Remote Desktop : Definition, Importance & Benefits

Remote desktop is a completely packed computer troubleshooting software that will let you seamlessly access a remote computer or laptop from anywhere. Flexibly connect to your remote desktop, collaborate with multiple technicians, rescue enterprise computers, perform all this while staying compliant to policies like HIPPA with Remote Access plus a web-based remote desktop software. With unlimited remote sessions and unattended remote access handle your organization computers like a pro with the remote desktop software.

Remote Desktop - ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

What is Remote Desktop?

Remote desktop is an essential software that will help you view and access a computer or laptop that is not physically present in front of you. In-build windows remote desktop connection does not support cross platform or different OS, but with Remote Access Plus seamlessly access and troubleshoot Windows, Mac and Linux computers within minutes.

Why do you need a Remote Desktop?

  • Transfer confidential files to computers away from you.
  • Rescue computers from anywhere.
  • Remotely perform power operations on your desktop.
  • Two is better than one, collaborate and troubleshoot quickly.
  • Wake up remote computers using wake on LAN.
  • View multiple monitors in a single console.

How to use Remote Desktop?

Struggling to rescue computers in a large scale workspace? Here's how you can simplify your task with Remote Access Plus:

  • Step 1: Open Remote Access Plus web console and navigate to Admin->Scope of Management->Computers.
  • Step 2: Click on Download Agent button. Download the executable based on operating system and install in the device you wish to remotely access. Other ways to install agent.
  • Step 3: In home page search for the computer and click on Connect to initiate remote session.
  •  What is Remote Desktop

  • Step 4: Remote session will be launched as shown in the below image.

How to Use Remote Desktop

Benefits of Remote Desktop

The chief advantage of Remote Desktop is its ease of access. Even if an administrator is geographically located at a different place, he will still be able to access and troubleshoot devices. Moreover, the higher order effect of remote troubleshooting is faster turnaround time. The major benifits of Remote Desktop are:

  • Remotely connect to the managed devices in a few steps. 
  • Troubleshoot roaming users without VPN connection.
  • Access files in Remote devices quickly. 
  • Improve business growth by swiftly troubleshooting issues.
  • Effortlessly transfer files to managed devices.
  • You can voice, video or text chat with the end user to understand the issue better.

Remote Desktop Definition


Remote Access Plus: The Best Remote Desktop Software

Remote Access Plus is a powerfully built remote troubleshooting software. Administrators can effortlessly establish remote connection and troubleshoot a remote device. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Flexible and advanced remote troubleshooting features.
  • View server from your mobile.
  • Reboot remote device without disconnecting.
  • Comply to policies like HIPPA, PCI and GDPR.
  • Organized and in-depth reporting tools.
  • A user friendly web based remote desktop software.