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What's new in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 7606?

Enhancement Made

  • MSPSDP-2751: Option to enable SLA calculation on Weekends/Holidays

Issue fixed

  • MSPSDP-2467: Auto Suggest does not include technicians in the suggestion list
  • MSPSDP-2584: In the new requester page, note regarding sending login information is incorrect
  • MSPSDP-2595: Error while creating a purchase order with a user who is both a requester and a technician
  • MSPSDP-2607: Unable to create a technician with SDAdmin role through API
  • MSPSDP-2625: 'Auto Assign Workstation' shows a blank page with MSSQL
  • MSPSDP-2659: Support for umlauts characters in the account and site name when importing asset
  • MSPSDP-2666: Error while changing default site when the site has software licenses associated with it
  • MSPSDP:2671: When a requester's password is reset, the login notification mail sent is not account based
  • MSPSDP-2673: Added users cannot be removed when submitting the solution for approval
  • MSPSDP-2674: Unable to send 'submit for approval' email for a solution in some cases
  • MSPSDP-2712: Issue while adding notes from Request List View
  • MSPSDP-2719: While creating an account through API, exception occurs when emaildomains are not specified
  • MSPSDP-2760: Authentication prompt is shown even after SSO is disabled

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 7605?

Enhancements Made

  • MSPSDP-2010: HTML editor for request notes
  • MSPSDP-2038: Enhanced search for requests
  • MSPSDP-2476: Categorize mails to accounts based on the sender's e-mail domain
  • MSPSDP-2633: Email notification when a new version of the product is released
  • MSPSDP-2649: Translated to five new languages viz., Croatian, Czech, Bosnian, Hungarian and Slovenian

Issue fixed

  • MSPSDP-1806: When replying to a request, the account's support email address is auto populated in the cc field
  • MSPSDP-2478: When replying to a request, auto-suggest does not show technicians and MSP requesters
  • MSPSDP-2480: Support for single sign-on / cannot enable pass-through authentication
  • MSPSDP-2481: Unable to connect to Windows 7 machines using remote control
  • MSPSDP-2483: If a requester is not assigned to an account/site/department, when he tries to login, error is displayed
  • MSPSDP-2490: Company logo is shown in reports even when it is unchecked in organization page
  • MSPSDP-2497: In the new request page, when we search for requesters, if we click a header-column to sort, requesters across accounts are displayed
  • MSPSDP-2500: When trying to assign a user to an MSP Asset, technicians are not displayed
  • MSPSDP-2585: Java script error in thrown in the home->scheduler page when there are a large number of sites
  • MSPSDP-2589: Improved product performance when adding a new task
  • MSPSDP-2590: With "All Accounts" set in the account combo box, viewing an asset from request details page sets the asset's account while returning to the request list view
  • MSPSDP-2604: Account specific logo not shown when clicking the link sent in a notification mail
  • MSPSDP-2621: Technicians are not shown in the list view pages when all the sites are in refer default settings
  • MSPSDP-2630: Technicians without login are not shown in contracts notification list
  • MSPSDP-2658: Unable to add Technician as SDAdmin without associating sites
  • MSPSDP-2681: Certain Admin Icons are not visible when all the sites in the system are in refer default settings

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 7604?

Issue fixed

  • MSPSDP-2582: Some technician notifications get disabled when 'All Accounts' is selected in requester notifications


What's new in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 7603?

Enhancements made

  • MSPSDP-2022 & MSPSDP-FEATURES37: Account based notification rules for requests
  • MSPSDP-2052: Choose default site for an account [Common site should not be created]
  • MSPSDP-2503: Ability to customize mail sender name

Behavioral Changes

  • MSPSDP-2507: Support e-mail address for accounts is made not mandatory
  • MSPSDP-2509: Only an SDAdmin can apply the product license. Other technicians can view license information

Issues fixed

  • MSPSDP-2401: If all sites under an account are with 'refer' settings, no technicians are shown for sending notifications in contracts
  • MSPSDP-2419: Unable to move to next and previous months in the Home -> Scheduler page
  • MSPSDP-2421: In the new request page, if site is not changed, the list of groups and technicians are displayed incorrectly
  • MSPSDP-2427: When asset components are imported using CSV, they cannot be attached to a workstation
  • MSPSDP-2470: 'Umlauts' characters [Eg: ä,ö,ü,á,é] present in category name or requester name lead to problems during create and edit request
  • MSPSDP-2472: When a requester closes a request through acknowledging a 'Request Resolved' e-mail, survey is not sent
  • MSPSDP-2487: Editing a scheduled report does not retain the site
  • MSPSDP-2491: Time displayed on the application UI does not take into account the 'Daylight savings time'
  • MSPSDP-2496: A business rule is created under 'Default Settings' where 'category' is set as 'none'. When creating a site, if we select 'copy related settings', an exception is thrown
  • MSPSDP-2546: Changing the filter in Change page throws javascript error
  • MSPSDP-2554: Unable to view task details from scheduler page in professional edition

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 7602?

