Installing ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus can be installed on any machine, in the domain, that satisfies the specified system requirements.

To install ADSelfService Plus

Installing ADSelfService Plus as an application with the InstallShield Wizard. 


  1. When you run ADSelfService Plus as an application, it uses the privileges of the user logged on to the computer, so ensure that account has permission to access the product's installation folders. If you choose to run ADSelfService Plus as a service, it utilizes the service account's privileges.

  2. ADSelfService Plus requires a dedicated port, so don't use the port number assigned to other applications.

  3. Exempt ADSelfService Plus from the anti-virus deployed in your environment so it isn't flagged by mistake.

Steps involved:

  1. Double-click the downloaded EXE file to start the ADSelfService Plus installation wizard. Click Next.


  2. Review the License Agreement page, then select Yes.

  3. Choose a Destination Location for ADSelfService Plus and click Next.

  4. The default web server port is automatically loaded. You can also choose to run ADSelfService Plus on a different port number by changing the displayed port number. Click Next.

  5. Select a Program Folder from the list and click Next.


  6. Complete the registration process to receive free, 24/7 support from our product experts. (Optional) Click Next.

  7. Review the settings, then click Next → Finish.

  8. Double-click the ADSelfService Plus desktop icon to launch the client in your default web browser.

ADSelfService can be run as:

To run ADSelfService Plus as an Application

By Default ADSelfService Plus will be installed as an application.

Note: When it is used as an application, ADSelfService Plus uses the privileges of the user logged on to the computer.

To run ADSelfService Plus as a Windows Service

To run ADSelfService Plus as a service, it must be installed as a Windows Service. To install ADSelfService Plus as Service,

Once the "ADSelfService Plus Service" is installed, you can start the product as a "Windows service".

Note: When it is run as service, ADSelfService Plus uses the privileges of the system account.

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