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Why switch to OpManager?

OpManager is a network performance and IT infrastructure monitoring solution that is part of ManageEngine's IT Operations Management (ITOM suite). OpManager caters to it's 1 million strong customer base with a strong focus on R&D, consistent pricing, and robust ecosystem of IT tools.

Save 70% on license costs

OpManager's subscription prices are available at one-third of PRTG's recently-hiked prices.

Consistent pricing

OpManager's subscription and perpetual licenses have been unchanged for the last five years.

Advanced automation

Automate discovery, classification, alarm-setting, notifications, diagnostics, and troubleshooting.

ML-powered forecasting

Leverage monitored data to forecast resource utilization and set thresholds.

Configuration and compliance

Perform network configuration management and monitor compliance violations.

Fast deployment

OpManager discovers, classifies, and assigns monitors to thousands of devices in within minutes.

Subscription or perpetual, monitor what you want for as long as you want

Flexible license and pricing plans help you monitor exactly what you want for as long as you see fit. With OpManager, you can choose between three editions and two license models without any restrictions. While PRTG is only available on subscription license with three years minimum subscription.

Number of devices OpManager PRTG
Perpetual Subscription Subscription Perpetual
10 $345 $145 Free Not available
50 $1,545 $645 $2,149
100 $2,845 $1,145 $3,899
250 $6,595 $2,645 $8,099
500 $9,595 $3,845 $14,199
1000 $14,995 $5,995 $17,899

OpManager vs PRTG, a head-to-head comparison

Right from discovery to resolution to ITOps management. OpManager's features equip IT teams to get more done with less effort. Once auto-discovery runs, OpManager automates post discovery actions and classifies devices. Adaptive thresholds automatically update alarm thresholds for all metrics while workflows automate troubelshooting and diagnostics.

Comparison OpManager PRTG
Discovery & classification Automated Manual
Network monitoring ML-powered Manual
Alarm & data correlation Available Not available
Automation Available Not available
Configuration management Available Not available
Compliance monitoring Available Not available
Firewall rule & log analysis Available Not available
Application & cloud monitoring Available Not available
IPAM & switch port management Available Not available

Features that make OpManager a good PRTG alternative

  • Monitoring
  • Automation
  • Visualization
  • Security
  • Add-ons

Advanced monitoring for easier fault detection

Network path analysis
Adaptive thresholds
Root-cause analysis
Network performance forecasting
Network path analysis

Monitor network paths on a hop-by-hop basis. Set alarms for packet loss and response time to identify performance bottlenecks and network congestion.

Adaptive thresholds

Eliminate alert-floods and false positives from affecting your monitoring. OpManager uses AI to dynamically set hourly alarm thresholds.

Root-cause analysis

Stack monitored metrics side-by-side to correlate data and identify anomalies. Narrow down the root cause of network issues quickly.

Network performance forecasting

Enrich your network monitoring with AI-powered metric-forecasting. OpManager trains itself and plots predicted trends of monitored metrics.

Automate IT workflows for faster fault resolution

Automated workflow
Discovery rule engine
ITSM integrations
Automated workflow

Automate troubleshooting and diagnostics with over 70 actions that can be triggered sequentially in a drag and drop interface.

Discovery rule engine

Automate post-discovery actions like setting up process monitors, adding custom fields or setting notifications with a rule-based engine.

ITSM integrations

Boost ITSM workflows and service resolution. OpManager automatically logs tickets with the relevant information and syncs tickets with alarms.

Visualize network performance for better insights

Graphs and dashboards
Network topology
Datacenter visualization
Business view maps
Graphs and dashboards

Plot color-coded graphs, dials, and heatmaps to represent network status and performance. Create dedicated dashboards for improved visibility.

Network topology

Monitor your Layer 2 and virtual networks with topology maps. Track dependencies and update changes with scheduled re-discovery.

Datacenter visualization

Represent server racks and datacenters with 2D and 3D views. Direct technician's remotely, visualize datacenter performance, and monitor key servers.

Business view maps

Create customized maps with a drag-and-drop interface. You customize device icons, interface types, background images, and more for accurate depictions.

