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Billing Module in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8.1

ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8.1 - New Features


One of the biggest hurdles MSP's are facing today is, Tracking and Billing for the services offered. Maintaining multiple customer accounts using multiple tools and managing them accurately has always been complex.

Billing feature in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP lets you to enable the managed services business model through accurate billing for multiple accounts, so you no longer need to juggle with multiple tools and manually track and bill for services rendered.




Service Plan

Service Plan

Define Billing plans to Capture your Business Model

ServiceDesk Plus - MSP's Billing feature helps you customize Service Plans for client's business model and avoid unnecessary data entry.

  • Setup a centralized view of service usage information with the help of Service Plan.
  • Define the plan type, bill cycle/period, allowance and usage charges.
  • Flexibility to block or allow new requests when the fixed quota is exceeded
  • Empower your technicians to track time through work log and charge accounts based on services provided.
  • Flexibility to add incidental charges such as travel expenses, spare parts, etc. for the requests.





Link Service Plan with Accounts

Contract is used to set up the service contract between MSP and clients.

  • Assign a Service Plan to an Account.
  • Contracts can be renewed and old contracts can be maintained for future reference.
  • Notify when the contracts are about to expire.
  • Associate tax and discount details for the contract.






Automate your Bill Generation Process

The new billing feature automates the entire billing process.

  • Technicians can track time through work logs as well as increase productivity thereby eliminating manual processes for tracking bills.
  • Generate bills faster without the need for any manual / other tools intervention.
  • Automate bill generation for multiple accounts and save time with ServiceDesk Plus - MSP.