Issues fixed

  • MSPSDP-2469: Technician who has the role with scope 'All', cannot see requests and solutions that are not associated to any account
  • MSPSDP-2484: Technician who has the role with scope 'All', cannot be assigned requests that are not associated to any account

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 7601?

Enhancements made

  • Improved product performance in list view pages.
  • Ability to associate a request from customer account(s) to a problem in MSP account.

Issues fixed

  • MSPSDP-2182: Requester can see site names across all accounts through "View Source" of New Request Page.
  • MSPSDP-2318: First site is shown twice in scheduler->Technician Availability Chart.
  • MSPSDP-2346: Exception while selecting workstation only/server only in custom reports' Advanced Filtering.
  • MSPSDP-2351: Account Admin can see sites across all accounts in Technician availability chart-->Mark Unavailability.
  • MSPSDP-2398: Shutdown.bat does not work when the product is started as a service.
  • MSPSDP-2402: Editing categories & updating a request does not work.
  • MSPSDP-2403: Requester Details does not auto-populate in New Request Page when there is only one Request Template in the system.
  • MSPSDP-2407: With All Accounts set in account combo box,viewing a request and returning to the Request list view defaults the account to the request's account rather than All Accounts.
  • MSPSDP-2408: Unable to edit assocation of an asset to an user or a department.
  • MSPSDP-2409: Could not navigate to more than 25 records in Request templates .
  • MSPSDP-2422: Could not select technicians to notify for groups in Default Settings.
  • MSPSDP-2442: Scan script "ae_scan.vbs" does not automatically push the scanned workstation into the product.
  • MSPSDP-2462: Could not set default category in request templates associated to more than one account.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 7600?

Major Features

  • Internal Helpdesk
  • Mobile Client
  • Email command
  • Data Archiving
  • Fine Grained Authorization
  • Categories can be configured for individual accounts
  • Request templates can be created for each account

Other Enhancements

  • Request Module
    • Templates for replying to a request
    • Templates for request resolutions
    • Option to list "Request Pending My Approval" in the request list view
    • Choose portions of a request which you wish to print
  • Asset Module
    • Scan software details from a macintosh machine
    • Scan machines with multiple processors
  • Software Licensing
    • Support for Client Access License (CAL) and Volume license
    • Additional fields for software licenses
  • Problem and change modules
    • Problem/Change raised on an asset is displayed in the "Request" tab of the Asset details page
    • Earlier, changes of type 'Standard' are automatically considered to be pre-approved. Now, any change can be marked pre-approved
  • Enhancements in tasks
    • Tasks can be created from templates
    • Tasks can be ordered
    • Task dependencies can be set
  • Enhanced business rules
    • Send e-mail when a business rule matches
    • Continue with the next business rule even after a successful match
    • Apply the business rule on editing a request
    • Mark a business rule as inactive
    • Overwrite the values in a request with the ones in business rules
  • SSO authentication. Support for NTLM v2 based authentication for pass through authentication (single sign on). Users who have configured single sign on before 7.6 need to reconfigure SSO after migrating to 7.6
  • Option to select the domain for a requester and technician
  • Log viewer enhanced to include logs for changes made in the Admin tab
  • Thread Dump can be created from the support tab

Behavioral Changes

  • These are a few changes made to improve performance
    • The minimum time for auto-refresh in the request list view page is '3 minutes'. If the time was previously set to '2 minutes' then, upgrading to 7.6 will automatically set this value to 3 minutes
    • In all list views, the maximum number of rows is 250. If the number was previously set to over 250, upgrading to 7.6 will automatically set this value to 250.
    • Navigation buttons in the details page for request, problem and change are disabled by default. If required, they can be enabled from the database
    • Searching requests from the list-view using 'Request template' is disabled
  • When printing a request, the assets associated with the requester will not be displayed
  • On reopening a request, the time elapsed between 'Closed' and 'Open' state is added to the due by time of the request
  • Match none business rule and SLA. Create business rules and Service Level Agreement without selecting criteria. These business rules and Service Level Agreement will be executed when the request values do not match any criteria specified in the other business rules and Service Level Agreement
  • Access to Remote Desktop Control is configurable using the AERemoteControl role
  • Sites with 'refer' settings are not shown in “Available Sites” in 'Add New Technician' form. If all the sites in an account are in 'refer' settings then the account itself will not be shown in “Available Accounts”.

Issues fixed

  • MSPSDP-1059:Software Reports are not account based.
  • MSPSDP-1273:Time spent and Time elapsed are shown wrongly in reports.
  • MSPSDP-1372:Edited Welcome message in survey settings does not reflect in the emails sent.
  • MSPSDP-1443:Technicians are not a part of CAB.
  • MSPSDP-1751:CPU Usage shoots up to 100% when an email's attachment has broken html.
  • MSPSDP-1778:When using dual monitors, pop-up windows for saving reports appears outside the window frame.
  • MSPSDP-1822:Exception while importing zip file exported from Remote AE server, through Distributed asset scan . Happens when the exported zip file consists of Access Points.
  • MSPSDP-2071:Requests sent from MS Outlook are logged with no description when IMAP is used as the incoming mail server .
  • MSPSDP-2254:Password resets for the wrong user when there are two users with the same name.
  • MSPSDP-2268:'To' address box does not show dropdown while replying to a request.
  • MSPSDP-2353:Advanced filtering in reports does not work for more than one criteria.
  • MSPSDP-2400:Notifications not sent for First Response SLA violations.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus MSP 7513?