Secure monitored data and sensitive information

Data security
Data protection

OpManager features authentication measures like SAML, OAuth, RADIUS, multi-factor, and AD-based authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Data security

Import trusted certificates to enable SSL connections between your devices and the monitoring server. OpManager also supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) to further secure data in transit.

Data protection

OpManager can detect breach attempts on it's directory, set passwords for exported data, and scan for personally identifiable information to ensure data protection.

Add-ons for every need

Leverage in-product add-ons to manage your IT infrastructure within OpManager's interface. Add-ons are bundled with OpManager and can be enabled within the UI effortlessly.

Traffic and bandwidth analysis
Network configuration management
Application performance monitoring
Traffic and bandwidth analysis

Get in-depth visibility into network traffic patterns and bandwidth utilization. Monitor flows and packets to track source, destination, and application specific usage.

Network configuration management

Manage, schedule, revert, and automate network configurations for faster rollbacks and fault resolution. Detect compliance violations and firmware vulnerabilities.

Application performance monitoring

Track application and database performance with code and query-level insights. Monitor user experience, websites, cloud-apps, servers, and VMs.

5 Reasons why IT teams choose OpManager over PRTG

Why Choose OPM over PRTG
  • Reliable: Over 20 years presence in the market
  • Cost-effective: Better features at a lesser price
  • Secure: Compliant with top standards and regulations
  • Modernized: Latest monitoring and security features
  • Convenient: Advanced automation and intuitive interface

Case studies from our customers across different industries

El Salvador government healthcare institution saves up to $500,000 by using OpManager

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Hinduja Global Solutions Saves Almost $3 Million Annually From Reduced Downtime, Improved Network Operations Using OpManager

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Toronto-based entertainment company Sim deploys OpManager, saves $21,000 annually in IT costs

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Loved by customers all over the world


“Easy Implementation, Excellent support & Lower Cost Tool - Team Lead, IT Services Industry”

Reviewer Role: Infrastructure and Operations

Company size: 500M - 1B USD

We have been using OpManager since 2011 and our overall experience has been excellent. The tool plays a vital role in providing the value to our organization and to the customers we are supporting. The support is excellent and staff takes full responsibilities in resolving the issues. Innovation is never stopping and clearly visible with newer versions.

“OpManager - 10 steps ahead of the competition, one step away from being unequaled - Network Services Manager, Government Organization”

Reviewer Role: Infrastructure and Operations

Company size: 5,000 - 50,000 Employees

I have a long standing relationship with ManageEngine. OpManager has always missed one or two features that would make it truly the best tool on the market, but over it is the most comprehensive and easy to use the product on the market.

“Easy Implementation with a feature rich catalogue, support has some room for improvement - NOC Manager, IT Services Industry”

Reviewer Role: Program and Portfolio Management

Company size: 500M - 1B USD

The vendor has been supportive during the implementation & POC phases providing trial licenses. Feature requests and feedbacks is usually acted upon swiftly. There was sufficient vendor support during the implementation phase. After deployment, the support is more than adequate, where the vendor could make some improvements.

“Great Monitoring tool - CIO in Finance Industry”

Reviewer Role: CIO

Company size: 1B - 3B USD

ManageEngine provides a suite of tools that have made improvements to the availability of our internal applications. From monitoring, management and alerting, we have been able to peak performance within our data center.

“Simple Implementation, Easy To Use. Very Intuitive. - Principle Engineer in IT Services”

Reviewer Role: Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation

Company size: 250M - 500M USD


ManageEngine support was responsive to all our queries.

Software Advice
Altaleb Alshenqiti

“OpManager helps me monitor all aspects of the data-center and equipment like servers, switches and routers. It is fast, intuitive and centralized and you do not need to be an expert to deal with OpManager.”

Altaleb Alshenqiti


Donald Stewart

“Donald Stewart, IT Manager of Crest Industries is happy with ManageEngine OpManager for its end-to-end network monitoring software. It is easy-to-use and offers fault and performance management for router.”

Donald Stewart

IT Manager, Crest Industries

John Rosser

“John Rosser, MIS Manager of Yale Chase talks about the proactive nature of ManageEngine OpManager & how his organisation gained value from it.”

John Rosser

MIS Manager

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