5 real-world interconnections that IT teams overlook

5 real-world interconnections that IT teams overlook

When business operations expand and mature, IT teams face an increased demand for technology that targets specialized functional areas. This sees the once-small IT teams evolving to operate as several sub-departments that co-exist with each other.

However, this evolution comes with a critical drawback: specialized IT teams are often unaware of the intricate threads that interconnect the organization's overall IT operations. For instance, a strategy implemented in one sub-department, like the NOC team, can have an inadvertent ripple effect across other function areas like the ITSM and security teams.

In this e-book, we discuss five hidden interconnections within your IT that have a lasting impact across different functional areas. Once they begin harnessing these elements, IT leaders can fortify business expansion and establish operational efficiency.

  • Employee attendance rates and the corresponding impact on vulnerability management.

  • Infrastructure responsiveness and the subsequent effect on your organizational revenue.

  • Delayed asset acquisition and the ensuing decline in employee productivity.

  • Change implementations and their influence over IT budget management and resource allocation.

  • Business expansion and its lasting impact on the organization's security posture.

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