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What's new in 14730?

(Released on: 19 June 2024)

Behaviour Changes

  • SCP-6830 : Passwords for default user accounts (administrator and guest) are mandated to be reset during the first login.
  • SCP-6887 : Migration will halt if EWS with Exchange Online mailboxes is enabled in incoming/outgoing mail server settings. Customers are advised to switch to the Microsoft Graph for both incoming and outgoing email configurations.


  • SCP-6738 : Send job sheets to users via email automatically using business rules, custom triggers, RLC, and timer actions
  • SCP-6888 : Customize work log fields in job sheets using the work log dollar variable's column customizer.

Issues fixed

  • SCP-6811 : Logged-in Support Reps find the chat groups list empty, despite being associated with support groups.
  • SCP-6888 : When files are deleted from a folder being zipped for backup, a warning is issued, and the backup fails.
  • SCP-6872 : Support reps are not able to create Account and Contact via email command.

What's new in 14720?

(Released on: 22 May 2024)

Framework Upgrade Information

  • SCP-6853: Bootstrap javascript dependency is removed.

Behaviour Changes :

  • SCP-6841 : When the application is opened in multiple tabs, logging out from one tab will automatically log you from all tabs, and similarly, logging into the application from one tab will allow you to access the application from other tabs.
  • SCP-6842 :

    Maintenance details can now be opened in a new tab.

    Edit option is now available for completed maintenance.

  • SCP-6837: Previously, when a user without access to a child task closed a parent task, the child tasks would not be triggered. Now, the system will ensure that closing the parent task triggers the child tasks, regardless of the user's permission.


  • SCP-6858 : CVE-2024-27314 : XSS vulnerability in request custom actions.

Issues Fixed

  • SCP-6843 : When the domain drop-down is disabled during login, the Forgot Password reset link is not sent to the Not in Domain users.

What's new in 14710?

(Released on: 24 April 2024)


Billing Enhancement

  • SCP-6002: Option to extend expired contracts and make them active.
  • SCP-6186: Extend billing contract to requests created before the creation of the first contract.

    Click here to know more

  • SCP-2509: Option to manually mark time entries as billed & paid. Click here to know more.
  • SCP-6529: V3 API for marking request as billable or non-billable.
  • SCP-3555: Ability to configure cost and allowance at billing contract level.
  • SCP-6003: Ability to bulk associate contract with requests.
  • SCP-6004: Ability to recalculate cost of request and time entries of a contract.


  • SCP-6798: Delta OU sync minimizes data payload transferred during an OU import and syncs the data of updated OU details and newly added OUs and deleted OUs.

    Delta OU sync will be used in AD manual and Scheduled Full import for fetching OU details from Active Directory.

  • SCP-6799: The pick list type user additional field limit is increased to 500.
  • SCP-6800: SDAdmins can configure Two Factor Authentication for admin configurations in their SupportCenter instance.
  • SCP-6705: Import users from AD Groups

    Users can be imported from Active Directory groups by specifying the group names under Admin > Active Directory. Click here to know more.


  • SCP-2456: In query reports, IDs will be hyperlinked to the corresponding details page. The supported modules are Requests and Tasks.

Behaviour Changes

  • SCP-6793: Contract name and number in criteria (is empty/is not empty) is not valid. Therefore, all such criteria configured under Request List View Custom Filter,

    Request Advanced Filter,Request Timer Action, Business Rules, and Custom Trigger are changed to contract is empty/not empty.

  • SCP-6794: Application restart is required if Validation approach or File attachment filtering configurations are updated under Attachment Settings.
  • SCP-6795: The size of inline images in incoming emails is limited to 3MB.

    Note : If the inline image size exceeds 3MB, the image will be dropped from the email and the sender will be notified.

  • SCP-6796: Priority field is color coded in Request Kanban view and Trash filter.

    In Request list view, the priority color icon for No fill colour will be displayed as an empty box.

  • SCP-6797: End of Life Announcement for EWS for Exchange Online

    Support for EWS for Exchange Online mailboxes will be discontinued with this release. Going forward, migration will halt if EWS with Exchange Online mailboxes is enabled in incoming/outgoing mail server settings.

    Customers are advised to switch to the Microsoft Graph for both incoming and outgoing email configurations. Click here to learn more.

Issues Fixed


  • SCP-6801: Unable to add email addresses with special characters while creating requests in Email IDs to notify field.
  • SCP-6802: Time Entries description is missing under Resolution tab in request details page if the request status is updated after adding resolution and Time Entries.
  • SCP-6803: Unable to view or delete requests with huge description or resolution if the description or resolution content is not found under Supportcenter Plus directory.
  • SCP-6804: The request title is double encoded in the survey email if it contains special characters.


  • SCP-6565: In some cases, scheduled backup fails when requests conversations index file is corrupted.
  • SCP-6805: PGSQL: The decryptPostgresPassword script file is not available after migrating from 14600 to 14620 due to permission issue.
  • SCP-6806: Values added in the additional fields picklist are not fetched during AD import.
  • SCP-6728: Mail fetching stops if the attachment name in the incoming mail contains "?" and ":" characters.


  • SCP-6807: The task expiry flag does not appear on the task list view page automatically after the scheduled end time has expired.


  • SCP-6808 : XSS vulnerability in email attachments.
  • SCP-6809: XSS vulnerability while executing page scripts reported by Ranjit Pahan.

What's new in 14700?

(Released on: 11 March 2024)


  • SCP-6778 : Licensing Enhancements
    • A support representative can be associated with multiple portals without requiring an additional license purchase.
    • The Professional edition now includes 10 portals, and the Enterprise edition includes 20 portals as part of the default package at no additional cost.
  • SCP-1713 : Insert Solution in Reply request popup
    • Support Reps can insert solutions in their replies to requests.
    • For detailed solutions, a link can be added to reply emails.
  • SCP-6537 : Custom view for Solution list view
    • Create and save custom views to filter solutions displayed in the list view and classic view.
  • SCP-6538 : Support for Upload Videos in Solution description
    • Embed YouTube links or upload videos in .MP4 or .WEBM formats in the solution description.
  • SCP-6539 : Chat channels
    • Build a channel to facilitate collaboration between support reps and users.
    • Create private or public support channels. Allow users to pin important messages in the channel.
  • SCP-6540 : Missed Chat notification
    • Notify users through email when a chat is left unattended for a specific time.
    • Configure roles and users in the notification template to send notifications for missed chats.
  • SCP-6541 : Mark clarification as resolved by default
    • Configure to resolve approval clarification when users respond to the clarification.
  • SCP-6542 : Accessing Pending Approvals from header
    • Access pending approvals from the quick access header.
  • SCP-6543 : Bell Notification Enhancements
    • Enable Do Not Disturb mode to disable bell notifications.
    • Sort and filter bell notifications in the Notifications pane.
  • SCP-6548 : External Frame support for Home and request modules
    • Allow users to quickly access their supportcenter details by adding Home and Requests tabs in Supportcenter Plus to Microsoft Teams and other external applications.
  • SCP-6549 : Create sub-forms, a section of fields to be used in custom module forms.
    • Create sub-entities, an additional entity for web tab type custom module.
    • Select a pre-defined custom sub-form or sub-entity and include it within a web tab type custom module.
  • SCP-6550 : Zia Multilingual Approval Prediction
    • Zia approval prediction now supports Spanish & Swedish languages.
  • SCP-6551 : Zia Predictions Role
    • Configure Zia Verifier role to restrict who can verify Zia predictions. Combine this role with module roles to verify module-specific predictions.

Issues :

  • SCP-6645 : User location is not getting updated in Zoho map.
  • SCP-6653 : In some cases, the AD import gets failed for a user with email ID in portal setting.
  • SCP-6465 : Error while adding an account if there is value in the date additional field.

What's new in 14620?

(Released on: 14 February 2024)

Behavior Changes

  • SCP-6617 : For security reasons, the default Postgres database password will now be randomly generated for scpadmin.
    • Any external tools that use the default scpadmin password to connect to the database will be impacted.

      For more information, click here.

  • SCP-6634 : While adding attachments received via emails, the restricted special characters in the attachment name will be replaced with underscore (_) or the attachment name will be replaced with random text containing alphanumeric characters.

Framework Upgrade Information :

  • SCP-6618 : PostgreSQL is upgraded from 11.7 version to 15.2 version


    Customers using the built-in PGSQL databases are advised to upgrade the OS of the server hosting SupportCenter Plus setups to versions that support PGSQL 15.2 for the migration to be successful.

Compatible OS list:

Windows : Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022, Windows 11

Ubuntu : Version 20 and above

RHEL & Centos : Version 7 and above

Debian : Version 10 and above


  • SCP - 6619 : Users can now disable addition of emails as conversations based on email headers. After disabling, conversations will be added based on the entity ID in the email subject.

    Click here to know more.

  • SCP - 6620 : Administrators can now include their Orgname by using the dynamic variable 'organization-name' in the Customize ESM Portal page.

Issues fixed:


  • SCP-6585 : In some cases, an error is thrown while editing requests from a support rep login in non default portals.
  • SCP-6621 : Character limit increased to 2000 in the comments section of a request approval.
  • SCP-6622 : Images resized while replying to requests are saved with Best Fit size on saving the draft.
  • SCP-6624 : Unable to enter more than 500 characters in survey comments.


  • SCP-6623 : Solution Owner field in New Solution and Edit Solution forms do not display all support reps with relevant permissions.


  • SCP-6424 : While generating reports, instead of the organisation name, some random name is displayed.
  • SCP-6625 : Font style is rendered differently in exported PDF reports.
  • SCP-6633 : Auto- Suggestion of email IDs is not working from the second email onwards in the To field under Schedule Reports.


  • SCP-6569 : Support groups are not listed in non default portal after migrating to 14503 or above.
  • SCP-6632 : Blank screen is displayed on accessing server after upgrading to 14500 or later versions

What's new in 14610?

(Released on: 02 January 2024)


  • SCP - 6370 : Timesheet

    Configure Time Sheets to get a consolidated view of the Support Rep's work.

    Using Time Sheets, you can easily calculate payroll, manage resources, perform other managerial activities.

    Admin > Main Settings > Time Sheet Settings.

Issues fixed:

  • SCP-6178 : 'Consider TimeEntry Addition as First response 'checkbox is not enabled when adding a TimeEntry in Requests.
  • SCP-6426 : Multiple times drafts getting added in some cases.
  • SCP-6472 : FAFR is showing under request template for the professional edition.
  • SCP-6495 : $Resolved date value is wrongly shown in job sheet.

What's new in 14600?

(Released on: 11 December 2023)


  • Auto Update :
    • Auto Update allows you to apply the security patches easily and ensures that the application is up-to-date and secure. Apply patch updates in a single click from the application UI. Click here to learn more.
    • To apply minor patch updates automatically without restarting the application, use the HotSwap option. However, it is recommended to update and restart the application to receive further updates.
    • To configure auto update in ESM setup, go to Global Settings > Auto Update.
    • To configure auto update in non-ESM setup, go to Admin > General Settings > Auto Update.
  • SCP-6476 : Support reps listing in to/cc/bcc fields in reply/forward related area

Issues fixed:

  • SCP-3814 : Global Config UI is not rendering properly in certain cases is fixed.
  • SCP-6471 : Migration fails if a link added in the customer portal does not have an icon.
  • SCP-6473 : 'Next' and 'previous' buttons are getting disappeared under Request details page.
  • SCP-6478 : Unable to see the Mobile Login Status in Support Rep List view
  • SCP-6479 : Custom trigger invoke failure for child task trigger upon parent closure.
  • SCP-6480 : Wrong product version is shown when product is listed in Control panel.
  • SCP-6482 : Support Rep auto assign configuration is not getting saved when the condition is "is not" or "is not empty".
  • SCP-6483 : Business rules is not getting applied if a note is added while updating the request from the right panel.

What's new in 14507?

(Released on: 06 December 2023)

Issues Fixed

  • SCP-6440 : Results are not highlighted while searching for a support rep name in the To field of a Notification Action under Custom Trigger.
  • SCP-6467 : In some scenarios, unable to edit requests that contain both text and images in the description.
  • SCP-6468 : Closed Request count is shown as 0 in Contact Homepage.

