Mobile App Deployment


Using ADSelfService Plus mobile apps end users can manage their passwords on the go. The Mobile App Deployment feature in ADSelfService Plus will help you to easily deploy the ADSelfService Plus iOS app to users' mobile devices. The following steps will guide you through the configuration:


Installing the MDM profile


Once the trial mode or APNs configuration is completed, a mobile device management (MDM) profile must be installed in users’ mobile devices. Only then you’ll be able to install the ADSelfService Plus app remotely using the Mobile App Deployment option.

  1. Open ADSelfService Plus and go to Configuration → Administrative Tools → Mobile App Deployment.

  2. Select a domain from the Select Domain drop-down.

  3. Click the Add OUs/Groups link if you want to select specific users.

  4. All the users from the selected OUs and groups in the domain will be displayed under the All Users tab.

  5. Select the desired users by checking the box against their username.

  6. Click Send Notification.

  7. Users will receive a mail containing the registration link.

  8. Users need to open the link in a Safari browser to install the profile and successfully enroll their devices for MDM.


    • The link must be opened in a Safari browser only.

    • The ADSelfService Plus Server should be accessible to the iOS devices during profile installation.

    • If you're configuring the trial mode of mobile app deployment, then in step 7 a verification code will be sent along with the registration link in the mail to the users. The browser will ask for this verification code in step 8 when users open the registration link.


Installing the ADSelfService Plus app


Setting up schedulers to automate profile and app installation


You don't have to manually notify new users to install the MDM profile or install the app in end users' new devices. You can automate the whole process by setting up schedulers to periodically check for new users and devices. Follow the steps below to configure the schedulers:

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