Troubleshooting the Linux login agent installation

Below is the list of errors that may arise while installing the login agent in Linux machines and the solutions to resolve the error:

  1. The network path was not found.

    Possible cause: This error could occur if the target computer could not be contacted.


    • Ensure if such a computer really exists. If so, ensure that it is connected to the network.
    • To check for connectivity, ping this computer from the server where ADSelfService Plus has been installed.
  2. Connection timed out.

    Possible cause: The Linux machine, in which you are trying to install the login agent, is shut down or not connected to the domain network.


    • Start the client and ensure that it is connected to the domain network. Check the connection by pinging the machine from the ADSelfService Plus server. Once you're sure there is a connection, try to install the agent again.
    • If the connection to the machine is fine, then check the Linux client's integration with AD.
  3. Connection refused.

    Possible cause: SSH server software is not active in the Linux client.

    Solution: Make sure the SSHD service is installed and active in the Linux client.

  4. Permission denied / Insufficient privileges to the service account.

    Possible cause: Service account configured in ADSelfService Plus does not have the required root privilege over the targeted Linux client.

    Solution: Provide root privilege to the service account by following the steps below:

    • Go to the Terminal window and execute the command sudo visudo. Then, navigate to the #User privilege specification section. In the %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL replace %admin with the username i.e., <username> ALL=(ALL) ALL.
  5. Invalid service account credentials.

    Possible cause: Invalid or expired service account credentials in the Domain Settings.

    Solution: Update the correct service account credentials.

    • Log in to ADSelfservice Plus with admin privileges.
    • Go to Domain Settings.
    • Click the edit button and provide the service account credentials with the required privileges.
  6. No authentication details found for the domain.

    Possible cause: Insufficient privileges for the service account in the Domain Settings of ADSelfService Plus.

    Solution: Provide the service account credentials with domain admin privileges.

  7. The operation failed while setting up dependencies.

    Possible causes:

    • Poor network connection.
    • Insufficient download permission.


    • Check network connectivity in the Linux machine. If the network connection is established, check if the Linux package manager can contact the repository. If you can contact the repository, you can re-install the Linux login agent from the ADSelfService Plus admin console.
    • The lightdm-webkit2-greeter package might not be installed from due to insufficient file download permissions. Ensure the URL is allowed in the firewall.
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