Adding third-party catalogs, subscribing to the catalog & publishing to SCCM 

  1. Open SCCM Console and navigate to \Software Library\Overview\Software Updates\All Software Updates and Select 'Third-Party Software Update Catalogs'. Third-party application catalogs are listed here.
  2. Select 'Add Custom Catalog' option from top menu,
  3. Enter 'thirdpartyupdate' catalog file URL in the 'Download URL' field and provide other required details. Then click Next
  4. Verify the given details and proceed.
  5. Now the Catalog file is successfully added to SCCM.

Steps to Subscribe PCP Third Party Catalog

  1. Select the newly added PCP catalog and select Subscribe to Catalog option.
  2. Click Next to continue.

  3. Verify the certificate, select checkbox and then continue.
  4. The catalog is successfully downloaded and subscribed to SCCM. Now the updates publishing process will initiate automatically.
  5. You can check the status of updates publishing process in SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log file under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs Directory
  6. After successful publishing, you need to initiate SCCM-WSUS sync from SCCM console under All Software Updates tab by selecting Synchronize Software Updates option
  7. After successful synchronization, you need to select the products from Software Update Point to see published in updates in SCCM. Navigate to \Administration\Overview\Site Configuration\Sites Right click and select Software Update Point
  8. Under Products tab, the newly published products(applications) are listed. select the required products and again initiate SCCM-WSUS sync from 'All Software Updates' tab
  9. After the successful synchronization, the Meta-Data of third-party updates are listed under 'All Software Updates'.
  10. Select the required application and right click to select Publish Third-Party Software Update Content. This downloads and publishes the full contents of update to SCCM. You can check the status of updates publishing process in SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log
  11. After publishing full content of all updates, Again initiate WSUS-SCCM sync, After the sync, you can deploy the updates to all client machines.