In this webinar, we'll discuss how IT service desk teams can use ServiceDesk Plus to personalize their service catalog to their organization's needs and optimize their service management process for employees operating in a hybrid environment.

In this masterclass, you'll learn about:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. A separate license has to be purchased for creating multiple portals in ServiceDesk Plus. By default, you only have one portal, which is the default IT portal.

You can add multiple stages in the approval section. The limit is now upto five. You can include one approver in one stage and another approver in another. When the request is created, the first stage approval is sent, and after the approval action is completed by the stage 1 approver, it moves to stage 2.

Yes. You can add both approvers and define the initial approval action under the approval conditions. This will send the approvals to the next level without relying on both approvers if one is unavailable.

ServiceDesk Plus provides a fully functional and feature-rich solution to implement complete onboarding process. However, if your organization's onboarding process requires additional functionalities, you can use the wide range of third-party integrations or use REST API.

Yes, GIFs are supported by ServiceDesk Plus when customizing the self-service portal.

Yes, you can add report widgets to the dashboard. To learn more, click here.

The availability of Service Catalog is subject to the license you have applied. The Enterprise Edition includes Service Catalog by default. If you are using other editions, you can upgrade to the Enterprise Edition or purchase Service Catalog as an add-on. For queries on sales, licensing, product trials etc, please write to

To reorder templates in the service catalog, go to the service catalog list view, click Customize > Reorder. Move items under each category as required, and finally click Save. To learn more, click here.

The schedule report settings allow you to generate reports on a daily basis. There is no default option within the application to generate hourly reports, however, you can run scripts to generate hourly reports. For assistance, please write to

These customizations are added in the latest builds. Kindly update your build to access the new features.

You can see this option by going to Admin > General Settings > Self-Service Portal Settings > Customization. To learn more on configuring advanced portal customizations, check out the admin guide.

The Field and Form rules can be configured in ServiceDesk Plus from request template customizations. To learn more, check out the admin guide.

From an Admin perspective you can set up password policies for users (local authentication) by going to ESM Directory/Admin > General Settings > Security Settings > Password Policy. As an end-user, you should have an option to reset your password by clicking on your Profile Icon > Personalize > Change Password (local password).

Refer to the admin guide for more details.

The flow will work like as follows: First, we obtain the data into ServiceDesk Plus about the new employee using the On-Boarding form, and based on the request data we need to feed it into Active Directory.

In ServiceDesk Plus we can configure multiple approvals in a service request under Admin > Service Catalog > Template > Workflow. Check out the admin guide for more details.

After integrating Endpoint Central with ServiceDesk Plus you can run DC along ServiceDesk Plus. Kindly refer to the admin guide to learn how to set up Endpoint Central integration.

For further information, you can write to and we'll be glad to help you.


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Zephan is the product specialist for ManageEngine's ESM suite of products. He loves to create resources that educates IT service desk folks on the best practices for making the most of ITSM. He also helps ServiceDesk Plus customers reach their IT goals by conducting engaging live sessions on using the platform to its full potential. When he is not focusing on ITSM, you can find him fervently discussing MotoGP.

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