Sophos report with Firewall Analyzer

Sophos, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions to businesses across the globe, offers a range of products including firewalls, antivirus, endpoint management, and email security. For organizations that employ Sophos devices, Sophos reporting helps provide crucial, detailed information into network activity, traffic, bandwidth, threats and other metrics.

For organizations that utilize multiple Sophos security devices, obtaining Sophos reporting information is a separate and time-consuming task. Allocating additional manpower to attain reporting results is often counter-productive and expensive. An efficient and cost-effective alternative is a smart monitoring and reporting solution like ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer.

Sophos reporting with Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer is equipped to perform monitoring, analysis and reporting for a number of network security devices including Sophos firewalls. With Firewall Analyzer you can collect, analyze, and perform Sophos reporting, and gain greater visibility into and control of your Sophos devices.

Here are a few ways firewall analyzer can simply Sophos reporting:

  1. Holistic dashboard view: Simplify Sophos firewall reporting by creating a holistic, customizable dashboard. This user-friendly feature contains widgets to help you create a visual display of Sophos firewall metrics such as security status, traffic, threats and more. This enables you to quickly review detailed insights and identify areas that require your attention.
  2. Sophos Reporting - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer
  3. Real-time monitoring: Firewall Analyzer provides real-time monitoring and the security status of your Sophos firewalls so you can quickly respond to threats and anomalies. This feature helps you keep your network secure from attacks and data breaches.
  4. Sophos Firewall Report - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer
  5. Compliance reporting: Firewall Analyzer provides built-in compliance reports such as HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOX, and the GDPR. This makes it easier for your organization to stay compliant with industry mandates as well as avoid costly fines and SLA breaches.
  6. Sophos Compliance Report - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer
  7. Traffic and bandwidth analysis: Firewall Analyzer helps you to track the traffic entering your network, provides real-time traffic consumption reports, and showcases bandwidth-hungry applications. With detailed Sophos bandwidth usage reports, you can optimize traffic flow and plan bandwidth capacity accordingly.
  8. Sophos Bandwidth Traffic Report - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer
  9. User based activity tracking: Firewall Analyzer empowers you to establish threshold-based alarms and provides various notification profiles to ensure no alerts go unnoticed. With this, you can easily identify users that hog bandwidth, get alerted on traffic and security violations, and quickly employ preventive measures.
  10. Sophos User based Activity Report - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer
  11. Historical Analysis: Firewall Analyzer stores log data from Sophos firewalls for an extended period, enabling your IT admins to perform historical analysis. This feature is useful for identifying trends, conducting forensic investigations, and analyzing past incidents for better incident response planning.
  12. Sophos Historical Analysis Report - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer
  13. Custom Reporting: Firewall Analyzer provides the flexibility to create custom reports based on specific requirements. IT admins can define report templates, select relevant log fields, apply filters, and schedule automated report generation at regular intervals. This feature helps you tailor the reporting capabilities to your organization's unique needs.
  14. Sophos Custom Report - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

Sophos report is a crucial part of network security, especially when you are employing Sophos firewalls in your network. Firewall Analyzer helps you manage your Sophos firewalls with ease by simplifying this process with indepth Sophos firewall reports.

If you are looking for a user-friendly, highly customizable tool in Sophos reports, check out ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer. Download our free, 30-day trial or signup for a personalized demo.

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