What's new in 14506?

(Released on: 27 November 2023)


  • SCP-6454 : Webhooks for Task. You can now create webhooks for tasks . To configure webhooks, go to Admin > Developer Space > Webhooks.

Issues Fixed

  • SCP-6117 : AD users, who are not part of the default portal, are not able to login.
  • SCP-6301 : Performance issue: In contact login, the request reply window is taking longer time to load.
  • SCP-6412 : Private solutions are shown in the customer portal for non-login users.
  • SCP-6413 : While clicking Reply in the request details page, an internal error is thrown.
  • SCP-6420 : In some cases, an error occurs while searching for accounts in the list view.
  • SCP-6444 : Performance issue in Contracts module.

What's new in 14505?

(Released on: 21 November 2023)

Behaviour Change

  • SCP-6436 : Throttle limit to access the URL api/v3/approvals is increased to 60 per minute.
  • SCP-6437 : If multiple recipients are specified while sending emails from SupportCenter Plus via SMTP protocol, the email will be sent only to valid recipients. For invalid recipients, the email will not sent and an entry will be added to the system log.
  • SCP-6438 : MSSQL version 2008 and below are deprecated. Going further, MSSQL versions will impact migration and database configuration as follows :

    MSSQL Version

    Configuring Database

    During Migration

    Version 2008 and below

    Unsupported versions - Cannot be configured

    Versions 2012 and 2014

    Unverified versions - Warning message will be displayed while configuring database

    Versions 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2022

    Supported versions - Can be configured

Framework Upgrade Information:

  • SCP-6406 : JSON jar version upgraded from 20230227 to 20231013.

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-6345 : The column sort order personalized by the user in request list view is not retained on exporting requests if the browser is refreshed after personalizing the column order.
  • SCP-6434 : Unable to create request custom view with Onhold time as criteria.
  • SCP-6316 : Error while fetching mails with multiple inline images embedded in the email message.
  • SCP-6433 : Users are logged out of the application, even with active sessions if the timeout period set for an inactive session is less.
  • SCP-6342 : In some cases, system notifications or custom triggers are not triggered when a request is created via email.

What's new in 14504?

(Released on: 2 November 2023)


  • SCP-6377 : Assisting users on self-service portal

    Create customized product tours for your users to familiarize themselves with the Self-Service Portal.

    Create tours in multiple languages and automatically serve contacts with an appropriate tour based on their language personalization.

Behaviour Changes :

  • SCP-6367 : The prefix 'portal/' in Customer Portal URLs has been changed to 'cxportal/'. Click here to know more.
  • SCP-6357 : Browser suggestions will no longer be displayed for Subject field while adding or editing requests.

Issues Fixed :

  • SCP-6268: Advanced Analytics periodic sync fails after upgrading to version 14500, 14501, 14502, and 14503.
  • SCP-6318: Support rep name / Email ID included in To field under Custom Triggers > Notification Action.
  • SCP-6344: Task order is not retained in the request details page if a task template is associated with multiple request templates.This issue occurs only if the request is created via maintenance module.
  • SCP-6345: Unable to use request notification rules if the description within request notification templates is empty.
  • SCP-6342: Columns reordered in the contacts / support reps list view are not retained after refreshing the page or switching to other tabs.

What's new in 14503?

(Released on: 18 October 2023)


  • SCP-6189 : Task Quick Add Feature

    You can now create tasks instantly using Quick Add in the task list view in Requests, Accounts.

    You can also assign the owner while creating a task.

  • SCP-6303 : You can now add a name for jobsheet PDF in print jobsheet page.

Behaviour Changes :

  • SCP-3598 , SCP-6315: Emails sent from support representatives/account managers account will be updated as from System. Their email details will be displayed under description.

Issues Fixed :

  • SCP-6125: Forgot password reset link is not sent when domain drop-down is disabled.
  • SCP-6146: Organization logo is not changed in jobsheet under requests.
  • SCP-6295: Global search is not working properly after upgrading to 14500.

What's new in 14502?

(Released on: 10 October 2023)

Issues Fixed

  • SCP-6303 : This release includes general performance enhancements.

What's new in 14501?

(Released on: 28 September 2023)


  • SCP-6211 : While moving a request from one portal to other, the Select Portal drop-down shows the status of the target portal if it is in pre-production stage. After selecting a target portal, the portal status is displayed below the Select Portal drop-down field.

Behaviour Changes:

  • SCP-6235 : The following behaviour changes are introduced for request attachments:
    • Attachment size will not be displayed in request history.
    • For requests created from emails, the attachment created user will be listed as System User in request details page.
    • The following scheduled migration tasks will no longer be executed after upgrading to 14501 build or later: InlineImageMigration, ResolutionTemplateMigration, AntisamyNotificationMigration. During patch validation, users will be notified via a prompt message in the UI if any task is not completed.
    • To resolve any incomplete task, please contact support.
    • The folder paths for attachments is updated as follows :

      Attachments Fetched From

      Old Folder Path

      New Folder Path

      Reply emails


      System notifications and chat conversations


      Notifications in moved requests and conversation added via merged requests


      Notes in moved requests and notes copied to linked requests


      Resolution content added as attachment


  • SCP-6253 : Users can adopt custom trust store to support untrusted security certificates while configuring Mail Server Settings. Click here know more

    Note: EWS basic mail configuration will no longer trust self signed certificates. Hence, users are required to authorize certificated via custom truststore.

Issues fixed:

  • SCP-6097 : While deleting portal, ' Internal error ' is displayed.
  • SCP-6218 : Task and Time Entry forms close automatically if a user clicks outside the slide-out panel.
  • SCP-6222 : Support Reps are able to query user additional fields from other portals.
  • SCP-6250 : Contacts are unable to access Close and Reopen buttons in the request details page even if the associated request life cycle contains Close and Reopen transitions.
  • SCP-6251 : 'New Timer Action' is mistranslated in French personalization.

What's new in 14500?

(Released on: 18 September 2023)


  • SCP-6119 : Support for personalization in Armenian, Ukrainian and Hindi Language.
  • SCP-6142 : Additional fields for task

    Use task additional fields to capture any extra information in tasks apart from the information captured through the default fields.

    Available field types include: Single Line, Multi Line, Pick List, Numeric, Decimal, and Date/Time.

  • SCP-6151 : Zia Bot Workflow Customization

    Zia Workflow enables you to create a directional path for the various actions configured within the Zia Bot.

  • SCP-6152 : Custom Schedules Enhancements

    Administrators can run custom schedules daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. While configuring schedule info, select a repeat period and enable Advanced Options check box.

    Custom schedules can be configured to repeat endlessly, end after certain repetitions, or on a specific date.

  • SCP-6153 : Reports Enhancements

    Export, schedule, and mail reports in DOC, DOCX, and XML file formats. Only tabular and query reports can be exported in XML format.

    Users can enable/disable their scheduled reports.

    Administrators can suspend or reinstate all the scheduled reports.

    Configure a location to save a scheduled report.

    Clicking a report chart will now direct you to the respective list view. This is applicable only for the charts created with Requests data.

  • SCP-6155 : Default Mode - Mobile App

    For requests created via SupportCenter Plus mobile application, mode will be auto-updated as Mobile App.

    Users can modify the mode name under Admin > Customization > Helpdesk > Mode.

  • SCP-6162 : Added support for Catalan language
  • SCP-6166 : Disable Rate Limit

    Administrators can now disable rate limit for all actions and operations performed in SupportCenter Plus under Admin > General Settings > Security Settings.

Issues fixed:

  • SCP - 6204 - Exception while editing Business Rules in some scenario

Behaviour Changes:

  • SCP-6124 :
    Separate outgoing mail server for sending common notifications

What's new in 14305?

(Released on: 05 September 2023)


  • SCP-6130 : SDadmin can also send Password reset link to contacts
  • SCP-6131 : Administrators can now delete survey responses from the Survey Reports page.
  • SCP-6132 : Customers can view the full description of a time entry from the list view by enabling the following setting in the database. By default, it will be set to false.

    Table name : globalconfig

    Column name - values : category- worklog, parameter-showFullDesc

  • SCP-6133 : Choose and define which accounts should be synced between CRM and SupportCenter Plus.

Issues fixed:

  • SCP-1793 : Forgot Password option is not working for users who are associated with multiple portals.
  • SCP-4030 : Account name under New Contract > Account drop-down gets garbled if the account name is in Chinese.
  • SCP-5997 : Unable to associate products with accounts from Account View > Sales in Turkish language setups.
  • SCP-6001 : Logo is not loading when the forgot password option is clicked.
  • SCP-6076 : Able to retire default portal.
  • SCP-6079 : Replies via email do not reopen closed requests with a fixed charge service plan.
  • SCP-6115 : In some cases, the time entry is not displayed for a parent request merged with two or more child requests
  • SCP-6122 : Restricted fields are visible to contacts if they use API to call for requests they created.
  • SCP-6134 : Emails sent by the support reps are not getting fetched.

What's new in 14304?

(Released on: 14 August 2023)

Behaviour Changes:

  • SCP-6105 :
    Administrators can allow users to generate their own API keys.
    Permission can be set under Admin > Users & Permission > Support Reps.
    The option to generate API keys for other users while creating or updating users is removed for administrators.
  • SCP-6110 : Security XML limit for mandatory fields is increased to 250.
  • SCP-6112 : Zia Solution search now compares the search text with topic, description, title, solution ID, status and keywords of solutions.


  • SCP-6103 : XSS vulnerability in chat settings page.
  • SCP-6105 : Privilege escalation vulnerability while generating authtoken for users.
  • SCP-6106 : Sensitive data exposure vulnerability in Query Report API reported by Rakesh.
  • SCP-6107 : SSRF vulnerability in accessing internal networks.
  • SCP-6108 : Sensitive data exposure vulnerability in logs.
  • SCP-6108 : CSRF vulnerability in logs reported by Ranjit Pahan.

What's new in 14303?

(Released on: 13 July 2023)

Behaviour Changes:

  • SCP-3997 : Backups will be retained for a minimum of 2 days in Postgres setups.
  • SCP-6054 : While entering a string in the request notification pop-up, email IDs are displayed based on the username or email address.


  • SCP-6013 : SupportCenter Plus startup time is reduced for better user experience.
  • SCP-6055 : In the Maintenance module, the threshold value for Daily schedule is increased to 7300 days.
  • SCP-6056 : SupportCenter Plus now supports RSA and ECC algorithm certificates while importing SSL certificates under Admin > General Settings > Import SSL Certificate.

Issues fixed:

  • SCP-6057 : Only a few approved solutions are listed when a topic is chosen under Resolution > Solutions on the request details page.

What's new in 14302?

(Released on: 05 July 2023)

Issues Fixed :

  • SCP-2084 : Unable to associate a new contract to a request after the existing contract expires.
  • SCP-3191 : Support reps in the non-default portal are unable to log in via SAML.
  • SCP-3634 : After upgrading to version 14, AD users are unable to log in.
  • SCP-5994 : Sorting does not work properly for Account column on the Request List View page.
  • SCP-6010 : Due to Zoho CRM API being migrated to V4, the old API versions (V2&V3) will be deprecated from Aug 31, 2023. The existing CRM integrations will be paused when you upgrade SCP. To ensure seamless synchronization, connect with the new SCOPE and enable the integration.
  • SCP-6015 : Some columns under reports module are restricted for support rep who does not have ViewAccountinfo role

What's new in 14301?

(Released on: 19 June 2023)

Issues Fixed :

  • SCP-5985: CVE-2023-35785 : Authentication bypass vulnerability while logging in using Two-Factor Authentication reported by dalt4sec.

What's new in 14300?

(Released on: 19 June 2023)

Enhancements :

  • SCP-3907: Send a password reset link to users who have forgotten their passwords.
  • SCP-3911: Support type information is displayed under License Details for premium support.
  • SCP-3927: Users can now generate tabular and matrix reports of the module using API.
  • SCP-3928: Microsoft Graph for Mail Servers : Administrators can configure Microsoft Graph for Exchange Online mailboxes in Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server settings to send or receive emails from SupportCenter Plus.

