileges which allow them to carry out product administrative tasks. ADSelfService Plus' technicians are of two types:

  1. Super Admin: Has full control over the entire application by default.
  2. Operator: Can audit operations and view reports in the application by default.

Based on the method of authentication, technicians are classified into:

  1. Domain technicians: These are technicians who have an account in AD. Domain technicians have control only over the domain to which that user belongs to.
  2. Product technicians: These technicians have an account only in ADSelfService Plus and use their product account credentials for authentication. Product technicians have control over all the domains configured in ADSelfService Plus.
Note: You can configure MFA and Password Policy settings for product technicians under the Advanced section in the Technicians tab. To configure MFA and Password Policy settings for domain technicians, navigate to Self-Service > Configuration > Multi-factor Authentication and Self-Service > Configuration > Password Policy Enforcer respectively.

How to assign permissions to technician roles

  1. Go to Configuration > Administrative Tools > Technician.
  2. Select Role Settings.
  3. Select the required role from the drop-down.
  4. You can now choose to assign or remove the displayed permissions.

How to create a Technician

  1. Go to Configuration > Administrative Tools > Technician.
  2. Click the Add new Technician button.
  3. Select the Authentication Type, Domain, Users/Groups, and the Role from the respective drop-downs.
    Important: When AD Authentication is selected, the created technician can use their Windows logon credentials to log in to ADSelfService Plus.
  4. If you select Product Authentication in the Authentication Type field, you will be required to enter the login credentials for that technician.
  5. Cick Add.
    Important: When Product Authentication is selected, this only creates an account in ADSelfService Plus. The technician will not have an AD account and needs to use the credentials that you configure.

Advanced settings

The Advanced option allows you to configure login MFA and Password Policy settings for technicians who use product authentication.

Advanced settings

Login MFA

Password Policy


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