Knowledge Base - Importing third-party patch catalog into Microsoft SCUP


Patch Connect Plus now offers SCUP catalog to patch third party applications in SCCM. Pretested third party updates will be made available in the catalog ( and this catalog should be imported into SCUP. Patches can be then manually published to the update server and SCCM for further deployment. This document explains about how to import third party patch catalog into SCUP.


To import third party patch catalog into SCUP follow the steps given below,

  1. While setting up patch connect plus for Microsoft SCUP, select the applications which you want to include in the catalog.

    wsus server

  2. Go to home screen to know the patches for which catalog( has been generated.

    wsus server

  3. Open SCUP, select catalog and click Add. "Add Catalog Update Catalog" wizard will open.
  4. Specify the catalog path as "http://<PatchConnectPlus_server_name>:5020/Cab/". For example, "http://localhost:5020/Cab/". Specify other required details, click Ok and complete the wizard.

    wsus server

  5. Select updates, Click on Import. Import Update Catalog Software wizard will open. Select the added Patch Connect Plus catalog and click Next.

    wsus server

  6. Accept the certificate and complete the import catalog wizard.

    wsus server

  7. In the overview, under All software updates you will be able to view the patches.

    wsus server

You have now successfully imported the third party patch catalog in Microsoft SCUP.  

Steps to publish the patches to update server(WSUS)

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Steps to deploy the published patches using SCCM

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