Audit Reports:


Under this tab, you will find a plethora of reports that facilitate easy auditing by providing exhaustive information on the self-service operations carried out by the end-users.


Besides auditing the self-service operations,these reports provide you with information on various 'Notification Deliveries' & the 'Security Question & Answer' process as well.



The audit report set has the following reports.

  1. Self-Service Audit Reports.

  2. Notification Delivery Reports.

  3. Failed Attempts At Security Questions Report.

  4. Audit Report Generation.


Self-Service Audit Reports:


As the name suggests,these are reports that generate the list of users who availed themselves for the 'Self-service features'(Reset Password, Account Unlock,Self-Update & Change Password) over a specified period of time.




Notification Delivery Reports:


These reports focus on the 'Delivery Status' of the various notifications that this solution sends.

This solution provides you with the following notifications.

As mentioned earlier,you have to specify the time period for generating these Notification Delivery reports.




Failed Attempts At Security Questions Report:


This report provides you the details of the user accounts that failed in the authentication process. The report includes the detail such as the number of unsuccessful attempts taken by the end-user while attempting the security question and answer authentication process.Again, you would have to specify the time period for generating these reports.




Audit Report Generation:

  1. Select the 'Reports' tab ( Reports --> Audit Reports)

  2. Specify the 'Start Date'

  3. Follow it up with the End Date'

  4. Click on 'Generate'

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