    Click here to learn more.

  • SCP-3929: Added response status for Time Entry /summary REST APIs.
  • SCP-3970: Request notification popup is enhanced as a slider window for better usability.
    • Users can close, maximize, or resize the notification pop-up. Additionally, technicians can minimize and restore the notification pop-up. On minimizing the notification pop-up, technicians can view request details, switch to other tabs, and perform various operations while the notification content will be saved as a draft.
    • Description editor can be viewed in full screen.
    • Email addresses can be copied to From, To, CC, BCC fields in the notification pop-up.
  • SCP-3954: Solution Feedback (Helpful/Not Helpful)
    • Add comments and feedback about solutions under the Feedback tab on the solution details page. Click here to learn more.
    • Solution owner or SDAdmins can now disable comments and reset the ratings of a solution using Actions menu on the solution details page.
    • SDAdmins can globally enable or disable ratings and comments for solutions using Solutions Settings on the solutions list view. Click here to learn more.
  • SCP-3959: Solution Associations ( Need to check )
    • Introducing Associations tab on the solution details page to link existing solutions and view requests.
  • SCP-3963: Contact Collection for SDP
    • Org Admins can store their official contact details to help us reach them instantly during any security update or release.
    • There will not be any marketing communication sent to the stored address. To confogure contact collection, go to ESM Directory / Admin > General Settings > Security Settings > Security Alerts. Click here to learn more.
  • SCP-3969: Conversations and notifications in the old data model will be deleted after migrating to the new data model. It is recommended to take a backup before migration.
  • SCP-3978: Inline Image in Request Notification Rules
    • Inline images can now be uploaded to Request Notification Rules which will be sent as part of notification emails.
    • Request Email Notification Rules Subject length has been restricted to 500 characters.
    • Request Email Notification Rules Subject has been marked as mandatory.
  • SCP-3987: Additional Fields Enhancement
    • New Additional Field Types for Custom Module

      The following additional field types are now added for custom module :

      • File Upload
      • Phone number
      • URL
      • Email
      • Percentage
      • HTML
      • Boolean
      • Date
    • Reference Entity Support

      Use reference entities to populate values by referring another field's value in Pick List, Radio, Check Box and Multi Select additional fields under custom modules. To configure reference entities,

      • Go to Setup > Developer Space > Custom Modules.
      • Edit any custom module and go to Form Customizer tab.
      • Click Add New Field icon.
      • Drag a Pick List, Radio, Check Box and Multi Select field type.
      • Select the reference entity while defining the field properties.

Other Enhancements

You can now do the following in the existing additional field types. These changes are applicable only to additional fields in releases, user, technician, projects, worklog, space, facility and custom modules :

  • Single-line - Set character limit for values in single-line fields by providing the minimum and maximum number of allowed characters.
  • Decimal - Enter a maximum of 13 integers and up to 3 decimal places as decimal field values.
  • Numeric - Set an allowed numeric range by entering Minimum and Maximum values.

Preview Additional Fields

  • Preview how the additional fields will render in the form page by using the Preview option. This is applicable for releases, user, technician, projects, worklog, space, facility and custom modules.

Export Additional Field Values

  • Option to export Pick List, Radio, Check Box and Multi Select field values in XLS format. This is applicable for releases, user, technician, projects, worklog, space, facility and custom modules.

Import Additional Field Values

  • The import values option in Pick List, Radio, Check Box and Multi Select fields is revamped with a better workflow. It now supports import from XLS, XLSX, and CSV files.

Solution Filter over List View Filter API

  • API support for solutions list view filter drop-down

SCP-3992: Sync empty field values from AD

  • SDAdmins can now choose to update empty values from Active Directory to SupportCenter Plus during user import. Click here to learn more.

Framework Upgrade Information :

  • Postgres Upgrade to 11.17

    PostgreSQL is upgraded to 11.17 version.

  • ZuluJRE Upgrade

    Zulu OpenJRE upgraded from version 1.8.0_292 to version 1.8.0_352.

  • SCP-3971: JSOUP jar version is upgraded to 1.15.3.
  • SCP-3972: Upgraded old batik jar files.

Behaviour Changes :

  • SCP-3998: Additional Field - Bulk Add Values : ( Need to check )

    The Bulk Add option in Pick List, Radio, Check Box and Multi Select fields now supports only the add operation in user, technician, worklog, and custom modules.

  • SCP-3908: Reset Password option will no longer be shown while editing a user.
  • SCP-3930: Users are restricted from accessing the local host and local IP by invoking the URL using custom functions.
  • SCP-3952: You can now access the Import Solutions option from the New Solution button on the list view page.
  • SCP-3968: reinitializeDB.bat file is moved from <SDP_Home>/bin folder to <SDP_Home>/server/tools folder.
  • SCP-3973: CTI v1 api is deprecated.

Issues Fixed :

  • SCP-3881: Admin -Sales Additional field-> choose Picklist-> Enter the values with space eg: "Use case" -> After saving the value in the Account sales field ->Displaying with "-" values.
  • SCP-3924: Unprivileged users can delete attachment of any account.
  • SCP-3936: When a user creates an Account additional field (Picklist) and if the user tries to use the (IS) condition in the Request custom view, it does not show those values.
  • SCP-3937: New / Edit Contract --> Unable to select email id's after some limit under notifications.
  • SCP-3943: Unable to create ticket from the customer portal if the length of description content is greater than 100 character.
  • SCP-3979: Email notification is not sent to account managers when a contact sends an email to create a request under an account.
  • SCP-4002: Dynamic FAFR for SGT Fields : Group, Support Rep fields values and its combinations were fetched initially on form load now they will be fetched dynamically in API call.

    Values in the Group, Support Rep fields will be listed in alphanumeric sequence.

  • SCP-4033: Custom triggers configured to execute on Reply Received event are not triggered if a webhook is specified as the trigger action.
  • SCP-5163: Advanced Analytics - On premise - Unable to sync schedule.
  • SCP-5970: If the task filter name under Requests tab contains special/HTML characters, My All Tasks button contains encoded text.

What's new in 14201?

(Released on: 22 June 2023)

Issues Fixed :


  • SCP-5985: CVE-2023-35785 : Authentication bypass vulnerability while logging in using Two-Factor Authentication reported by dalt4sec.

What's new in 14200?

(Released on: 24 April 2023)

Enhancements :

  • SCP-3804: Security advisory banner will be displayed to SDOrgadmin and SDAdmin.
  • SCP-3756: Task and Time Entry Revamp
    • Bulk assign and pick up tasks in Requests.
    • View the time entry type from the time entry list view under Requests.
    • Bulk associate task templates in requests.
    • Task title and template name are now made as default columns in the task template list view.
  • SCP-3755: Dashboard Enhancements
    • Use the Column Chooser icon in Requests by Support Rep widget to add or remove columns based on request status.
    • Link widgets from SupportCenter Plus dashboard to external applications using the Embed Widget icon.
    • Use the filter drop-down on the list view page accessed via widgets to change the list view based on the parameters in the widget without closing the page.
    • Warning message is shown while adding invalid or vulnerable URLs in new external widgets.
    • Embed dashboards in external applications using the Dashboard Options > Share Dashboard option.
    • Drill down analysis report widget is newly added to the Helpdesk dashboard. Add reports directly to custom dashboards.
  • SCP-3772: Custom Modules
    • You can now create custom modules that allow you to manage a collection of records or custom admin configurations.
    • For managing records, create a Web Tab type custom module, and for managing custom admin configurations, create a Configuration type custom module.
    • To create custom modules, go to Admin > Developer Space > Custom Modules.
  • SCP-3678: Time Entry UDF Revamp
    • Servlet calls are now replaced with API calls.
    • UI is revamped for better user experience.
  • SCP-3677: My approvals
    • My Approvals widget is revamped for better user experience.
    • Approvers can now use the option Show All in the my approvals widget to view all their approvals in one place.
    • The approvals are distinguished by the modules icon.
    • Approvers can quickly respond to approval requests by using the Take Action option in the slider panel.
    • To learn more, click here.

  • SCP-3676: Framework changes related to inline images.
  • SCP-3675: Send Notification popup for reply or forward emails can be resized as needed.
    • Reply or Reply All option is supported for notifications.
  • SCP-3666: Notification (Alert(or Notify) support rep by e-mail when there is a new reply for the request) is sent to support reps for their own replies to the request.
  • SCP-3665: Module delimiter will not be appended in the notification or reply email subject if it is not configured in the respective templates.
    • When a reply email is sent for such, the email will be added as conversation based on the delimiter if a valid module delimiter and module ID is configured in the email subject. Else, the email will be added as conversation based on the email headers.
  • SCP-3664: In the maintenance module, localization based on the language selection is now available for the following calendar-specific strings
    • Month, Day, Week, and Today
    • Short names and full names of days and months
  • SCP-3663: Request Notifications and Conversations
    • Bcc field support for reply and forward emails in requests.
    • Note : The Bcc field is available only for technicians.

    • BCC recipients can be added while creating requests via email.
  • SCP-3658: Solution API based Client
    • User interface for Solutions module has been revamped. This revamp includes user experience improvements in add solutions page, solution details page, and classic list view page.
    • Solutions details page URL has been changed to "<localhost>/ui/solutions?entity_id={solution_id}&mode=detail". Going forward, the old URL will not be accessible.
  • SCP- 3657: Throttle limit to access /api/v3/requests/summary URL has been increased to 30 per minute.
  • SCP- 3656: API changes
    • V3 API support for reply and conversation in requests.
  • SCP- 3656: API changes
    • V3 API support for reply and conversation in requests.
  • SCP-3655: External users can no longer access APIs for the following entities :
    • Task type
    • Task Closing Rules
    • Time Entry type
  • SCP-3654: Default HTTPS Mode
    • Beginning with 14200, new SupportCenter Plus installations will start in HTTPS mode by default.
    • A valid SSL certificate must be uploaded to establish a secure connection between clients and SupportCenter Plus.
    • To upload an SSL certificate, go to Admin > General Settings > Import SSL.
  • SCP-3653: Admin History
    • View History allows you to view all admin configuration activities.
  • SCP-3619: Improved alert message in the incoming mail settings page.
  • SCP-3618: You can now add inline images to reply templates.
  • SCP-3616: Add new extensions in Attachment Settings
    • Administrators can now include or exclude attachments files added based on the file extensions.
    • In Portal Enabled setups, attachment settings can be set under Global Settings > Attachment Settings.
    • In Portal Disabled setups, attachment settings can be set under Admin > Attachment Settings.
  • SCP-3488: Reply and Reply All buttons available for notifications from support reps

Behaviour Changes:

  • SCP-3859: Support reps and account managers will not be listed in TO, CC, and BCC fields while performing request reply/forward/resend actions.
  • SCP-3758: $ConversationDetails added to request reply and forward default templates. This variable will fetch descriptions along with the conversation time stamp details wherever applicable in the respective templates
  • SCP-3757: Clicking Request list view >Print Jobsheet will open print preview page.
  • SCP-3681: In Request response, billingstatus json will be shown in the following format: billingstatus : {id , name }.
  • SCP-3914: Database backup is mandated for every 24 hours in Postgres setups. Users can set the time to schedule the backup. File attachments backup is optional and configurable. Recent 2 backups will be retained.
  • SCP-3934: If the postgres database is corrupted
    • Mail notification regarding database corruption will be sent to the backup notify technician (if configured) or SDOrgAdmin.
    • Backup will not be taken.

