Utilize custom modules to provide a personalized business experience New Feature

Build custom modules to display a specific set of records and offer custom admin configurations to address particular business needs. Custom modules can be created for a variety of use cases.

To create custom modules, go to Admin > Developer Space > Custom Modules.

Enhancements for smoother approvals Enhancement

  • The My Approvals widget now comes with a brand new UI to improve the user experience.
  • Approvals are now distinguished by unique module icons.
  • Approvals can also be responded to using the Take Action option in the slider panel.

Enhancements to reports and dashboards Enhancement

  • You can link widgets from ServiceDesk Plus MSP dashboards to external applications using the embed widget icon.
  • Embed dashboards in external applications. Go to Dashboard Options > Share Dashboard.
  • The Drill Down Analysis report widget is now available in the Helpdesk dashboard.



Zia, Zoho's Artificial Intelligence, is now available in ServiceDesk Plus MSP New Feature

Leverage Zoho's enterprise-level AI to reopen requests that need processing, suggest appropriate categories, appropriate request templates, and more. Use Zia to perform approval actions by using users' responses to the approval email.

  • Leverage the conversational AI assistant for greater service desk experiences

    ServiceDesk Plus MSP also comes with Zoho's virtual conversational support agent, Zia Bot. With Zia Bot, now you can execute 20 different service desk tasks. Technicians and requesters can both raise requests, view solutions, and announcements, whereas picking up requests and assigning tasks are among a few tasks specific to technicians and administrators.

Disaster Recovery in ServiceDesk Plus MSP New Feature

Ensure availability of ServiceDesk Plus MSP when a region or site is down during a disaster. Disaster Recovery (DR) works by implementing a hot-standby system. When a primary server is down, the secondary server takes over the primary server functions and serves the application. To set up DR, SDAdmins can configure from Admin > General Settings > HA Configuration.

Leverage brand new UI enhancements across modules for enhanced user experiences Enhancement

  • View requests in the Classic View, and both requests and tasks in the Combined View.
  • Administrators now get an option to organize tabs in the navigation menu and allow technicians to personalize the tab order. Administrators can access and organize tabs from Admin > General Settings > UI Customization > Organize Tabs.
  • Add members and assign roles in a project template from the project template details page with the newly added Members tab to the project template.
  • New configuration pop-up is added for creating/editing users and technician additional fields.

Manage changes efficiently with new ServiceDeskPlus MSP enhancements Enhancement

  • Administrators can use Change Configurations to make settings for editing, approval actions, or email notifications.
  • Change Owner, and SDChangeManagers can add, edit, delete, or organize tasks in a change even after the change is closed.
  • You can now delete and restore a change.
  • The mini calendar and the calendar view in Changes will now show the change requests marked in the previous month and next month if the respective dates are shown in the current month view.

Improve your asset management process with the latest enhancements Enhancement

Modify the product type of assets, and edit assets in bulk from the assets list view. Also, you can now allow requesters to raise an issue related to their assets from the newly introduced My Assets Widget in the self-service portal.

Manage purchases and contracts better with the latest Admin revamp Enhancement

  • Delete default contract types. If it's associated with contracts, the deleted contract type will be marked as inactive.
  • Edit the price fields of items when creating purchase orders from purchase requests.

Gain better insights with the latest reports enhancements Enhancement

  • Reports module now includes pre-defined chat reports such as Chats initiated by requester, Chats answered by a technician, Unanswered chats, and Completed chats.
  • ServiceDesk Plus MSP integrates with Zoho Charts, a charting library to create new chart types while generating reports.

Set up operational level agreements (OLAs) to track performance and progress against commitments to the clients Enhancement

Configure OLAs to ensure that the SLAs is achieved by the internal support groups working on the requests. Widgets related to OLAs are also included in Dashboards.

Callback Custom Functions Enhancement

Create Callback Custom Functions using Deluge scripting to control data in ServiceDesk Plus MSP whenever an event occurs in external applications.

Improve communications with third-party apps with
webhooks enhancements Enhancement

  • Include request resolution in webhook action
  • Added support for HTTP PATCH method and response based actions in webhooks

Take advantage of the enhanced Fail-over Service over the latest framework Enhancement

You can configure Fail-over Service (FOS) and FOS Replication from the application UI under General Settings. Administrators can toggle FOS mode ON or OFF anytime and track the changes performed on the configurations from the History tab. Moreover, FOS now follows a peer-to-peer architecture, so, in the event of primary server unavailability, the secondary server will take over and function as the primary server.

Build smarter service delivery processes with new API enhancements Enhancement

  • Attachment API revamp: You can now attach up to 10 files in one go across the application, upload files using a simple drag-and-drop method, and preview is available for attachments of certain file types.
  • Request association APIs are listed under Admin > API > Documentation.
  • Added support for Comments API, Change Template API, CAB API, under Admin > API > Documentation for operations and details.
  • Added V3 API support for request approval actions, associating problem with requests and changes, Assets, purchase order entity, and admin entities under asset and purchase management.

Other enhancements to ServiceDesk Plus MSP Enhancement

  • Technicians can initiate a chat with the requester from the Request Details page.
  • Add images to all resources in the service template.
  • Configure an Always On Availability Group (AG) from the UI.
  • On the Projects List View page, using the Import From button you can import project additional fields via MPP import and projects, milestones, and tasks via XLS, XLSX, and CSV files.
  • Technicians can now place outgoing calls to requesters phone or mobile from the right pane in request details page.
  • You can now access ServiceDesk Plus MSP from any domain by setting Access-Control-Allow-Origin to Trusted in Security Settings.
  • Option to add/update auto-generated function name in custom functions.

Quality of Life improvements Enhancement

  • You can now embed video links in Solutions.
  • You can now configure notification sounds for Chats, Broadcast Messages, Announcements, and Technician Notifications.
  • Edit email notification templates using the Edit HTML button.
  • Option to enable/disable last login information under Admin > General Settings > Security Settings.
  • Force Password Reset for Default Accounts (administrator/guest).
  • Attachments can now be added to Jira tickets created from ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • Customize the configurations required to send mobile push notifications.

Introducing Microsoft Teams Integration with ServiceDesk Plus MSP Integrations

Set up ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration with Microsoft Teams to leverage the collaboration app as an additional channel for IT and Enterprise support. This integration allows users to view service desk requests, pending approvals, and chat with help desk technicians, all from their Microsoft Teams accounts.

Take advantage of the all new Outlook Add-In for ServiceDesk Plus MSP Integrations

Allow users to raise requests and track their progress in ServiceDesk Plus MSP directly from the Outlook mailbox. Allow technicians to edit, pick up, or assign requests via Outlook.

ManageEngine Analytics Plus Cloud integration is now available with ServiceDesk Plus MSP Integrations

Analytics Plus Cloud now integrates with ServiceDesk Plus MSP as cloud-based reporting and business intelligence service replacing Zoho Analytics. Integrate with ManageEngine Analytics Plus Cloud to analyze business data and create insightful reports and dashboards.

You can read the entire list of improvements rolled out in the latest release here.