Comprehensive Logs Analysis & Reporting For Check Point Firewalls

Firewall Analyzer (Check Point Log Analyzer) can analyze, archive logs and provide extensive Check Point firewall log analysis (it also supports other firewalls). Firewall Analyzer has been OPSEC™ certified by Check Point and has joined the OPSEC Alliance.

You need to configure Check Point firewalls to support the Check Point firewall logs. Firewall Analyzer supports log import from most versions and Log Extraction API (LEA) support for versions R54 and above. Firewall Analyzer lets you add LEA servers to establish connections, retrieve logs from firewallsand thereby enables Check Point log monitoring . You can add as many LEA servers as needed, and set up authenticated or unauthenticated connections to retrieve firewall logs.

Importance of Check Point log analysis

In depth analysis of the Check Point security logs provides critical network intelligence about attempts to breach security and attacks like virus, trojan, denial of service, etc. Analysis of Check Point traffic logs provides valuable information about bandwidth usage, employee internet usage, bandwidth guzzling web sites, and interface wise traffic. Firewall Analyzer acts as a Check Point Log Analyzer and provides insight in to the security threats and traffic behavior.

Firewall syslogs (Check Point logs) reveal a lot of information on the nature of traffic coming in and going out of the firewall, allows you to plan your bandwidth requirement based on the bandwidth usage across the firewalls. Analyzing these firewall traffic logs is vital to understanding network and bandwidth usage and plays an important role in business risk assessment. Firewall Analyzer(Check Point firewall log analyzer) offers many features that help in Check Point log management (collecting, analyzing and reporting on firewall logs).

Firewall Analyzer (Check Point Log Viewer) supports the following reports for Checkpoint firewall:

If you are looking for more than just log management, Firewall Analyzer also provides comprehensive firewall rule and configuration management for Check Point devices: Click here to know how.

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