ADSelfService Plus helps Wyelands Bank report on password resets

About Wyelands Bank

Wyelands Bank—previously known as Tungsten Bank—was established in 2016. The bank partners with businesses to support industrial growth, enable businesses to trade more easily around the world, and create jobs. Wyelands Bank supports small and medium-sized businesses by providing the working capital solutions they need to trade effectively, filling a vital capital gap in the market. 

Business challenge

Wyelands Bank's IT maintenance team had a huge volume of password reset and account unlock tickets to deal with on a daily basis. They wanted to automate the process of password self-service to reduce the burden on their help desk and find a way to identify which users were constantly forgetting their passwords. Also, for compliance purposes, Wyelands Bank needed to ensure that users had been emailed about their soon-to-expire passwords.


Wyelands Bank




London, England


ADSelfService Plus Comes to the Rescue

Once Wyelands Bank decided to automate its processes, engineer Ewan Mungoni and his team gave ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus a shot. Impressed with ADSelfService Plus' password self-service capability, report generation feature, and password expiration reminders, Mungoni and his team decided to purchase ADSelfService Plus for Wyelands Bank.

When asked about ADSelfService Plus, Mungoni said,,

" It's very good and a brilliant app to use. "

When asked how ADSelfService Plus has helped Wyelands Bank after deployment, Mungoni said, "ADSelfService Plus is convenient to use. It makes it easier for us to track down users who are always forgetting their passwords." Mungoni also added, "At the same time, for compliance purposes, it makes it easier for us to know that users were sent an email to inform them that their password is about to expire."

When asked to comment on whether they've encountered any negatives with the solution, Mungoni said, "I can't really say there is anything but the time it takes to get used to all the options within the system. It's simple to use software that has a lot of beneficial options within it."

About ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus is an integrated Active Directory self-service password management and SSO solution. It offers password self-service, password expiration reminders, a self-service directory updater, a multi-platform password synchronizer, and SSO for cloud applications. ADSelfService Plus supports IT help desks by reducing password reset tickets and spares end users the frustration caused by downtime. 

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