Issues Fixed :

  • SCP-3847: Changing the globalconfig category="EmailIds_To_Notify" parameter="MAX_OPTIONS_ALLOWED" does not effect the intended change.
  • SCP-3649: Unable to log into application after selecting and saving Zia configurations under Admin.
  • SCP-3625: Unable to add Product in 14000 for customers who have migrated from version 8
  • SCP-3621: Unable to generate report based on time entry contract name
  • SCP-2362: Unable to edit time entry for changed requests for which accounts have been changed.
  • SCP-2190: While creating time entries associated with contract, NaN is displayed under the Time taken to resolve field

Vulnerability :

  • SCP-3695: CVE-2023-38331 : XSS vulnerability in product name in ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus reported by projects
  • SCP-3688: Need to encode support rep location data while saving in DB.
  • SCP-3882: Unprivileged approver can associate checklists to a request reported by Ranjit Pahan.
  • SCP-3884: Unprivileged approver can add notes to a request reported by Ranjit Pahan.
  • SCP-3885: Unprivileged technicians can remove dependency from a request reported by Ranjit Pahan.
  • SCP-3886: Unprivileged technicians can add dependencies to a request reported by Ranjit Pahan.
  • SCP-3887: CVE-2023-29443 XXE vulnerability in Servlet API reported by Vo Van Minh.
  • SCP-3888: SQL injection in query reports.
  • SCP-3889: XSS vulnerability on the survey email configuration page.

What's new in 14001?

(Released on: 20 February 2023)

Vulnerability :

  • SCP-3169: CVE-2023-26601 : DOS vulnerability during image upload reported by Piotr Bazydlo (@chudypb) of Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative.

Enhancements :

  • SCP-3548 : Option to Hide All Portals dashboards and widgets.

Issues Fixed :

Vulnerability :

  • SCP-3491 : DOS vulnerability during image upload reported by Piotr Bazydlo (@chudypb) of Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative.
  • SCP-3491 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in All Portal Dashboard widgets.
  • SCP-3556 : Authentication bypass vulnerability in Two-Factor Authentication login page.
  • SCP-3557 : Cleartext passwords transmission vulnerability in backup scheduling.

Admin :

  • SCP-3534 : Restore fails post upgrade to SCP 14000 in specific cases.
  • SCP-3546 : Sub Account data not populated in Users table in Advanced Analytics Sync.

What's new in 14000?

(Released on: 02 February 2023)


  • SCP-3457 : Introducing a tool to migrate data between two databases (Postgres to MSSQL and vice versa) as well as between operating systems (Linux to Windows and vice versa).

    Click here to learn more.

  • SCP-3465 : Now you can easily integrate AnalyticsPlus with SupportCenter Plus if you choose to install Analytics Plus in the same server as SupportCenter Plus. Quick setup wizards will help you set up analytics plus in no time. Find quick setup wizards in the following sections:

    Reports >> Advanced Analytics >> Download down arrow >> Try Quick Setup


    Admin >> Advanced Analytics >> Setup Advanced Analytics >> Try Now

  • SCP-1906 : Login based reports as default

    New query reports based on user login are added as default Login Reports.

  • SCP-1908 : Added FGA role for Account Info Icon VIew.
  • SCP-1909, 2072 : Telephony Integration Enhancements
    • Automated Request from Missed Calls
      • Option to create requests automatically when a support rep misses a call. This option is available under Settings on the telephony server settings page.
    • Telephony Logs
      • Telephony integration allows you to access details of all incoming and outgoing telephone calls. For each call entry, you can find details such as the caller name, caller number, receiver name, receiver number, call type, time of call, and call duration. You can also create a request when a call to a technician is unanswered. Telephony logs can be accessed from under the Telephony Logs tab on the telephony server settings page. Alternatively, you can also access it by clicking the Call Logs icon on the bottom-right corner.
    • Support for Asterisk PBX 16 and above
    • Behaviour Change
      • Telephony Settings is now be shown in "Default Portal Settings" even in multi portal setup.
      • Click here to learn more.
  • SCP-1911 : Forgot Password Enhancements
    • You can now enable/disable forgot password from UI. Admin -> Security Settings
    • Behaviour Changes
      • "Service Login details Notification" - Password Reset link will be sent instead of password
      • Retry lock duration is now standardized. It will not be configurable in UI.
      • Reset link expiry duration is now standardized. It will not be configurable in UI.
  • SCP-1985 : Behavior Change - OTP will not be available anymore in the default (Support rep) login page
  • SCP-1987 : Time entry Additional Fields Revamp
    • The time entry additional fields are now dynamic. Users can determine maximum count of additional fields that can be created.
    • A new type of field for decimal values called Decimal is introduced.
    • The additional fields will be displayed in time entries. Users can choose to view them as columns in the time entry list view.
  • SCP-2023 : Notification sent to the user is hard coded if the attachment size is greater than the configured one.
  • SCP-2577 : Request Business Rule
    • Business Rules and Custom triggers for requests are now enhanced with a new look for better usability. Categorize, execute, and configure cascade execution on Business Rules and Custom triggers for requests based on rule groups.
    • Rich Text Format and Multimedia attachments are now supported in the description box for Request Life Cycle notifications. Also, you can configure field update actions for 'during' event and turn on cascade execution for rules within a transition
  • SCP-2603 : Notification Sound
    • You can now configure notification sounds for Chats, Broadcast messages, Announcements, and Support Rep Notifications.
  • SCP-2671 : API Support for Products and Product Types. Refer Admin -> API -> Documentation
  • SCP-2676 : AnnouncementConfig Role
    • Introducing a new role "AnnoucementConfig" for managing announcement-related operations such as view, add, edit, and delete announcements. This is a non-editable role.
    • Announcement related permissions can be configured for each role independently.
    • Additionally, on migrating to this patch, existing announcement roles for the custom roles are removed and AnnouncementConfig role is added to all the support reps.
  • SCP-2681 : Scheduled Request Data Deletion
    • Option to schedule request data deletion for both active and archived requests.
  • SCP-2697 : Option to view the cookies used in SupportCenter Plus. Community >> Troubleshoot >> Cookie Policy
  • SCP-2799 : Administrators can now disable forwarding of solutions for contacts.
  • SCP-2800 : Added option to disable manual deletion of system logs in the Community tab
  • SCP-2801 : Changing the default backup password is now mandated before applying the license, taking manual backup, or upgrading the application.
  • SCP-2802 : Global search for solutions render results only for the topic selected in the left pane of solution list view page.
  • SCP-2804 : Option to expand the message body section in Request Reply Template editor
  • SCP-2806 : Browser Title customization
    • The default browser title can be customized to display the selected module name. For details page, you can also configure the browser title to display customized dynamic titles using variables such as request id, solution id etc.
  • SCP-2807 : Session Management in Mobile App
    • Allow automatic generation of API Key option has been removed from Self-Service Portal Settings/Application Settings.
    • Users can now login into the mobile app without generating the API key.
    • You can now configure session idle timeout for the mobile app under Admin/Global Settings >> General Settings >> Security Settings. For fresh installations, the default idle timeout for the mobile app will be set to 30 minutes.
  • SCP-2808 : Option to enable/disable "Keep me signed in" feature under Admin >> General Settings >> Security Settings
  • SCP-2810 : Announcement Revamp
    • Added new fields namely Announcement Type, Priority, and Services Involved.
    • Revamped UI: Announcement forms are now launched in pop-ups instead of new windows.
    • To learn more, click here
  • SCP-2811 : Disable Concurrent Login
    • You can now disable concurrent user login from different IP addresses.
  • SCP-2812 : Last successful/unsuccessful login date
    • Users can now view their last successful/failed login attempt details as a banner upon logging into the application. The banner will auto-close after 10 seconds.
    • If multiple login attempts are made into an user account when a user session is already active, a warning message will appear on the banner across all ongoing user sessions. This banner can only be closed manually.
    • The details regarding a user's last successful/failed login attempts will be present under the Logout section.
  • SCP-2813 : A new rule is introduced in the password policy to restrict the use of username/part of username as password
  • SCP-2814 : The default value of Backup Scheduling is now set to 7 days.
  • SCP-2818 : Checklist in Request Closing Rules
    • You can now mandate the verification of checklists in request templates by accessing Request Closing Rules and selecting the Associated checklist should be verified option under mandatory fields for closing requests.
  • SCP-2819 : You can now clear the date additional field's value in request templates.
  • SCP-2821 : Global Settings >> Translations is renamed as Common Translations and Admin >> Translations is renamed as Portal Translations in multi portal setup
  • SCP-2823 : Allowing contacts to view tasks in the request.
  • SCP-2824 : User Bulk edit
    • You can now edit details of multiple contacts or support reps simultaneously.
  • SCP-2826 : Cancel Request
    • Option to move unnecessary requests to Cancelled status. SDAdmins can grant request cancel permission to users.
  • SCP-2884 : Security Meter

    Monitor and gauge how effectively you have configured various built-in application security features using the security meter. To access the security meter, go to Admin/Global Settings > General Settings > Security Settings. The security meter provides the following:

    • A security score in percentage.
    • A security level classification based on the security score: unsecured, weak security, moderate security, and highly secure.
    • An option to view and manage the list of available security features.
  • SCP-2898 : Support for default value for pick list type account additional field.
  • SCP-2918 : Global Search across instances
  • SCP-2990 : Option to add/update auto-generated function name in custom functions.
  • SCP-3400 : Survey login mode is now portal-specific and can be enabled or disabled using the option provided in the Advanced Portal Settings.
  • SCP-3472 : Request API for attach and Inline
    • Added support for API operations to add request attachments and resolution attachments.
  • SCP-3475 : Advanced analytics integration for SupportCenter Plus now supports Survey data. Users can now create reports and dashboards in Zoho Analytics/ManageEngine Analytics Plus using the survey data from SupportCenter Plus.
  • SCP-3479 : Import of SSL certificates now supports automatic download of intermediate certificates that are referred through URL in PFX files.
  • SCP-3451 : Editor Upgrade
    • Editor toolbar now has selectable font name and text direction.
    • Image alignment and the Fit to width options are added to the Insert image pop-up. Links can be added to the inserted images as well.
  • SCP-3452 : Admin Revamp

    The Admin page is revamped with an all new configurations grouping as well as an improved UI layout for ease of access.

    • New configuration pop-up for creating or editing user/support rep, account additional field.
    • New UI layout for integrations page.
    • Revamped UI for Notification rules.
  • SCP-3455 : Self Service Portal Settings is split into four tabs for easier categorization and accessibility.
  • SCP-3456 : Feature Policy security response header is added to Advanced Security Settings to allow/restrict features in various browsing contexts.
  • SCP-3459 : AD user import success/failure details will now be notified to SDAdmins (in non-ESM setups) or SDOrgAdmins (in ESM setups) via bell notifications instead of showing progress on a separate page.
  • SCP-3467 : Australia and China data centers are now supported while integrating SupportCenter Plus with Zoho Analytics.
  • SCP-3466 : Added Single sign-on (SSO) support to access Advanced Analytics.
    On enabling SSO, Advanced Analytics can be accessed in an embedded view under the Reports tab.
  • SCP-3461 : SupportCenter Plus now supports Azure SQL server.
  • SCP-3462 : You can now connect to MSSQL database via Windows authentication.
  • SCP-3487 : UPN-based login is now supported for SAML authentication.
  • SCP-2935 : A new query report is added under the Login Reports folder. This report shows the support rep details, their last login time, and their login names available under each support group.
  • SCP-2936 : Header Revamp and Layout Personalization
    Revamped UI for header quick links, global search, user profile panel.
    You can now change the orientation of the header pane as topbar, sidebar, or sidebar lite. To learn more,
  • SCP-2937 : Embed video in Solution
    You can now embed video links in Solutions.
  • SCP-2938 : Deluge for SupportCenter Plus
    • Deluge, our in-house, high-level scripting language, is now bundled with SupportCenter Plus. Deluge is easy to use and enables non-programmers to code with minimal learning. Using Deluge scripting, you can build Custom Functions that can manipulate data within SupportCenter Plus and external applications. You can use Custom Functions in Business Rule, Trigger, and Request Life Cycle to automate workflows, customize business processes, and integrate SupportCenter Plus with external applications.
  • SCP-2940 : Default Chat Reports
  • SCP-2947 : Support for description field in custom filter is removed for task.
  • SCP-2949 : Login based reports as default
  • SCP-2954 : Images inserted in the description of tasks, and solutions can now be previewed from the details page.
  • SCP-2958 : Admins can now customize the default image preview resolution for inline images across the application.
    This configuration is based on the GlobalConfig table entry :
    parameter ="defaultImageOption"
    paramvalue = "bestfit" or "original" or "smallfit" or "fitTiWidth"
  • SCP-2960 : Users can import and edit signature via HTML from the Personalize tab.
  • SCP-2962 : SMS Notification in Custom Trigger
    • You can now trigger SMS notifications using Custom Triggers.
  • SCP-2968 : Administrators are required to reset the default administrator and guest password reset before applying license.
  • SCP-2969 : Matrix Report now supports the percentage in summary type.
  • SCP-2970 : Checklist Enhancement
    • Associate checklists to an existing request from the request details page. The associated checklists will be listed in the right panel of the request details page.
    • Request Template list view now displays an icon to denote templates associated with checklists
  • SCP-2973 : Custom Schedule - Deluge support
    • Administrators can configure Custom Schedules Functions using Deluge, Zoho's built-in scripting language, to manipulate data in SupportCenter Plus and external applications.
    • The custom schedules functions can be executed via Custom Schedules to access any data from SupportCenter Plus and schedule periodic customized actions such as sending notifications, reopening requests.
  • SCP-2976 : UDF Pick List Revamp
    • In additional fields, duplicate entries for pick list field options will be restricted.
  • SCP-2991 : Option to enable/disable last login information under Admin > General Settings > Security Settings.
  • SCP-2992 : Change Password Redirection
    • Option to redirect users, who log in for the first time, to the change password page.
      Global Settings >> General Settings >> Security Settings >> Password Policy.
  • SCP-2994 : Diff Object in Request Update Notification
    • Email notifications sent when a request is updated can be configured to contain the updated details by including the $UpdatedProperties message variable.

