Lapsus ransomware

Lapsus is a hacking group that gained notoriety after successfully launching a ransomware attack against the Brazilian Ministry of Health in December 2021. Since then, the group has targeted several high-profile companies, including T-Mobile, Samsung, Microsoft, Vodafone, and Nvidia. Lapsus is known for stealing source code and other proprietary information, which it has leaked on the internet.

In the case of Nvidia, Lapsus stole thousands of employee credentials and hundreds of gigabytes of proprietary data, including information on the company's chip development. The group focuses on cyber extortion rather than just encrypting stolen data, causing significant financial damage to affected companies.

It was determined that many of the employees targeted by Lapsus used weak passwords that are susceptible to dictionary attacks. To prevent similar attacks, it's crucial to train employees on best password practices and implement security measures, such as a SIEM solution, to detect ransomware attacks in real time.


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