This set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about RMM Central answers queries that you may have about RMM Central.

Patch Management

1. When automatic patch deployment is applied to a OU, and a new computer is added to a OU, will the task pick the newly added computer?
2. When you initiate patch scanning, does it start scanning all the computers at a same time or does it scan them incrementally?
3. I need to deploy the newest Mozilla updates to certain computers but exclude some, how do I do this?
4. How would I automatically download and deploy the latest flash updates as they are released?
5. How to ensure the individual computers do not download patches from the internet? I do not want any 3rd party application in our organization to take the updates from the internet?
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Software Deployment

1. Which type of software repository is recommended for computers in remote location; is it a network share or HTTP share?
2. Why must I specify "Run As" when RMM Central already has the credentials stored under Admin > SoM > Edit Credentials?
3. Why must I specify the MSI Root Path? It is identical to the MSI file name with network path.
4. Can I install a software application if the User Account Control (UAC) setting is enabled?
5. If the software is deployed using Advertise Configuration, will the installation happen?
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Asset Management

1. With adding or managing software licenses, I have ran into issues with tracking the license count. Some of the software like MS Office consists of several versions. Is there any way to consolidate all these software versions using RMM Central and allocate the licenses in one place?
2. If a software is rejected as prohibited software, when a user asks for permission to use it, and the permission is granted, can that rejection be revoked in the application?
3. When you add a program to the prohibited software list, does it take all the version of the software into account? Do I need to update the prohibited software list every time a new version is released?
4. If the software that you want to be prohibited is not already installed on your network, how can I block it using RMM Central?
5. If I want to disable office 2013 what about 'outlook' as everyone uses outlook for as their business mails?
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1. How to install RMM MSP agent?
2. What are the ports used by RMM?
3. How is customer data protected in RMM?
4. Is it possible for a customer to be managed by several administrators?
5. Is it possible to add/store customer details like mail, address, contact details, etc. for each client?
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Remote Control

1. Which ports must I open to use the Remote Control feature?
2. Which ports must I open to use the File Transfer feature during a remote control session?
3. On which browsers can I use the Remote Control feature?
4. The UI-rendering while using the Remote Control feature is slow. How can I improve its speed?
5. What is the difference between Fast and Best Compression levels?


1. How to clear chat history?
2. Under which circumstances will chat session fail?
3.What will happen when we try to initiate a chat session with the user who is inactive?
4.How often will the logged on User names be refreshed?

Network Monitoring

1. What access privilege is needed for VMware credential while discovering Vcenter server?
2. What is Classless Inter Domain Routing (CIDR)?
3. How to configure a non admin user for WMI monitoring?
4. How to customize VM maps?
5. What are the tables included in custom reports?
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