      If the notifications are sent to a contact/support rep, the updated details are displayed in the user's personalized language and time format.

      If the notifications are sent to group, the updated details are displayed only in English language

      When the description or resolution of a request is updated, the users will notified that the fields are updated. However, the updated details will not be included in the email notification

  • SCP-2996 : Survey URL in Request Closure Notification
    • Option to embed the survey URL in the request closure email notification.
  • SCP-3000 : You can now import AD attributes of Integer type.
  • SCP-3003 : Attachment settings in Admin / Global Settings
    • Configure which file attachments you want to allow and which ones you want to restrict in the application. For single portal setups, you can find the settings under Admin > Attachment Settings. For multi portal setups, you can find it under Global Settings > Attachment Settings > File attachment filtering.
  • SCP-3004 : Request Print & Approval Preview customization
    • Under Advanced portal settings, configure sections that must be selected by default in the Request Print preview and Approval preview.
  • SCP-3005 : Option to edit the name, description, and image of the default category "Others" in Request Catalog by updating "paramvalue" for each entry in the GlobalConfig table.

    Category : Others_Category_Default_Value
    Parameters : Name, Image, and Description
    Note : Images must be placed under /custom/serviceicons

  • SCP-3007 : User consent while saving OAuth settings will not be required if Admin consent is granted in Azure AD.
  • SCP-3010 : Custom Views and Advanced Search:

    Existing custom views will not be migrated in the following cases, and an email notification will be sent to users configured in the Send e-mail when an Application Error Occurs notification rule:

    • Custom view criteria are based on additional fields that no longer exist or contain Description or Resolution field.
    • Exceptions occurred during the migration process

    The maximum number of criteria allowed in Custom Views and Advanced Search is now 10.

    Custom views will now be shown in the merge and link request pop-up list views accessed from the request details page.

    Criteria in Custom Views and Advanced Search now support additional fields and sub-fields.

    Support for nesting criteria in Custom Views and Advanced Search.

    Added an option to preview custom views.

    The custom view filter applied to the request list view will also be applied to the merge and link request pop-up list views accessed from the request details page.

    When the criteria "is not" and "not contains" are chosen for a request field in Custom Views or Advanced Search, requests that do not contain those fields will also get listed. To prevent this, adding "is not empty" criteria is recommended.

    The Description and Resolution fields are no longer supported in Custom Views. However, these fields continue to be supported in search.

    Custom views created by admins will now be private by default.

    Support reps can now view public custom view filters.

    Using the same name for different custom view filters is no longer supported.

    Filters in Advanced Search will no longer be retained. Previously configured filters will now be saved as custom views individually.

    Inactive users will no longer be listed in the criteria fields of Advanced Search or Custom Views. However, you can use sub-criteria fields to search for specific inactive users.

    The criteria fields in Advanced Search and Custom Views will no longer support time values but only show dates.

    The Show groups in Request List filters option has been removed from Admin > General Settings > Advanced Portal Settings. The default group-based filters will no longer be available in request custom view filters.

    Click here to know more for more behaviour changes

  • SCP-3011 : Advanced Customization for contact Home Page

    SDAdmins can now customize the self-service portal's home page using advanced options such as panels, buttons, snippets, widgets, etc using predefined or custom templates.


    For fresh installations with build 14000 or newer, the advanced customization replaces the basic customization.

    For installations migrated to 14000, the existing basic customization will be accessible only if a customized home page is already configured. If the advanced customization options are used to create a new home page, the existing basic customization will be removed.

  • SCP-3012 : Drill-down Analysis for Requests
    • You can now perform drill-down analysis on requests from the reports module.
    • A tree structure for requests will be generated based on the criteria (Created Date, Responded Date, DueBy Date, and Completed Date) along with time period.
    • Use the drill-down analysis URL to share with other support reps.
  • SCP-3013 : Custom Filter Enhancements

    Introducing Advanced Filter in Requests to perform custom search based on predefined conditions and save them for later use.

    Click here to learn more.

  • SCP-3014 : Comma separated multiple values can be added in Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header under Security Settings.
  • SCP-3021 : In Incoming and Outgoing Mail server settings, the OAuth client secret field input will be concealed from viewing and the field value will be encrypted on the client side while saving the configuration.
  • SCP-3022 : In reports, you can now customize the label length for stacked bar charts under Custom Settings >> Bar Chart/Stacked Bar Chart Settings.
  • SCP-3023 : Reports Micro Feature
    • Introducing options to export reports without header. You can configure the settings from Reports > Custom Settings.
    • You can now schedule multiple reports under Reports > New Report > Schedule Report.
    • You can now save the edited custom report as a new report using the Save report as option.
    • You can now export, schedule, and mail reports in the XLSX format. You can also export requests, purchases, and software in the XLSX format.
    • A new notification rule "Notify support rep and other SDAdmins when an SDAdmin edits/deletes another support rep schedules/reports." is added under Admin > Automation > Notification Rules > Reports.
    • Click here to learn more.

  • SCP-3024 : Flexible Column Layout

    You can now configure upto 4 columns in Request templates.

    Also, you can configure flexible column and add upto 12 fields in a single row with various customizable options.

  • SCP-3025 : Organize Tabs

    Administrators can organize the tabs in the navigation menu and allow supportreps to personalize the tab order. You can access Organize Tabs from Admin > General Settings > UI Customization > Organize Tabs.

  • SCP-3028 : Request Approval UI Revamp

    Request Approval pop-up is revamped for ease of operation.

  • SCP-3030 : Global Configuration for Time Zone, Date Format, Time Format
  • SCP-3033 : In-App Notifications for Support Reps
    • Introducing In-app notifications to alert technicians about their request events while they are using the application.
  • SCP-3035 : Reminder UI Revamp
    • Reminder list view and Add Reminder form UI revamped for ease of operation.
    • Add Reminder form will now open as a pop-up from list view and from Reminder widget in Home page.
  • SCP-3038 : Sample scripts option is removed for XML and V1 API from the REST API documentation tool.
  • SCP-3039 : Administrators can now be notified about connectivity issues while fetching emails
  • SCP-3043 : Translation In-line Edit

    A new inline edit option to translate a phrase or text in the user interface according to your organization needs. Currently, this feature supports text modification in the application header, Home, Requests sub-tabs, Tasks and Time Entries.

  • SCP-3044 : Administrators can now monitor URL attacks in the application from Admin > General Settings >Security Settings > Advanced. Notifications are sent if too many attempts are made to access a URL.
  • SCP-3045 : URL Redirection for Portals

    Alias URLs can now be configured for portals to allow users to access portals directly. OrgAdmins and portal owners can configure the alias URL from Global Settings. On accessing the URL, users will be redirected to the Home tab of the instance.

  • SCP-3048 : You can now limit the number of characters displayed in fields like description, resolution, etc when generating reports for improved performance. The configuration is available under Admin/Global Settings > Performance Settings > Reports.
  • SCP-3049 : If any custom widget is configured with the "/" URL, then the operation param "/" must be included in the URL or else an error message mentioning "you are not authorized" will be thrown.
  • SCP-3053 : Option to show/hide section based fields in the request form using field and form rules.
  • SCP-3054 : Option to execute FAFR actions at the section level of the request form.
  • SCP-3056 : Impact, Urgency, and Priority Matrix are now available under Admin > Helpdesk Customizer.
  • SCP-3057 : Group Roles

    Create Group Roles (support-group based roles) and associate them to support groups & support reps to use them in support group notifications, SLA escalation notifications, request life cycles, custom triggers, backup support rep assignments, dashboards(share dashboards), and approvals.

  • SCP-3058 : Task custom trigger and Task Custom Function
    • User can now configure custom triggers for tasks to automatically trigger actions on a task using a script file or a custom function.
    • Task custom functions can be executed via task custom triggers to access any data from SupportCenter Plus and schedule periodic customized actions.
  • SCP-3059 : Users can now obtain values of fields such as email ID, domain name, and server time of the logged-in user using scripts.
  • SCP-3062 : Maintenance Module

    Create, view, and manage maintenance related requests in your organization from under a new module Maintenance.

    • View upcoming maintenance schedules and plan ahead.
    • Track maintenance using the History tab.
    • Suspend or resume maintenance when required.
    • Use the table and classic view to search and sort quicker.
    • Use the details page to view complete information of the maintenance.
  • SCP-3063 : Users can now choose the time format as DD:HH:MM:SS (Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds) and HH:MM:SS (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) for time elapsed fields setting in custom report settings.
  • SCP-3065 : Catalog title is now named as Request Catalog.
  • SCP-3067 : Users can now customize the width and height of the chart in tabular reports.
  • SCP-3068 : UsersSDAdmins can now delete report folders of other Support Rep.
  • SCP-3071 : Request Catalog as Widgets

    Option to display request catalog as widgets in the contact self-service portal.

    Admin >> Advanced Portal Settings >> Self Service Portal Customization.

  • SCP-3073 : Default Catalog Widgets for Support rep Login
    Support rep can add request catalog as default widgets on the Home page.
  • SCP-3077 : Calendar Revamp
    • Added a redesigned calendar for date and time fields across the application.
    • You can now enter time values manually in the date and time fields.
  • SCP-3078 : Support reps Personalized Color Settings

    Administrators can now allow supports reps to personalize the color settings applied in the list/classic view of requests.

  • SCP-3083 : Task Dependency Enhancement
    • The UI for task dependency mapping is revamped for better user experience.
    • API support added for task dependencies.
  • SCP-3086 : Deprecation of TLSv1 and TLSv1.

    Beginning with build 14000, SupportCenter Plus no longer supports TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 protocols. The required minimum supported protocol will be TLSv1.2.

  • SCP-3087 : Custom Actions Enhancements

    You can now configure the following custom actions in request custom triggers and request timer actions.

    • If-If Actions : If-If action allows you to execute multiple actions on a request when the specified criteria are met.
    • If-Else Actions : You can use If-Else action to execute an action if a criteria is met and an alternate action if the criteria is not satisfied.
    • Click here to learn more.
  • SCP-3088 : Added support for TLSv1.3 protocol.
  • SCP-3091 : The failed users list in AD full sync import is now attached as a CSV file in the notification.
  • SCP-3097 : Zoho charts in reports

    SupportCenter Plus integrates with Zoho Charts, a charting library with rich features and improved UI. The integrations allows users to create new chart types while generating reports. The UI of the generated chart is fine-tuned to display detailed information on hovering over the chart.

