Technician is a status that you can assign to the end-users. When a user is declared as a technician, the user is provided with the rights to configure the various settings of the

ADSelfService Plus application.

This application allows you to configure technicians of two types:

Steps to Configure a Technician.


Advanced Role Permissions.


Super Admin:


When you declare an end-user as a Super Admin, the user will be provided with the full control over the entire application. A Super Admin has the right to re-configure the entire layout of the ADSelfService Plus.



Declaring an end-user as the operator would provide the user with the rights to perform the auditing operations for this application.


A Technician is provided only with the information that appertains to the domain to which the user belongs.



Configuring Technician Settings

  1. Select 'Configuration --> Administrative Tools --> Technician'

  2. Click on 'Add New Technician' button

  3. Choose the 'Domain' from the Drop Down box

  4. In case of selecting 'Domains' other than the 'ADSelfService Plus' application:

  5. Click 'Choose' link

  6. Select the 'User' from the available list & click 'Ok'

  7. Select the 'Role' for the 'Technician' (Super Admin/Operator)

  8. Click on 'ADD'

The 'Technician' would be created. These technicians can logon using their 'Windows Logon' credentials.

  1. In case of selecting the 'ADSelfService Plus' domain:

  2. Provide the Login Name

  3. Specify the Password & Confirm it

  4. Select the 'Role' for the 'Technician'(Super Admin/Operator)

  5. Click on 'ADD'

  • The 'Technician' would be created. These technicians (ADSelfService Plus domain) are the ones who have no Active Directory accounts and therefore have to use the credentials that are configured by you.

  • A message would be displayed stating that 'the technician was successfully created'.




Advanced Role Permissions


Here you can further customize the technicians role by assigning them permissions to carry our certain operations. To do so, first select the role (Super Admin or Operator) and then select the permissions that you want to assign to that particular role. These permissions include the ability to:


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