Shamoon virus

Shamoon is a dangerous malware program used in cyber warfare, and was first seen in attacks on the Saudi energy sector in 2012. Shamoon is a weaponized malware that uses a combination of components to infect computers, including the dropper, wiper, and reporter. The dropper creates a persistent service on the infected computer and copies itself to other network-attached computers, spreading its malicious code. The wiper drops a third component, which overwrites the hard disk’s master boot record with an embedded image in the malware, making the system unusable. The reporter establishes communication with a command and control server.

To protect your network against Shamoon, it's important to constantly monitor your network for intrusions. With a SIEM solution, you can detect malicious intrusions in real time. Mapping your security solution with the MITRE ATT&CK matrix can help you detect malware activity, communicate with a command-and-control server, and spot data exfiltration attempts. It's also important to utilize up-to-date antivirus software, regularly patch your systems, and educate your employees on identifying phishing emails and suspicious activity. Watch the video to learn more—three minutes is all it takes!


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