  • SCP-3098 : Callback Custom Function

    Create callback custom functions using Deluge scripting that allows you to manipulate data in SupportCenter Plus whenever an event occurs in external applications.

  • SCP-3099 : From address is supported while sending emails through custom functions.
  • SCP-3100 : In custom triggers, you can now edit custom notifications in HTML mode.
  • SCP-3103 : Approval action comment length is increased to 500 characters.
  • SCP-3105 : Password protected file attachment

    File attachments in the application server is now password protected. A random password is generated and stored under Admin >> Security Settings. Portal Owner/SDAdmin can view or change the password if required.

  • SCP-3108 : Need More Info during Approval

    Approvers can now inquire for clarification before recording their approval decisions for requests. Users can preview and follow up the clarifications from the My Approvals widget in Home page.

    The various exchanges between the approver and the contact will be grouped and displayed in a read-only format under the Approvals tab in the request details page.

    Support reps can provide clarification for their requests from the My Summary widget on the Home page.

    Contacts can use the My Request Summary widget to provide clarification.

  • SCP-3109 : Custom Trigger Enhancements

    Custom triggers can now be applied when requests are moved to trash.

  • SCP-3110 : Throttle limit to access the /sounds/*.mp3 URL is now increased to 120 calls per minute.
  • SCP-3111 : Throttle limit to access the /api/v3/app_resources/build_info URL is increased to 100 calls per minute.
  • SCP-3112 : Trial license over the production setup
    Customers can now avail a free trial license to check out the latest features and functionalities of SupportCenter Plus. The trial license is valid for one month and can be used only once.
  • SCP-3113 : You can now access Support Center Plus from any domain by setting Access-Control-Allow-Origin to Trusted in Security Settings
  • SCP-3114 : Add Tasks only after Request Approval
    Option to restrict the addition of tasks only after request approval.
  • SCP-3115 : Theme Enhancements
    Using theme settings you can customize the application's default color and font. You can apply the theme settings for all users or allow each user to select their own color and font.
  • SCP-3116 : Option to show pending mail count
  • SCP-3118 : Supportcenter Plus favicon is now updated in all browsers.
  • SCP-3120 : The API operations ADD, UPDATE, and DELETE can now be performed for Admin entities via custom functions (excluding callback functions)
  • SCP-3122 : Encryption support for user additional field
    Encrypt user additional fields (single/multi line and pick list) with sensitive information.
  • SCP-3123 : Introducing PII/ePHI for User Additional Fields
    Administrators can now mark out the user additional fields that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Electronic protected health information (ePHI) to identify the sensitive information collected and stored in SupportCenter Plus. The personal data of users (both support reps and contacts) in PII/ePHI marked fields are handled in accordance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR.
  • SCP-3124 : Added support for fetching original client IP addresses using network load balancers. The original client IP addresses are fetched using the X-Forwarded-For HTTP header configuration on your load balancer. Use the following syntax to configure the he
  • SCP-3125 : Mandate Approval Comments
    You can now mandate comments for request approvals. SDAdmins can enable this option under Admin > Self-Service Portal Settings. For Multi portal setups, the OrgAdmins can enable this option for a specific instance under Admin > Self-Service Portal Settings.
  • SCP-3127 : Security advisory banner will be displayed to SDOrgadmin and SDAdmin.
  • SCP-3128 : In accordance with ISO standards, the date format is updated in the application.
  • SCP-3129 : The time format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM is now introduced in the application with respect to the ISO standards.
  • SCP-3130 : Users can now choose the time format as YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS in SupportCenter Plus.
  • SCP-3136 : Antivirus scanning for file uploads in Admin
    • Attachments will now be scanned for virus before uploading into the application. If virus is detected, the attachment will not be uploaded.
    • Administrators can configure antivirus scan settings under ESM Directory >> Security Settings >> Advanced tab.

    To learn more, Click here.

  • SCP-3138 : Showing Dynamic Notifications as Desktop Notifications

    Desktop notification notifies users about the events in the application even if they are working on different applications.

    To enable desktop notification, application must run in the HTTPS mode. Click the LOCK icon on your browser's URL and select Site settings > Notification > Allow.

  • SCP-3140 : MickeyLite framework upgrade to latest version 4260
  • SCP-3141 : Proxy Configuration for Mail Fetching
  • SCP-3142 : When a supportrep whose login is disabled is re-imported via Active Directory, the login permissions will remain disabled.
  • SCP-3147 : Glowroot is now bundled with the application.
  • SCP-3148 : Auth token support for third party
    • Administrators can generate Integration Keys, a token based authentication for performing secure REST API calls while configuring integrations with external applications.
  • SCP-3149 : Request Report enhancements

    While generating custom reports,

    • A report type called Request Metrics Report is introduced to provide cumulative data of completed requests based on certain grouped request values.
    • Request Tasks are newly added as a sub-module under Tasks.
    • Users can now generate request reports using all request properties mentioned on the request details page and also using derivative request properties based on SLA violations/on hold time/unassigned time/request age.
    • New columns are added to request reports.

    To learn more, click here

  • SCP-3150 : The character limit for Comments column in Approvals list view is increased to 150. If the character limit exceeds 150, the show more link appears that will display the entire comment in a pop-up window.
  • SCP-3152 : Report Enhancements
    • Added support for sorting columns by ascending or descending order in custom tabular reports.
    • Users will be notified via email with an appropriate message instead of an empty report attachment when data is not available for scheduled reports.
    • Users with SDAdmin role will now have permission to all custom reports, query reports, and schedule reports created by other support reps.
    • Revamped Scheduled Report list view page with options to filter, edit, and delete schedules based on roles.
  • SCP-3153 : Advanced Matrix Report Enhancement
    • Users can now add up to 5 columns while grouping data in Advanced Matrix Reports.
    • Users can select the Request field in the Columns drop-down under the Column Grouping section for all modules that support matrix reports.
    • The Date Format drop-down will be displayed only if a date field is selected as the column.
    • Users can also add up to 5 rows to group the data in the Group by section.

    To learn more, Click here.

  • SCP-3154 : A re-login is required after migrating to 14000 if the Keep me signed in option is enabled in the login page.
  • SCP-3159 : Zulu OpenJRE upgraded from 1.8.222 to 1.8.292.
  • SCP-3160 : Tomcat upgraded to version 9.0.54
  • SCP-3162 : The size of TableDataCount.html and FailedQuery.html files is now restricted to 5mb inside the log folder.
  • SCP-3171 : Support for reindexing of all database tables is now included in the scheduled database maintenance operation which can be configured under Admin (or ESM Directory) >> General Settings >> Performance Settings.
  • SCP-3221 : Move blocking email to different folder
    • You can now move error emails that stop mail fetching schedule to a separate folder and continue processing the next email. Configure this option under Admin >> Mail Server Settings.
  • SCP-3227 : Zia, Zoho's AI assistant for business, has been implemented in SupportCenter Plus. Zia inspects each incoming request and applies her learning to understand and respond to the user's needs.
    • Zia can perform approval actions by using users' responses to the approval email.
    • Zia can now evaluate user responses to closed requests and automatically reopen requests that need further processing.
    • Closed/Completed requests will be reopened or retained in their status based on Zia's results.
    • Zia can be trained to predict the relevant category and template while creating a request.

    Configure Zia under Admin >> Zia Configurations

  • SCP-3230 : Microsoft Teams Integration

    Set up the SupportCenter Plus integration with Microsoft Teams to leverage the collaboration app from Microsoft as an additional channel for IT and enterprise support. Through this integration, you can view tickets, pending approval, and chat with support reps-all from within your Microsoft Teams accounts.

    • Raise requests and execute approval actions in SupportCenter Plus from within Microsoft Teams.
    • In the chat window of Microsoft Teams, click a command in the help card to execute the corresponding action.
    • Administrators can create custom commands and execute actions in Microsoft Teams right from the SupportCenter Plus bot.
    • The support groups in SupportCenter Plus can be mapped with the respective Teams channels. When requests are assigned to support groups, the bot will trigger notifications in the mapped channel.

    Configure Zia under Admin >> Zia Configurations

  • SCP-3232 : Actionable Messages for Outlook

    Users can perform help desk actions from Outlook mailbox via actionable mails sent from SupportCenter Plus.

  • SCP-3235 : Zia Bot

    Zia, Zoho's AI assistant for business, is available as a virtual conversational support agent, Zia Bot. You can now ask Zia to perform 20 different portal operations including raising requests, assigning support reps to requests, viewing solutions/announcements.

  • SCP-3236 : Webhook enhancements
    • Option to include request resolution in webhook action
    • Added support for HTTP PATCH method in webhooks
    • Support for response based actions in webhooks.
  • SCP-3250 : Portal landing page customization for users

    The Organization Admin can configure a default landing page for all users in the organization from Global Settings >> Portal Customization in any of the following ways :

    Set the portal as the default landing page for users.

    Allow users to set an instance as their own default landing page, or

    Select an instance as the default landing page for all users. Users can override this setting by selecting their own preferred landing page.

  • SCP-3280 : Unified Activities for Request & Tasks

    Support reps can now view requests in Classic View or choose to view both requests and tasks in Combined View, depending on their convenience. Click here to learn more about the classic view and click here to learn more about the combined view.

  • SCP-3281 : Rich Text Area Support For Task And Time entry Description

    The description fields in Tasks, Time entry and Task templates now support Rich Text mode. Users can format text, add images and hyperlinks.

  • SCP-3282 : Details Page Layout Customization.

    The right panel in request details page can be hidden if needed.

    Support reps can customise their own layout of request details page.

  • SCP-3297 : Admin - Helpdesk Customizer.

    Under Admin >> Helpdesk Customizer, sub-lists of a list will open as a sub-section on the same page. Also, forms will open in pop-up boxes, retaining the existing screen in the background.

  • SCP-3298 : Chat Enhancements

    Support reps can now leave an ongoing group chat/collaborators chat.

    Use the manage option to remove existing collaborators, add support reps apart from collaborators, or edit the title of a collaborator chat.

  • SCP-3283 : Support reps can now place outgoing calls to contacts phone or mobile from the right pane in request details page.
  • SCP-3284 : Improved login flow in embedded live chat.
  • SCP-3285 : Custom Operational Hours

    You can now configure custom operational hours specific to each day of the week along with a break session. You can also configure exclusion rules to define standard non-working days on a monthly basis.

  • SCP-3286 : Support rep Contact Chat

    Support reps can initiate a chat with the contact from the request details page.

  • SCP-3287 : Fail Over Service over Latest Framework

    Failover Service and Failover Service Replication can now be configured from the application UI under General Settings. Administrators can toggle FOS mode ON or OFF anytime and track the changes performed on the configurations from the History tab.

    FOS in SupportCenter Plus now follows a peer-peer architecture. In the event of primary server unavailability, the secondary server takes over and functions as the primary server.

    Postgres support is provided for the database server.

    In event of application restore, FOS will be disabled by default. The administrator is required to enable FOS and restart the application again.

  • SCP-3288 : Disaster Recovery :

    Disaster recovery (DR) ensures availability of SupportCenter Plus when a region or site is down during disaster. DR works by implementing a hot-standby system. When a primary server is down, the secondary server takes over the primary server functions and serves the application. To setup DR,

    In multi portal setup, OrgAdmins can configure DR from Global settings > General Settings > HA Configuration.

    In single portal setup, SDAdmins can configure DR from Admin > General Settings > HA Configuration.

  • SCP-3289 : Request Timer Actions

    Introducing timer actions to trigger time-delayed custom actions on requests. You can configure timer actions under Admin > Automation > Request Timer Actions.

    You can use During Rules and After Rules to execute custom actions at specific delayed time.

  • SCP-3290 : Enable Dark Mode / Night Mode:

    Introducing Night Mode in SupportCenter Plus that allows users to darken their application's screen. Night Mode is user and instance specific.

