Why do you need an assessment?

When it comes to IT incidents, even the best IT service desks have room for improvement. Further, with the hybrid work environment, new challenges for effective incident management are cropping up.

Even though improving your organization's incident management practices won't happen over night, the best place to start is checking how well these practices match industry standards.

Use our toolkit to quickly check if you are aligned with industry standards in your incident management practices and whether you are well-equipped to take on hybrid incident resolution challenges. It only takes ten minutes!

What you'll get out of this toolkit:

  • A self-scoring assessment to gauge your core incident management practices, from incident identification to closure
  • A checklist to review your team's readiness to tackle major incidents for the hybrid work environment
  • A cheat-sheet to help overcome the common incident management challenges faced in the hybrid work model

Do a quick self-assessment of your incident management practices

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