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    What do we mean by project member Status?

    As the name suggests Project Member Status refers to the status of Project Members, which can be either Active or Inactive.

    1. Active Project Member is the one who is actively participating in the project.

    2. Inactive Project Member is the one who is a part of the project but has been sidelined for some reason.

    Note: Apart from Active & Inactive project members, you have Deleted Members as well.


    Select Member Status Drop Down



    How can the inactive state of project members be described?

    When a project member is made inactive it means the respective member has been sidelined for some reason; it could be that the guy is sick and is on leave, or the guy has been reassigned to some other project and so on. When such situations arise, project members are made inactive.

      1. Inactive member is still a part of the project and can be reinstated at any given time (using User Status drop down).

      2. Inactive member would not appear in select owner drop down while assiging Milestones/Tasks (from the time he/she has been made inactive)


    Select Owner Dropdown

    • Open Milestones/Tasks that were assigned to the inactive project member would automatically attain Open Status, signalling to the project admin/member that they need reassigning.

    • Workdone by a project member - who has been made inactive - would not be lost; they remain intact so that other project members can take over from where the inactive member left off.




    Project Member Deletion is same like that of making a Project Member Inactive; the deleted member would not figure in 'select owner list' and the tasks assigned to him/her can be reassigned to others.



    What about Milestones/Tasks associated with a deleted/inactive Project Member?


    Project Member Status

    If Milestone Status Is

    If Task Status Is

    What will happen?









    1 Milestone/Task will be dissociated from the inactive user and would be available under the respective Milestone/Task list so that it can be reassigned.


    2 Member would not appear in the �Select Owner Drop Down�



    Closed, Onhold & Canceled

    Closed, Onhold & Canceled



    1 Will be dissociated from the inactive user, but the work done by him so far would remain intact, so that it can be used if needed.


    2 Member would not appear in the �Select Owner Drop Down�



    Can one change the role associated with a project member?

    Yes, at anytime during the project it is possible to change a project members role, provided you are the project admin/manager. To do so, click on Select Project Role Drop Down.


    Select Project Role Drop Down

    Note: During role change the access permissions of the respective member would be changed, as he would be either provided or stripped of certain rights in the project. <to know more about roles & their access permissions, refer Table>



    Who can be a project, milestone, or a task owner?

    Owner drop-down list - in project, milestone & task details page - gets automatically populated with members as you add them to your project. This automated population is based on the member's project role. Example: Member with project admin role has rights to everyting (projects, milestones & tasks); so naturally he/she - while being added to the project - will be listed under "owner drop-down lists" of project, milestone and tasks, and thus will be ready for selection.

    By default, Team Member role will be assigned to a new project member (whose role hasn't yet been decided by you/administrator) and he/she will be listed under task owner drop-down list


    Select Owner Drop-Down (in Milestone details page)

    Defaul project roles and their respective permissions are listed below:

    • Project Admin - will get listed under project, milestone and task owner list
    • Project Member - will get listed under project, milestone and task owner list
    • Team Member - will get listed under milestone and task owner list
    • Team Leader - willl get listed under task owner list


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