How to integrate ServiceDesk Plus with Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central)

  • 1. Log into ServiceDesk Plus. Go to Admin --> General Settings --> ME Integrations --> Click Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central).
  • 2. Provide the Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) server name and port number. Generate the "API key" from Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central).
  • 3. To integrate with HTTPS, follow these steps: Download the files from the link provided in the comments section. Extract the files to the ServiceDesk Plus directory. The files will now be in the following location: gencert.bat under [your drive]:ManageEngine\ServiceDesk directory.
  • 4. Cert.jar should be under [your drive]:ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\lib directory.
  • 5. Click the "Windows icon" and select Command Prompt (Run as administrator).
  • 6. Go to ServiceDesk and run gencert.bat [Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) server IP]:[Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) server port]. Type 1 when you are prompted with an exception PKIX.
  • 7. Move the 'jssecacerts' file created to the location [your drive]: ManageEngine\Servicedesk\jre\lib\security folder.
  • 8. Generate the "API key" from Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central). Click "Test Connection" and Save.
  • 9. Log in to Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central). Go to Admin --> Integrations --> ServiceDesk Plus settings --> Select ServiceDesk Plus.
  • 10. Provide the ServiceDesk Plus server name, port number, and protocol information.
  • 11. Select the features to be integrated with ServiceDesk Plus. Generate the "API key" from ServiceDesk Plus and save.
  • 12. ServiceDesk Plus is now integrated with Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central).
Resources for further reading

Resources for further reading