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Welcome to ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus Read Me document. SupportCenter Plus is an easy-to-use, web-based customer support software that improves productivity and efficiency of your Support Team, thus lowering IT costs and administrative expenses.

About ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus enables you to manage an increase in customer support queries without increasing staff count. It automates customer support process, enabling your support staff to be more efficient. Customers and support staff can easily access SupportCenter Plus through an web browser, when and where they need to. SupportCenter Plus enables to store and retrieve information related to customer accounts and individual contacts who would request support from these accounts. SupportCenter Plus also provides holistic view of reports and graphs on customer support requests and the efficiency of the customer support team, which will help to plan the customer support process to focus on enhancing the user experience.

This Read Me is divided into the following sections:

  1. Release Features and Enhancements
  2. Installation and Setup
  3. Contact Information

1. Release Features and Enhancements

ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus includes the following features

General Features

  1. Trouble Ticket Management

    • Web form, e-mail options to create and manage trouble tickets/requests.
    • Trouble tickets can be assigned to or picked up by support representatives. Tickets can also be auto assigned to support representatives using Business Rules.
    • Support to provide various users with varying privileges, to enable managing the trouble tickets and customer information.
  2. Business Units

    • Business Units will provide the ability to attain Multi tenancy in your support process. Support multiple business units, products, accounts, clients, sites and departments independent to one another
    • Customize your business rules, roles, product catalog, support representatives, SLAs, Support Plans, Contracts, Holidays etc based on each business unit.
    • Independent Business Unit administrators and global administrator profiles in order to manage the business units
  3. Account & Contact Management

    • Account Hierarchy: Manage all your customer accounts with various branches from one central location.
    • Account Manager: Track a set of customer accounts using an Account Manager.
    • Contact Management: Easily group related contacts together in a single account. Integration with Outlook: Synchronize the contacts and accounts between Microsoft Outlook and SupportCenter Plus.
    • External Database Synchronization: Changes in the organization's central customer database will automatically be synched to SupportCenter Plus.
    • Ability to track products sold to the customers and also store complete information on the specific customer account and contact.
  4. Knowledge Base & Solutions

    • Knowledge Base and Solutions helps you to document the solutions for known problems and makes it available for the customers
    • Solutions can be made Business Unit based and also based on accounts inside a business unit.
    • Approval process for solutions.
  5. Time Tracking and Customer Billing

    • Support reps can track time through timesheets thereby increase their productivity.
    • Export Time entries to QuickBooks for Invoicing customers.
  6. CRM Integration

    • SupportCenter Plus integrates with Zoho CRM to import Contact and Account information.
    • You can automate the import process through schedule.
  7. Customer Portal

    • Completely customizable customer portal for your customers to login, create tickets, check the status of the existing tickets and browse solutions
    • Tickets can be created for different business units
    • Allow users to run reports created by the technicians from their customer portal to avail information specific to their accounts
  8. Mobile Client

    • Mobile client provides your support reps with the ability to instantly access their tickets while they are away from their desk through their mobile devices.
    • SupportCenter Plus Mobile client is compatible with mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone and other SmartPhones.
    • Allows users to view requests, add a new request, close resolved requests, assign requests, add resolution to a request and delete a request.
  9. iPhone App

    • With SupportCenter Plus iPhone app, you can perform request related operation using iPhone.
    • Download iPhone app for free from the App Store.
    • Allows users to create, view, edit and update requests.
  10. Computer Telephony Integration

    • Integrate your Telephony with SupportCenter Plus.
    • Call Pop-up when a customer calls and Click-to-Dial to call customers from the Contact view page.
    • Integration can be done only with Asterisk IP PBX Systems with SupportCenter Plus.
  11. Remote Control

    • SupportCenter Plus is integrated with Zoho Meeting, a online meeting tool from ZOHO Corp.
    • Zoho Meeting will help you to troubleshoot your client's computer through remote desktop connection over the internet.
  12. Contract & SLA Management

    • This module helps organizations to track and measure service contracts with their customer Accounts.
    • Business Unit based Contracts and SLA Management with customizable support plans.
  13. Reports and Survey

    • SupportCenter Plus provides you with 50 inbuilt reports which give you immediate access to different reports based on Requests, Priority, Categories, SLAs etc.
    • ability to create custom reports with the available custom reports template and also Cross Tabulation reports with two different variables can be created based on specific parameters
    • The reports can be exported in all possible document formats including XLS, CSV, PDF and DOC
    • Schedule and administer User surveys to the customers
    • Support for Secured Protocols
    • SupportCenter Plus supports secure email protocols POPS, IMAPS and SMTPS enabling you make secure email transactions over the internet

2. Installation and Setup

Detailed installation instructions and setup information can be found in the Installation and Getting started section of Admin guide.

3. Contact Information

  • For any queries or product-related support, contact us at
  • For more information on SupportCenter Plus, visit
  • For more information on the ManageEngine suite, visit
  • For technical questions, please contact our Support team at the below mentioned numbers,
    Direct Number : + 1 408 352 9115
    US : +1 888 720 9500
    Intl : +1 925 924 9500
    Australia : +1 800 631 268
    UK : 0800 028 6590