Enhancements made

  • MSPSDP-FEATURES40: SLA based on first response time.
  • MSPSDP-FEATURES41: API for ServiceDesk Plus - MSP

Issues fixed

  • MSPSDP-1104: Unable to approve a change through e-mail form.
  • MSPSDP-1089 & MSPSDP-1090: Home summary page shows incorrect count for approved changes and open problems

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 7512?

Enhancements made

  • Remote Control Across networks : A Technician can take remote control of a machine using Internet

Issues fixed

  • Exception while adding Technician to 'Default Technicians List', if Technicians are reffered in 'Related Settings' of Site(s)
  • While creating a New Request Group,Technicians are not populated

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 7511?

Enhancements made

  • Technicians can be added to a 'Default Technicians List'. This means they can be added to Groups, SLAs, Business Rules created under 'Default Settings'
  • Notification Templates - Email signature can be placed as part of the template at a position of your choice

Issues fixed

  • If a custom 'Status' is created, 'New Request' page is not displayed
  • When creating a new technician, if the 'Role' is chossen as SDAccountAdmin and no account is chosen, an error is thrown while saving the technician
  • In Internet Explorer, when saving a Notification Template, in certain cases, the formatting is changed
  • Base DN value in LDAP credentials does not work when given in upper-case

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 7.5.1?

ITIL Ready - Enterprise Edition

ServiceDesk Plus - MSP is now ITIL ready with the release of Enterprise Edition. Enterprise edition comes with Problem and Change Management which allows you to provide your customers with an ITIL ready helpdesk.

  • Multi account support is provided for Problem and Change modules
  • You can create IT services and handle problems and/or changes against them
  • Additional configurable items such as 'Urgency', 'Impact', 'Priority Matrix' and 'Request Type' are available

Issues fixed

  • Notifications are not sent when SMTP authentication is enabled.
  • Some e-mails when opened by the end-user contain the text 'sent on behalf of' with the e-mail address of the MSP along with the account's e-mail address.
  • When SMTP authentication is enabled, if you wish to disable it, you need to disable it from the settings and restart the product for it to take effect
  • Internationalization for default 'Status' and 'Asset Type'

Features in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 7.5

ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 7.5 comes with support for multiple accounts, multiple sites within accounts, solutions for one or more accounts and many more.

Multi Account Support

You can configure multiple accounts that you manage. This support will be available in

  • Requests
  • Solutions
  • Contracts
  • Assets
  • Reports

Multiple sites within accounts

Each of your accounts can have multiple sites and each site can be individually configured. This support will be available in

  • Holidays
  • Business Rules
  • Departments
  • Operational Hours
  • Groups
  • SLAs

Multiple ways to login

Login using Active Directory (or) LDAP (or) manual login credentials.

  • Support for configuring Active Directory from multiple accounts
  • Support for configuring LDAP from multiple accounts

Account based solutions

  • Create solutions, group them and assign them to accounts

Customization for each account

You can customize each account's

  • Image on the login screen
  • The top-left image after login
  • Support e-mail address for each account. Any reply e-mails you send from a request will have this address as the 'from' address
  • Domain names displayed on the login page are specific to the account

Other Features

  • Helpdesk Features
    • You can view requester's history when creating a new request
    • Color code indication for requests based on priority.
    • You can configure multiple e-mail addresses for a requester
    • You can import technician details from a CSV file
  • Remote Desktop sharing option
  • Distributed workstation scan: AssetExplorer will help you scan assets distributed across accounts. Install AssetExplorer in your remote accounts where you want to scan assets. When scanning is complete, you will be able to export the data from the remote AssetExplorer server in the account and import it in your ServiceDesk Plus - MSP Server.
  • Inventory Enancements
    • Support for Mac OS scanning
    • Support for fetching inventory details of Printers, Routers and Switches.
    • WMI Logon Scripts to push the Hardware and software inventory into ServiceDeskPlus - MSP Server. This could be used to scan workstations which are in and out of the network frequently.
    • Stand alone workstation audit i.e., provision to scan workstations not in network, copy the inventory data and import it in to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP server.
    • Scan for Windows service packs and hotfixes.
    • Scan for software in Linux workstations.

Known Product Limitations

Some known limitations in the product are:

  • Tasks and announcements are not account based
  • Assets: Scheduled assets scan is not account based
  • Login: At a given instance, Active Directory or LDAP based login can be enabled. Both cannot be enabled simultaneously
  • Purchases, vendors, surveys, flash reports, softwares are not account based (but software installations are account based)