  • SCP-3291 : UI Enhancements

    Introducing Puvi font (version 4.0) in SupportCenter Plus under layout personalization, theme settings, text editor, and form customization.

    UI revamped for better user experience in the following entities: login details banner, confirmation dialog, scroll bars, checkbox, radio buttons, and Add/Edit form buttons.

    Note : The scroll bar UI revamp will not reflect in Mac devices.

  • SCP-3300 : Limitations:

    In the request list view, the number of records displayed per page has been changed; the minimum count will be 10 and the maximum count will be 100.

    In the request list view, the maximum number of columns that can be selected using the column chooser will now be 40.

    In the request list view, bulk edit support will now be limited to 100 requests.

    The maximum number of columns that can be selected for the request left panel on the request details page will now be 25.

    In the GET_ ALL API endpoint, the number of fields supported inside group_by is increased to 10.

  • SCP-3292 : Email addresses mentioned in Email ID(s) To Notify field will be encrypted in requests module, archived requests, and maintenance module. Data fetched from this field will be masked in query reports.


  • SCP-2692 : Query Report API Feature
    • API support to view all query reports and execute report and query.
  • SCP-3323 : Kanban View
    • Support Reps can view requests in a billboard format where the requests are grouped as cards based on assigned support rep/status/priority. To learn more, Click here.
  • SCP-1164 : SCP Outlook Add-In

    SupportCenter Plus is now available as an add-on in Microsoft Outlook. Using this add-on, you can raise requests and track their progress in SupportCenter Plus from within the Outlook mailbox. Support reps can perform actions such as edit and pickup/assign requests.

  • SCP-3325 : Backup support rep assignment will now be based on the current time (i.e., when a support rep gets assigned to a request) instead of the request created date.
  • SCP-3330 : Support rep Auto Assign Enhancement:

    SDAdmins can include support reps or requests while configuring support rep Auto Assign functionality.

    Group field added as a column while enabling exceptions under support rep auto-assign.

    UI revamped for ease of operation.

Behavior Changes

  • SCP-3739 : Behavior change in adding E-mail replies from contact to the Request conversations.
    • Replies to a request will be appended to request conversations only if the contact has permission to the request or if the contact replies to emails they received from the application.
    • External user replies will not be appended.
  • SCP-2796 : Options to search and sort requests are now available under Actions >> View Requests by contact
  • SCP-2797 : The default custom view for requests is now set to 'My Pending Requests' for contact login
  • SCP-2820 : Password is not mandatory anymore while importing users via CSV files
  • SCP-2822 : If Support rep Auto Assign is disabled, the configured settings will not be retained on re-enabling it.
  • SCP-2957 : Requests can be created from conversations only if it has valid support group, and support reps dependencies.
  • SCP-2977 : The number of request additional fields of type radio and picklist is now restricted to 50 each.
  • SCP-2984 : If an invalid attachment from an email is dropped when adding an entity, a notification will now be sent to the email sender and support reps configured in the Send email when an Application Error Occurs rule.
  • SCP-3002 : Image checkboxes are changed into normal input checkboxes for uniformity.
  • SCP-3031 : API for request approval actions is now supported.
    • The approval action page and approval tabs UI under requests and archived requests have been enhanced for better usability.
    • Under Admin > Advanced Portal Settings, mandate approvals for request rejection.
    • Custom Triggers configuration now has a new format.
    • In Custom trigger json, current_level and approved_level keys are now changed to current_stage and approved_stage keys, respectively.
  • SCP-3037 : The To, CC and Email IDs to notify values populated in the request details page from the instance Mail Server Settings are now removed when the request is moved across portals.
  • SCP-3172 : Changes due to Enhancements in Request Business Rule
    • In business rules with custom action to update the request template, all fields except the fields which the contact can set will be updated. The existing values will be retained for fields that the contact can set.
    • In business rules with custom actions to update the request status, the new status will be updated even if the Override field values with Business Rule values option is disabled.
    • For custom scripts configured with $COMPLETE_V3_JSON_FILE as an argument in ADD operation, only the user given fields and fields filled by system will be provided as input to json file.
    • In business rules, custom actions to trigger notifications is no more supported. However, existing rules with custom actions to trigger notifications are retained where you cannot modify the notification details except To and cc fields.
    • When updating the request status to a completed status via business rules, time calculations such as Resolved Time, Completed Time, and Time Spent for each status update will be calculated all at once.
    • In request API, configuring repeated options for a multi-select additional field will throw an error.
    • Splitting requests with conversations added by an inactive user/user without permissions to access the request will throw an error.
    • In custom triggers, you can now update any field using Custom Scripts, including fields that you cannot access.
    • Post migration, newly created business rules with 'is not', 'not contains' in criteria will also apply to request fields with 'None' as the value. For existing rules with similar criteria, a sub-criteria to exclude fields with 'None' will be added to the criteria.
    • While mapping user fields in JIRA integration, the default and additional fields are now mapped via V3 API Field Name in jira.xml file.
  • SCP-3237 : In the absence of an active default request template, contacts will be prompted to select their preferred template from the request catalog when the Raise a ticket option is invoked from the Zia bot.
  • SCP-0000 : Support for older version of V3 API for Tasks and Time entries is deprecated.To use the latest format of the API, add the accept header "application/vnd.manageengine.sdp.v3+json" to the API URL.
  • SCP-3293 : EOL of 32bit
  • SCP-3299 : Requests:
    • Request global search can be performed only when Lucene is enabled.
    • Refresh frequency is now moved under the List Settings.
    • Added the "Has linked requests" column in exports that shows the presence of linked requests using boolean values.
    • In the column chooser, reordering and disabling the Select Box option is no longer supported.
    • The column search no longer supports the "null" keyword and regex expressions.
    • Request custom view filter name and request count will no longer be shown in the task list view.
    • When exporting requests, the ordering of columns in the list view will not be retained.
    • When exporting requests, the request ID column will now be included by default.
    • The following changes are applicable for column names in exports:
      • ID is now Request ID
      • Contact Name is now Contact
      • Assigned To is now Support rep
      • DueBy is now DueBy Date
      • Overdue is now Is SLA Violated
      • On-Behalf-Of is now On behalf of
      • Response DueBy is now Response DueBy Time
      • Template Name is now Template
    • The following UI labels have been renamed :
      • FCR is now Is FCR
      • First Response Overdue Status is now Is First Response Over Due
      • ReOpened is now Is Reopened ticket
      • Overdue Status is now Is SLA Violated
      • Request Shared is now Is Shared
  • SCP-3294 : Preventive Maintenance Tasks:
    • Due to the introduction of Maintenance module, there are a few behavior changes in preventive maintenance tasks.
  • SCP-2353 : Email this note to the support rep option is removed. You can now mention users by typing the @ symbol followed by their name or specific placeholders

    Changed API v3 keys : Object name request_note changed to note, attributes created_by and created_time changed to added_by and added_time, introduced new attributes last_updated_by and last_updated_time.

  • SCP-3184 : In the add or edit link form under customer portal settings, the URL field is now renamed to Link Action.
  • SCP-3471 : Resource Management Enhancements
    • Added support for right-to-left languages.
    • Changes in Time settings are now preserved.
    • Added confirmation prompt for changing owner using drag-and-drop in Resource Management view.
    • Upgraded DHTMLX Scheduler component to version 5.3.6
  • SCP-3476 : Attachment API consumption in the UI for all the modules.
  • SCP-3480 : The applications running in HTTPS can now be integrated with SupportCenter Plus only after SSL certificate validation. Click here to learn more
  • SCP-3481 : Support for executing scripts or class via NotificationActionPlugins.xml while sending push notifications is deprecated further.
  • SCP-3483 : Post migration, administrators are required to copy the Create_Jira_Ticket.js file present under [SCP_Home]/actionplugins/jira/resources/scripts to [SCP_Home]/integration/resources/scripts directory.
  • SCP-3468 : The option to integrate Zoho Analytics from SupportCenter Plus will no longer be available on the application UI for users. If users want to enable the integration in their setups, contact support ( ) for more details.
  • SCP-3463 : The maximum number of files that can be attached via API calls is restricted to 10 files per minute. Attaching more than 10 files will lock the API URL for a period of 5 minutes.
  • SCP-3528 : Dashboard
    • Support for using different filters and charts across dashboards that contain the same widgets.
    • Changes in Time settings are now preserved.
    • When the requests list view is accessed from dashboard widgets, the corresponding filter criteria applied to the request list view will no longer be shown in the inline search.
  • SCP-3529 : Post upgrade to 14000 build and above, basic authentication will no longer be supported for Office365 mailbox. Migration to 14000 build will be paused if there are any production/pre-production service desk instances where Office365 mailbox using basic authentication is enabled under Mail Server Settings.

    For continued service, we recommend users to reconfigure mail servers with OAuth authentication.

    Note: For SupportCenter Plus instances with expired license, Office365 mailbox configured with basic authentication enabled will be removed during migration.

Framework Upgrade

  • SCP-3132 : PostgreSQL upgraded to 10.21
  • SCP-3151 : Lodash upgraded to 4.17.20
  • SCP-3155 : Bootstrap upgraded to version 3.4.1
  • SCP-3157 : PostgreSQL Driver upgraded from version 42.2.16 to version 42.2.19.
  • SCP-3158 : Handlebars upgraded to version 4.7.7
  • SCP-3222 : Jquery upgraded to 3.6.0.
  • SCP-3223 : Jquery UI upgraded to version 1.13.2.
  • SCP-3224 : Jquery validation JAR upgraded to 1.19.5.
  • SCP-3222 : Jquery upgraded to 3.6.0.


  • SCP-3173: CVE-2023-26600 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in query reports reported by Piotr Bazydlo (@chudypb) of Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative
  • SCP-3185 : CVE-2023-23076 : Remote code execution vulnerability in Custom Schedules reported by HMs.

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-1242 : Error while adding windows domain in other language.
  • SCP-1260 : On clicking the Spell Check icon, the content in the Editor is deleted.
  • SCP-1298 : Unable to add/edit roles when the application language is set to French.
  • SCP-1690 : Custom widgets appear with incorrect size in Self service portal when the Home page is accessed from the Requests tab and the widget is untitled.
  • SCP-1791 : Issue in Request reply after request merge.
  • SCP-1905 : Request closure mail notification could not display pictures in the resolution.
  • SCP-2082 : Announcement error adding in Polish language version.
  • SCP-2323 : Reports - Renamed account based fields like email,city,state names with prefix account.
  • SCP-6202 : Unable to apply the AMS license file is fixed

What's new in 11027?

(Released on: 14 December 2022)


  • SCP-2921 : Denial of Service vulnerability while saving application settings.
  • SCP-3089 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in solution approval.
  • SCP-3161 : Privilege escalation vulnerability in the task list view reported by hir0ot

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-2314 : The request details page crashes in some scenarios.

What's new in 11026?

(Released on: 28 October 2022)

Vulnerability :

  • SCP-2895 : CVE-2022-47966 : Pre-Auth RCE vulnerability when SAML authentication is enabled

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-2890 : Unused Commons Text 1.8 JAR file has been removed

Customer Portal:

  • SCP-2869 : In the customer portal login page, the solution search bar is shown despite disabling the Search Solution option under the customer portal settings.

What's new in 11025?

(Released on: 13 October 2022)


  • SCP-2741 : Information disclosure vulnerability in Global Settings.
  • SCP-2742 : CVE-2022-40773 Privilege escalation vulnerability when exporting requests from the request list view.
  • SCP-2743 : CVE-2022-40772 Privilege escalation vulnerability in query reports.
  • SCP-2842 : Improper access to Operational Cost, Non-Operational Cost, Weekend Cost, and Holiday Cost fields in work log forms for non-admin technicians.


  • SCP-1834 : EWS connection protocol is now supported in Linux setups

What's new in 11024?

(Released on: 05 August 2022)

Behaviour Changes:

  • SCP-2201 : When connecting to OAuth2-based mail servers, the consent of the Azure administrator is no longer required


  • SCP-1547 : Option to include the Bcc field in the emails from SupportCenter Plus.
  • SCP-1900 : Added an option in the Self-Service Portal Settings to hide the Solutions tab from contacts.
  • SCP-2567 : You can now enable permission for support reps to view, add, and edit contracts when configuring roles.

