My View


    ServiceDesk Plus - MSP login home displays My View page with information on the request summary of the requests assigned to the user who has logged in. In the case of requesters, My View displays information regarding the requests that have been raised by them.


    My View page also displays My Tasks and Announcements. Click the link for more information.


    In the technician / administrator login of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP, My View tab displays the following information:

    1. Number of requests assigned to the logged in technician that are overdue.

    2. Number of requests assigned to the logged in technician that are due for that day.

    3. Number of pending requests that are assigned to him/her.

    Clicking the links to open the corresponding list view.



    Global View


    Global view is available depending on the login authorization permissions ( administrator, account administrator, site administrator  ) provided to the various technicians. If you have permissions for the same, you will be able to see the Global View tab just beside the home page My View as soon as you login to the application.


    The global view displays the following information:

    • Requests by block displays the Open, On Hold and OverDue status of the Requests by Technicians, Category, Level, Priority and Mode in All sites and the sites configured for the logged in technician under the admintab. These options should be selected from the drop down combo box.The matrix displays the seven technicians/category/level/priority/mode with the most number of requests assigned. If count increases more than seven then a View All button appears. If you wish to view all the technicians then click View All button.  

    Example: On selecting the Site and Technician from the combo box, all the available technicians name getting listed one after the other in the block. Against each the technicians name you can see the number of Open, On Hold, and Over Due requests they have. Also it gives the total of all the open, on hold and overdue requests finally.

    To view the all the open requests on your name, click the number specified under the open request title. This will open the list of all the open requests on your name.    

    • Request Summary block, shows the graph of requests count that have come in during a specific time period such as, This Week, Last Week, This Month and Last Month requests in a site. You can select these options and the site from the combo box provided at the corner of the block.


    Note: The Accounts select box on top of the page allows you to select the account for which you want to view data .  

    • If 'All Accounts' is selected, the data pertaining to all accounts for which the technician has access is displayed.

    • If an account's name is selected, data pertaining to the selected account is displayed.




    Asset View


    The asset dashboard can be viewed by the technicians with view permissions on asset module while defining the roles.   




    All my Assets

      • On scanning, all the IT & Non-IT assets across accounts for the logged in user are listed below in All my Assets .

      • This displays each product type count across accounts for the logged in user (Workstation, scanner etc.).

      • Click More linkcopy_to_icon and select the options to view the graph of resources by account or region or state or asset summary.

      • This also displays number of failed workstations on scanning at the bottom of the section. Click the Troubleshoot link for troubleshooting tips.


      • On scanning, Workstations shows the graph of Workstations by os, domain, manufacturer, processor type, department, account, region, state etc.

      • Click the More link and select the option to view the graph.  




      • On scanning Software shows the graph of Software by category, software licensing status, software license compliance, software vendors volume etc.

      • Click More link at the right side of the section and select the options to view the graph.



    Purchase & Contracts

    The purchase and contract dashboard can be viewed by the technicians with viewing permissions on purchase and contract module.

      • On scanning, PO & Contracts shows the graph of contract summary and purchase order summary.

      • Click More linkpo_contracts_more_link and select the option to view the graph.

      • Contracts summary shows the graph for contracts expiring in next 7days, 30 days, also contracts expired in last 30 days.

      • Purchase Order summary shows the graph for purchase due today, next 7 days & next 30 days.




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