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(New features, enhancements, and bug fixes expected in the next release of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud)
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July 12, 2021


Notify Original Approver: Delegation-specific Notification Rules Enhancement

The following Delegation Notification Rules are added under Admin >> Automation >> Notification Rules >> Other Notifications:

Custom Widgets

Users can now bring external services inside ServiceDesk Plus Cloud by embedding widgets in various locations such as Dashboards, Custom Menu, Request Details page, Add/Edit Request form, Change Details page, Asset Details page, and Setup. within the application. Custom widgets can be configured in given custom widget package and hosted locally or on Sigma server.

Administrators can provide the location of widget items, connection details, variables details, and custom modules configuration in the custom widget package. The configurations and display locations of the widget items can be managed under Admin >> Developer Space >> Custom Widgets.

New Closure Rules for Releases

Added support for mandating new fields in different stages of releases via release closure rules, as listed below.

You can access the release closure rules under Setup >> Automation >> Closure Rules >> Release Closure Rules.

Note: While mandating the Details field in the Development stage, adding value to either Description or Attachments is sufficient.

Behavior Changes


The Test Cases field in the UAT Stage is now renamed to Test Plans.

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Let's support faster, easier, and together