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-1773 : Unable to add announcements in the Chinese language.
  • SCP-2100 : Performance issue with the Advanced Filtering option in the report generation wizard.
  • SCP-2327 : The values of multi-line account additional fields appear in a single line after saving the account details.
  • SCP-2388 : Unable to configure two-factor authentication in single portal setups.
  • SCP-2529 : The support rep and location data are incorrectly populated under the Maps tab.
  • SCP-2526 : The contact name is not populated automatically in the new request form when creating a request using the option in the incoming call pop-up.

What's new in 11023?

(Released on: 21 July 2022)

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-2559 : CVE-2022-36412 : Authentication bypass vulnerability in V3 REST API URLs reported by Raphael Cheneau.

What's new in 11022?

(Released on: 11 July 2022)

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-2554 : CVE-2022-35403 : Path traversal vulnerability while processing inline images.

What's new in 11021?

(Released on: 02 June 2022)


  • SCP-2442: Support for email reply separator in request conversations.
  • SCP-2251: Added email command options to set Account and contact fields in requests.

Issues Fixed:


  • SCP-2336: Security enhancements for OAuth-based mail server connections.
  • SCP-1759: Support reps cannot access unread requests assigned to them if the length of the request resolution is on the higher side.
  • SCP-1753: Labels for Door, Street, and City fields in account add/edit forms are missing.

What's new in 11020?

(Released on: 22 March 2022)


  • SCP-2230 : Request additional fields are now supported for configuring SLA criteria.

Issues Fixed:


  • SCP-2311 : (CVE-2022-25373) Stored XSS vulnerability in request history reported by Matt.
  • SCP-2258 : Log4j is upgraded to version 2.17.1.

What's new in 11019?

(Released on: 08 January 2022)

Issues Fixed:


  • SCP-2225 : Unauthenticated file uploaded (only .tmp files) to windows temp directory.

What's new in 11018?

(Released on: 03 December 2021)

Issues Fixed

  • SCP-2193 : Authentication bypass vulnerability leading to limited data exposure and modification.

What's new in 11017?

(Released on: 02 December 2021)


  • SCP-2178 : Spamming/DoS vulnerability in the forgot password functionality.

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-1625 : An error is thrown when choosing request custom filters that are configured with user criteria.
  • SCP-2148 : An error occurs when updating inactive support groups.
  • SCP-2180 : In single-portal setups, the scaling of header logo is not consistent across the application.
  • SCP-2182 : Support for NTLM Single Sign-On is deprecated. Going forward, users with NTLM SSO configured in their applications are advised to configure SAML SSO. Refer here for more details.


  • SCP-2185 : SupportCenter Plus now supports SAML 2.0, which is an easier alternative to conventional sign-in methods already available for online services. With this configuration, a single set of credentials can be used to access different applications. You can configure SAML single sign-on for SupportCenter Plus from Admin > Users > SAML Single Sign-On. Please refer to here for more details.

What's new in 11016?

(Released on: 25 October 2021)

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-2133 : CVE-2021-43295 : Reflected XSS vulnerability in the Accounts module reported by Victor Portal.
  • SCP-2135 : CVE-2021-43294 : Reflected XSS vulnerability in the Products module reported by Victor Portal.
  • SCP-2136 : CVE-2021-43296 : SSRF vulnerability in ActionExecutorServlet reported by Victor Portal.

What's new in 11015?

(Released on: 29 September 2021)

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-2083: Performance issue when the application has large number of accounts.
  • SCP-2081: Page crashes when opening the request details page in some cases.
  • SCP-2068: Unable to delete portals in some cases.
  • SCP-2067: Unable to change password when it is already expired.
  • SCP-2062: Page Scripts and Global Field and Form Rules are inadvertently appearing in the Standard and Professional Edition.
  • SCP-1830: In reply templates, the variable "$Description" is not getting replaced properly.
  • SCP-2094: Email notifications for request creation are not getting sent to the corresponding account manager if the requests are created via email.

What's new in 11014?

(Released on: 11 September 2021)

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-2078/CVE-2021-44077 : Authentication bypass vulnerability in certain application URLs

What's new in 11013?

(Released on: 22 July 2021)

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-1939: Authentication bypass vulnerability in few rest API urls reported by David

What's new in 11012?

(Released on: 01 July 2021)


  • SCP-1284 : Two-factor authentication Support Reps can now be mandated to use an additional authentication mode such as Google Authenticator or email-based OTP along with regular passwords to log into the application. To learn more, click here.
  • SCP-1872 : A linked request when viewed from the parent request is displayed with details such as subject, support rep, group, and status, along with the request ID and comments.
  • SCP-1875 : Adjust the height for Description and Multi-line fields in request templates.
  • SCP-1876 : Control the size of multi-line fields using execute script action in field and form rules.
  • SCP-1877 : Enable/Disable Request templates right from the templates list view.
  • SCP-1878 : Option to copy request templates.
  • SCP-1879 : Disable the API key generation under the Personalize menu for support reps. Admin >> General Settings >> Security Settings >> Advanced
  • SCP-1880 : Global FAFR Create Field And Form Rules common to all request templates. To configure global field and form rules for request templates, go to Admin >> Helpdesk Customizer >> Field And Form Rules.
  • SCP-1881 : Test Mail Test your mail server settings by sending and fetching a sample email.
  • SCP-1883 : Page Scripts Page Scripts allow you to customize the application page-wise as per your requirement. You can modify the UI elements as well as the functionalities of a page in the application using custom scripts for end users.
  • SCP-1888 : Option to configure and append .msg/..eml type attachments in description by modifying the globalconfig table in the database which will have three values : processboth, processcontentalone, and processattachmentalone.
  • SCP-1891 : Add Notes while assigning a support rep Add additional information via notes when assigning a request to a group or support rep.
  • SCP-1901 : Option to filter active/in-active/all request templates.

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-1844 : If the Request url is copied and used between different instances, it throws an error.

Behavior Changes:

  • SCP-1887 : Mails fetched by EWS will be permanently deleted.

What's new in 11011?

(Released on: 18 June 2021)


  • SCP-1266 : Ability to select Product under Custom trigger criteria.
  • SCP-1279 : SLA can be mapped to multiple support plan.
  • SCP-1280 : Ability to add Country as a criteria in the business rules.
  • SCP-1354 : Account manager feature is introduced. Some of its abilities are mentioned below.
    • The account manager keeps a track of the customer accounts and keeps them up to date.
    • The account manager has permission to create/view all the requests raised by the contacts in the account, thereby coordinating with the support rep to solve the issues immediately. Click here to know more.
  • SCP-1355 : Ability to maintain same contract number across contracts.
  • SCP-1356 : Introduced new enhancements in Reply templates.
    • Option to show inactive templates in the reply template list view.
    • Option to restrict technicians from creating their own reply templates.
    • Admins can configure private and public reply templates.
    • Technicians with view permission for requests can configure private reply templates under Quick Actions >> Manage Reply Templates.

Behavior Changes:

  • SCP-1615 : In Job Sheet Customizer and Notification Rules, $comments variable is replaced with $ProductComments.

Issues Fixed:

  • SCP-1351 : CTI and Zoho Assist features are not listed in admin pages in certain cases where single portal license is applied.
  • SCP-1756 : Unable to create more than 10 portals even if 20 portal(s) license is applied.

What's new in 11010?

(Released on: 10 May 2021)

Issues Fixed

  • SCP-1729: CSRF vulnerability while making request notes public.

What's new in 11009?

(Released on: 12 April 2021)

Feature :

  • SCP-1735: Password policy to implement strong passwords is now enabled and configured by default for fresh installations. Password Policy configuration is available under Admin --> Security Settings.

Enhancement :

  • SCP-1732: Added support to allow/restrict request closure by non-login users.
  • SCP-1737: Authentication for survey responses is now enabled by default for fresh installations.

Issue Fixed :

  • SCP-1733: Access to non-login endpoints for operations in the customer portal page is restricted when no portal is enabled.

What's new in 11008?

(Released on: 02 April 2021)

Behavior change

  • SCP-1675: Customer Portal Association: A message will now be shown when associating a portal which is already associated with another customer portal.

Issues Fixed

  • SCP-1259: After moving from a registered/trial version to the free version, the header pane is not displayed for support reps.
  • SCP-1327: On updating scheduled requests associated to an account, a new contact without any account association is created with the same name of the contact as in the scheduled requests.
  • SCP-1332: Domain names of accounts disappear when editing the account details in French and Spanish languages.
  • SCP-1348: Unable to submit requests if the Product field is mandated.
  • SCP-1394: The banner showing "Allowance of contract is consumed" is not displayed.
  • SCP-1505: The field Job Title is displayed upon selecting a contact in the new request form, but it is missing from the new contact form.
  • SCP-1592: Contracts are erroneously getting applied to requests that were raised even before the contracts were created.
  • SCP-1627: Business rules configured with Account and Product as criteria are not getting applied when the request is created through email.
  • SCP-1645: Unable to import requests from XLS files if the field Item is selected.
  • SCP-1663: Forgot password notification mail is erroneously sent as plain text.
  • SCP-1668: Page crash in Requests Approaching SLA Violation widget.
  • SCP-1674: In some cases, the default value of the Product field as configured in request templates is not getting populated in the corresponding requests.
  • SCP-1725: Business rules with Account or Product as a criterion are not getting applied when requests are created using Scheduled Requests.

What's new in 11007?

(Released on: 26 March 2021)

Issues Fixed

  • SCP-1707: Possible RCE is fixed - Classloader vulnerability in struts 1.1 (CVE-2014-0114)
  • SCP-1699: Path traversal and reading local files when sending attachments within the 'forward' functionality
  • SCP-1696: Behavior change - The response for the forgot password rest link will be generic or common for the valid, invalid or mail sending failure case. The masked e-mail will not be shown, and if the user provides invalid details, the retry page will not be shown.

What's new in 11006?

(Released on: 10 March 2021)

Issues Fixed

  • SCP-1660: Lower privilege user is able to delete attachments.
  • SCP-1659: CSRF vulnerability when deleting user attachment.

What's new in 11005?

(Released on: 25 February 2021)

Behavior Changes

  • SCP-1602: Lodash upgraded to version 4.17.20.
  • SCP-1623: Unable to close requests using non-login URL.
  • SCP-1633: OAuth-based authentication protocol is now used to integrate SupportCenter Plus with Zoho Analytics.

Issues Fixed

  • Reflected and stored XSS vulnerabilities are fixed.

What's new in 11004?

(Released on: 03 February 2021)

Behavior Changes

  • SCP-1362: Ability to add a contract with same configuration on the same date on which another contract is terminated.
  • SCP-1495: Differential hours split in time entries is shown based on the portal's operational hours. Non-zero splits will be shown in time entries based on the contract setting "Allow support reps to overwrite the time taken to resolve".

Issues Fixed

  • Privilege escalation vulnerabilities are fixed.

What's new in 11003?

(Released on: 30 December 2020)

Issues fixed

  • SCP-1334: Users can download attachments in Solutions module through non-login URLs.
  • SCP-1308: Can download arbitrary file attachments

What's new in 11002?

(Released on: 25 November 2020)

Issues fixed

  • SCP-1273: Bills are generated before contract expiry for contracts having bill cycle as 'Contract length'
  • SCP-1278: Privilege escalation vulnerability in Requests list view
  • SCP-1288 and 1289: Security response headers have been added for few URLs.
  • SCP-1295: Contract is not applied properly for certain requests is fixed.

What's new in 11001?

(Released on: 23 September 2020)


  • SCP-1158: Ability to Import accounts/contacts through schedule CSV.
  • SCP-1191: You can now configure the mail server with Modern Authentication (OAuth 2.0) for secure and delegated access.
  • SCP-1193: Number of Zoho assist concurrent licenses purchased will be shown on the license page.

Issues fixed

  • SCP-1189: Support rep purchased license count is shown wrongly in the License details page
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