How to customize the deployment of third-party applications with custom pre/post scripts?


This document describes the steps to customize the deployment of third-party applications with custom pre/post scripts. Please refer to this document to customize the deployment with default deployment templates.


Accessing Customize Deployment option

The first step in customizing applications with custom scripts is to find the Customize Deployment option in the Patch Connect Plus console.

The option to customize applications with custom script can be accessed in two ways.

  1. Directly from Admin > Customize Deployment option listed under Publish settings.
  2. Once you select the applications that need to be published and click on save, you'll be asked if the deployment needs to be customized with custom pre/post scripts. Selecting Yes will take you to the Customize Deployment option.

Uploading scripts

The second step is to upload the scripts that need to be executed either before or after the deployment.

To do so,

  1. In the Customize Deployment tab, click on the Upload Script option from either Pre-script or Post-script for the application to wish to customize.
  2. Now, upload the script that you wish to execute.
    [Note: The scripts must be with the following extensions: bat, vbs or psi]
  3. Also, note that custom scripts can be uploaded only for individual applications and not to a group of applications.

Publishing the changes to SCCM

The third and the final step in Customizing deployment with custom scripts is to publish the uploaded scripts to the SCCM console.

To do that,

  1. Click on the Publish now button present in the top left.
  2. Once you click on the button, you can see Patch Publish in progress message near the button.
  3. Now, the custom pre/post script is uploaded.

The required third-party application is customized with custom pre/post script successfully