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June 22, 2020

Behavior Change in Request Field Mandate

Field mandate defined in request templates will take precedence over Form Rules that make the same fields optional, as opposed to the earlier behavior. This behavior change applies to instances where you have mandated certain fields in a request template and then used the 'Non-Mandate Fields' action on the same fields through Form Rules. In that case, we will introduce the following modifications in your setup during migration, to ensure that your incoming requests follow your form design even after the behavior change takes effect:

New Features

Add Sections in Request Templates

Group the related fields into sections to improve the field readability for end users and technicians. You can add a new section by using a simple Drag tool in the right panel of the request template. Besides grouping fields into sections, you can customize each section to define the number of columns, field orientation, and collapsible nature.

Service and Resource Cost

In service templates, you can specify the cost of the overrall service and the individual resources for approvers, technicians, and requesters to see. Providing service and resource cost helps approvers make better approval decisions on requests with improved clarity.

Resource Images

With the introduction of Advanced Layout in resources in service templates, you can add up to 5 images per option in a resource question. Resource images make it easy for users to choose the exact resource they need.

Reorder Resource Questions

You can prioritize resources and the questions within each resource by reordering them using a simple Drag tool.

Request History

Easily track all the request activities under History by looking for specific entries under Time, Field, and Operation filters. In service requests, you can also narrow down entries based on resources and service cost.

Preview Request Template

You can preview a request template to see how it will look for your end users and technicians.

Disable Request Spot Edit

Prevent your technicians from spot editing request fields by enabling the corresponding configuration in the Advanced Portal Settings.


Behavior Changes

Issues Fixed

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