User Reports:

These reports focus on the 'User Details' that provide information on the 'Status of the User's Password & Account'.Issues like 'Locked Out Accounts','Password Expired Accounts' are brought into light under these reports. The ultimate goal of these reports is to allow the users to successfully carry out the Self Password Reset & Self Account Unlock operations.

Types Of User Reports:

  1. Locked Out Users

  2. Soon-To-Expire User Passwords

  3. Password Expired Users

I. Locked-Out Users:


This report provides details of the users who failed to logon due to incorrect passwords. A user's account gets locked out when he/she exceeds the "threshold set for incorrect logins" based on the domain policy. This report helps you to identify such 'Locked Out Users' .


II.  Soon-To-Expire User Passwords:

"Soon-To-Expire User Passwords" report puts light on the list of users whose passwords are "about to expire" in a few days. This report helps you to take "proactive measures" while dealing with the "expiry of the user's password" issue.


III. Password-Expired Users:

A user's password expires after a certain period of time due to the regulations imposed by the 'Domain Policy' onto the user's 'password settings' process. This report contains the list of such password expired users.



User Reports Generation:

  1. Select "Reports" tab (Reports --> User Reports)

  2. Select the "Desired Domain" from the drop down box

  3. For "OU" based selection, click on "ADD OUs" link (Select the "Desired OUs" & click "OK")

  4. In the case of 'Soon -To-Expire User Password' reports, specify the "Number of Days" in which the 'User's Password is Going to Expire'

  5. Click on "Generate" button.

The 'Specified List of Users' would be generated.

You can re-frame the Report Layout Template - by clicking on Add/Remove Columns link (to add or remove columns)



Other Available Options:


Quick Search:


As the name suggests,this option is used to perform 'Quick Search' for users (by using their names) instead of executing the tedious task of going through the entire user list.


Export & Printable:


Using this 'Export' option, you can export the 'list of users in bulk' in various formats like 'CSV, CSVDE, HTML, PDF & XLS'.This process is usually carried out for auditing purposes,while the 'Printable' option is used to view the printable version of the 'list of users'.

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