ServiceDesk Plus pre-release notification

(New features, enhancements, and bug fixes expected in the next release of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud)

May 30, 2023


Replenishment and minor enhancements for Consumable

1. Site filter

  • Technicians can filter consumables listed under Asset > Consumable > IT using site-based filters.
  • When a site is selected, the total available quantity is displayed in both card view and list view for the product type under Asset > Consumable > IT.

Card view:

Site filter - Card view

List view:

Site filter - List view

2. Consumable replenishment

You can track the available consumables in a site and notify users when the count falls below the threshold. Email notifications will be sent to the relevant technicians everyday until the consumables are restocked.

To set up replenishment notification for consumables, select the Asset type as Consumables while configuring asset replenishment.

Consumable replenishment

Technicians can apply filters to list replenishment configurations based on asset type under replenishment list view.

replenishment list

Technicians enable Type field for variables, in the Column Chooser pop up by clicking while customizing asset replenishment notifications under Setup > Notification Rules > Asset > Replenishment.

replenishment list

3. Allocation notification for consumables

Administrators can enable notifications under Setup > Notification Rules > Asset to:

  • Notify users when the consumable is allocated to them or their allocations are changed.
  • Notify department head when the consumable is allocated to the department or when their allocations are changed.
replenishment list

4. New custom reports module added

Technicians can now generate reports for consumable quantity based on sites under Reports > All Reports > New Custom Report > Consumables By Site.

New custom reports module

5. Import and export for consumables

  • Asset Type Consumable Quantity Details and Consumable Allocations can be imported under Setup > Data Administration > Import Data.
  • Asset Type Consumable Quantity Details and Consumable Allocations can be exported for facility and HR instance under Setup > Data Administration > Export Data.

6. My Consumables widget in requester home page

Technicians can configure My Consumables widget for self-service portal under Setup > General Settings > Requester Portal Customization.

Basic Customization


Advanced Customization


7. Consumables tab under User associations

Technicians can view consumables associated with requesters by clicking icon and selecting View Associations in the requester list view.

Release & Problem module Integration in ManageEngine Analytics Plus/Zoho Analytics

  • ServiceDesk Plus Cloud data in Problems and Releases modules can be imported and analyzed from ManageEngine Analytics Plus/Zoho Analytics.
  • Default reports and dashboards are added for Problems and Releases modules in ManageEngine Analytics Plus/Zoho Analytics.
  • New columns are added to the default reports in the following modules.
Modules Columns Added
  • Caused By Release
  • Fixed in Release
  • Description
  • Associated Change Stage
  • Release ID
  • Release Display ID
  • Release Stage Name
  • Problem ID
  • Problem Display ID
  • Associated Change Stage
  • Release ID
  • Release Display ID
  • Release Stage Name
  • Problem ID
  • Problem Display ID

Zoho Analytics - Change Module Integration Enhancements

  • In Progress Change Downtime Details default report is added for Changes module.

Announcement for Existing ManageEngine Analytics/Zoho Analytics Users:

Data maintained under Change Downtime table is moved to Downtime Details and Downtime Mapping tables. Customers are advised to recreate the following reports by selecting the appropriate columns in the new tables to ensure latest data is synced in the reports:

  • Existing custom reports based on Change Downtime table
  • Downtime Details of In-Progress Changes default report

Milestone Trash

  • You can now delete milestones and restore them within 30 days from the time of deletion.
  • Tasks associated with trashed milestones will not be considered while calculating time spent by technicians on projects.
  • Trashed milestones and their tasks will not be listed in the product other than the trashed milestones list view.
  • While restoring deleted milestones, tasks within milestones will be restored with its dependencies. However, tasks dependencies across milestones will not be restored.

Space Management Enhancement

  • Generate Tabular and Matrix reports for the Spaces module.
  • Space Management Enhancement
  • Asset reports now support the Space field.
  • Import and export of assets now support the Space field.
  • For Spaces import, parent fields such as Site, Campus and Structure are made mandatory.
  • The default Space Area Unit will be set if the space area unit is not specified while adding spaces via API or importing them.

Release columns in custom report

  • Task reports will now include Release ID, Release Title, and Release Stage information.
  • Worklogs reports will now include the Release Stage information.

Changes and Release Enhancements

New Change Custom View

Introducing a new custom view [Open Changes assigned to me] in Changes module for technicians to view the list of open change requests in which they are a part of.

Workflow Execution Status Field in Changes and Releases Custom view

You can now use the Workflow execution status field in Change and Release module custom views to filter the changes and releases based on the workflow execution status.

Workflow Execution Status Field in Change and Release Custom Triggers

You can now use the Workflow execution status field in Change and Release module trigger conditions to invoke actions (like notifications, webhooks) when the workflow execution fails due to workflow violation, closure rule violation, or any other failures.

Issues Fixed


  • When all the Product Types are deleted under Setup > Customization > Asset Management, the relevant asset page is not loaded.
  • Incorrect data displayed in the Asset Dashboard under Assets By Region, Assets by Site, and Assets by State widgets.


  • Date time fields show improper values in Change Approver and Approval Status query reports.

Behavior Change

  • Add quantity button is removed in the product type list view under Asset > Consumables.
  • Charts cannot be created for consumables modules under Reports > New Custom Reports.

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Let's support faster, easier, and together