Adding Task(s)


      1. Click Requests tab in the header pane.

      2. Click the Subject link of the request to which you would like to add tasks.

      3. Click the Actions drop-down menu -> select Add Task option. The Tasks form opens in a pop up window.

      4. To add routine tasks instantly, choose a Template from Use Task Template drop-down menu. The details added in the Template are populated in the Task form. Refer Task Template to know - how to configure Task Template.

      5. If you are manually adding a task in the Task form, specify the Title of the task in the given text field. This is a mandatory field.

      6. Specify relevant information about the tasks in the Description field.

      7. Specify Task Status (Open by default).

      8. Provide Estimated Technician Effort expected to be involved while technician is working on the task (will be useful in calculating Scheduled End Time of the Task)

      9. Specify Task Priority

      10. Choose Group/Technician for assigning/marking task

    Tasks can be assigned/marked:

        • to a Group alone,

        • to a Group and a specific Technician in the group,

        • to a Technician alone without selecting the group,

        • to no Group and no Technician.

      1. Optional: Specify Scheduled Start time for Task (the same will be done automatically, in case you choose to trigger tasks)

      2. Select Task Type from the list

      3. Optional: More Fields button

    Specify the following by clicking ‘More Fields’ button:

      • Actual Start-End Dates: To be filled upon task completion

      • % of Completion: To specify the extent to which task has been completed (eg: 30%, 70% etc.,)

      • Additional Costs (if any)

      • Specify relevant comments about the task in the Comments field.

      • If task being configured is dependent on another task, use Mark parent task(s) dropdown and select the parent task.

    1. Click Save (or) Save and Add New



    • Individual tasks (not associated with request, problem, change, project and milestone) will not have Mark Parent Task(s) option.

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