Customize the digital touchpoint

A thoughtfully designed self-service portal can significantly influence its adoption among employees. Don’t be stuck in a situation where, despite a self-service portal, users resort to incessant phone calls to the IT service desk team.

Check out ServiceDesk Plus’ easily customizable self-service portal to get started on implementing self-service

Self-serviced templates

Build a service catalog

The service catalog will be your organization’s one-stop shop for all user needs pertaining to any department. It is ideal to offer an e-cart-like experience to make it easy for end users to pick and choose the resources they need. This offers a relatable experience for end users.

With ServiceDesk Plus, you can build a stellar role-based service catalog to simplify the the process of raising requests for your employees. Find out what our service catalog offers.

Service catalog template

Maintain a valuable knowledge base

A self-service portal isn’t complete without a vast knowledge base that enables users to find quick answers to fleeting but frequent issues. It is best to maintain a knowledge management strategy with a dedicated directly responsible individual (DRI) to incrementally build a solutions base.

ServiceDesk Plus can enable the incremental stacking of knowledge articles from multiple sources. Learn how ServiceDesk Plus can help you create a robust knowledge base for your organization.

Self service kit

Enable 24/7 help with a virtual agent

An underrated component of a self-service portal is an agent who’s always available to ask for help. Of course, that isn’t practical, so the next best thing is an AI-powered virtual agent. A virtual agent can converse with end users and suggest knowledge articles or create tickets by understanding the context of the situation.

Zia, ServiceDesk Plus’ own virtual agent, can understand and manage an employee’s requirement. Find out how Zia can aid your technicians in their day-to-day operations.

IT helpdesk self service

Promote the portal with a bang!

Now that your self-service portal is complete, it’s time to make it popular among your people. Be sure to make it easily accessible for first-time users.

To help you with that process, we have a prefab launch pack to help you get a jumpstart on your promotional activities. The launch pack includes customizable posters to promote your self-service portal and a welcome email template to announce the new portal to your organization.

We have also created an easy-to-follow tutorial video that you can share with your end-users. It explains how to effectively use ServiceDesk Plus' self-service portal. Click here for the video.

Self-service launch pack

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