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The enterprise world is constantly progressing towards better solutions, better management and a better outcome. Succumbing to the pressure caused by the pace in which technology is growing, industries often settle for over-priced tools which offer substandard IT management. By the time you realize the inadequacy in those tools, a lot of money would have been shelled out. However, it is never too late to keep up with the fast-soaring enterprise world if you switch to a better product! Put away solutions with age-old interfaces, unsatisfactory functionalities and switch to ManageEngine's OpManager - a cost-effective, feature-rich solution which provides unified network and server management for network devices.

One-on-one evaluation by third party reviewers: ManageEngine OpManager VS PRTG Network Monitor

Here's a consolidated report based on the evaluation by third party vendors. Take a look at how users have rated OpManager and see for yourselves how OpManager is the perfect PRTG alternative.

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OpManager's transparent licensing model VS PRTG's sensor-based licensing model

  • PRTG follows sensor-based licensing model where every aspect which is required to be monitored on a device, such as the CPU load on a machine, a port of a switch, a specific URL or the traffic of a network connection will be considered as a sensor.
  • OpManager, taking on as the best alternative to PRTG, follows a transparent device-based license model, where a user has to pay just for the nodes and monitor any number of interfaces, disks, or any performance metric.

Sample requirement in a network environment.

  • To monitor 50 servers.
  • Each server has 10 monitors and 5 disk volumes.
  • Every monitor and every disk volume has 5 performance metrics to be monitored.

Cumulative calculation for the above requirement.

Total no. of servers: 50
Total no. of monitors: 10x50 = 500
Total no. of disk volume: 5x50 = 250
Performance metrics for one monitor/disk volume/server = 5
No. of sensors (performance metrics for monitors): 500 x 5 = 2500
No. of sensors (performance metrics for disk volume): 250 x 5 = 1250
No. of sensors (performance metrics for servers as a whole): 50 x 5 = 250

Total no. of sensors = 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000

Based on the cumulative count, the ideal licensing plans for the above requirements are tabulated below:

OpManager (Device-based)
PRTG (Sensor-based)
No. of devices to be monitored

50 servers - 10 monitors, 5 volumes each

Total no. of monitors - 500

Total no. of volumes - 250

50 servers - 10 monitors, 5 volumes each

Performance metrics for one monitor/disk volume/server - 5

Total no. of sensors - 4000

License purchased for
50 devices (servers)
4000 sensors
Recommended licensing plan
50 device pack
PRTG 5000
$ 1314
$ 10500

Drawbacks in PRTG Network Monitor's licensing model:

  • Although the above requirement is for 4000 sensors, the users have to opt for a bigger plan since the PRTG follows a huge difference between two licensing slabs. Thus, a user is forced to purchase a plan which is more than his actual requirement.
  • Since sensor-based licensing is based on the monitoring metric for different aspects, it does not give the users enough flexibility while monitoring.
  • The pricing is more expensive when compared to a device-based licensing.

Feature comparison between OpManager and Paessler PRTG

The following table shows a list of all the metrics which are not available in PRTG and also what makes

OpManager - a better Paessler alternative.

OpManager - PRTG replacement
Discovery by CSV file support
You can import a set of IP addresses for discovery from a csv
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Filters in Discovery
OpManager allows you to set filter criteria while discovering devices.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Discovery Reports
OpManager provides a complete report on the discovery process.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitor Software.
Automatic Layer 2/ Layer 3 Network Maps
Admins can visualize their complete network infrastructure with a live network map
Layer 3 network maps are not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Template based device classification and monitoring
OpManager comes with over 8000 device templates which carry the initial configurations to classify the devices easily.
Users have to create templates manually in PRTG Network Monitoring Software..
Maps with flow-based data
Visualize your network by placing the devices on the maps according to their geographic distribution.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitor Software.
Process Monitoring using SNMP & TELNET or SSH
OpManager monitors the system resources using SNMP by default. Support for TELNET/SSH is available.
Cannot monitor via TELNET
CLI Based Performance Monitoring
TELNET/SSH protocols are used for this purpose.
Cannot monitor via TELNET in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Options to include Additional fields for the devices for e.g. Physical location of the box
You can add Custom device fields based on your priorities.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Hop-wise WAN link visibility
OpManager monitors your WAN links' bandwidth, utilization, errors, discards and helps you verify Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with your Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Wireless LAN Controller monitoring
Get complete visibility and control of the entire wireless network environment, and drill down for advanced reports on WLAN controllers, SSIDs, APs, and QoS.
Limited functionality in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
NBAR support for analyzing dynamic port application traffic
Retrieve Cisco's NBAR data and monitor the network for applications that use dynamic ports
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Anomaly detection
Evaluate the gradual performance degradation by defining anomaly profiles on performance metrics
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Network configuration and compliance management
Achieve complete control over your network device configurations, make changes and generate reports
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
3D Datacenter Floor
Datacenter visual modeling tools help you visualize your data center and racks.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Rack Builder
Build an exact, 3D replica of a data center - complete with racks, floors and devices.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Highly customizable dashboards
Transform monitored data into actionable intelligence for the enterprise IT department with customizable dashboards.
Not Available
IT Workflow Automation
OpManager provides over 70 workflow checks and actions grouped under 9 different categories, including VMware ESX actions to construct a powerful workflow rule to suit your IT management needs.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
CCTV or Plasma View
View only the required dashboards repeatedly at required intervals with the CCTV view.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Alarm Suppression
Suppress the alarms of the devices for a pre-defined time interval. This is useful for devices with maintenance issues
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Troubleshooting Tools
ICMP Ping, Traceroute, Switch Port Mapper, Real-time Graphs, Remote Task Manager, SNMP MIB Browser and Syslog Viewer.
Limited availability in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Remote Control Tools
Telnet/ SSH session, Yes Terminal Session for Windows Servers, Web-Console access for Network devices is available
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
All Servers Availability Report
View availability status of all the servers in your network
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Forensic reports
Forensic reports gives you the flexibility to select how far you want to be able to go back to the past and get the required information about your bandwidth usage.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Bandwidth capacity planning reports
Capacity planning allows organizations to assess future IT requirements based on business forecasts.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
User audit reports
Track user activity with user audit reports.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Quick Configuration Wizard
Discover devices real quick and start monitoring devices with the Configuration Wizard
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
List View for quickly pushing configurations
OpManager's List View allows one to select devices and perform tasks in bulk.
Not available PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
Fully functional web client
OpManager provides an easy-to-use Web Client which allows you to access monitored data and perform administrative operations.
Not available in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
DB requirement
PG SQL (bundled), MS SQL.
Own DB is required in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.
1 million interfaces; 50K devices
10 k sensors/servers
OpManager integrates data from various modules such as bandwidth monitoring, network configuration management, firewall management, IP address management, and switch port management and presents it in a single screen for greater visibility and quick troubleshooting.
Integration with network configuration module is not possible in PRTG Network Monitoring Software.

Customer reviews


OpManager - 10 Steps Ahead Of The Competition, One Step Away From Being Unequalled.

- Network Services Manager, Government Organization

  • Reviewer Role

    Infrastructure and Operations

  • Company Size

    Gov't/PS/ED 5,000 - 50,000 Employees

"I have a long-standing relationship with ManageEngine. OpManager has always missed one or two features that would make it truly the best tool on the market, but over it is the most comprehensive and easy to use the product on the market."


Easy Implementation, Excellent Support & Lower Cost Tool

- Team Lead, IT Service Industry

  • Reviewer Role

    Infrastructure and Operations

  • Company Size

    500M - 1B USD

"We have been using OpManager since 2011 and our overall experience has been excellent. The tool plays a vital role in providing the value to our organisation and to the customers we are supporting. The support is excellent and staff takes full responsibilities in resolving the issues. Innovation is never stopping and clearly visible with newer versions"


Easy Implementation With A Feature Rich Catalogue, Support Has Some Room For Improvement

- NOC Manager in IT Service Industry

  • Reviewer Role

    Program and Portfolio Management

  • Company Size

    500M - 1B USD

"The vendor has been supporting during the implementation & POC phases providing trial licenses. Feature requests and feedback is usually acted upon swiftly. There was sufficient vendor support during the implementation phase. After deployment, the support is more than adequate, where the vendor could make some improvements."


Great Monitoring Tool

- CIO in Finance Industry

  • Reviewer Role


  • Company Size

    1B - 3B USD

"Manage Engine provides a suite of tools that have made improvements to the availability of our internal applications. From monitoring, management and alerting, we have been able to peak performance within our data center."


Simple Implementation, Easy To Use. Very Intuitive.

- Principal Engineer in IT Services

  • Reviewer Role

    Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation

  • Company Size

    250M - 500M USD

"Manage Engine support was helpful and responsive to all our queries"


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