Year in Review


As 2018 comes to a close, we look back with gratitude.
This year’s been good to us, with unprecedented growth
and a few transitions.

Join us as we look back on some of the biggest
highlights of the year.

Year in Review

In 2018, more organizations turned to ManageEngine for help embracing the cloud, the GDPR, unified endpoint management, and other global IT trends. Check out our observations below, based on the activity of our 180,000 strong customer base.

Mad about metrics

Organizations analyze immense amounts of data generated by their IT environments to drive business decisions.


growth in the use of our monitoring tools

Our customers used these tools to analyze a lot of data in 2018—the same amount that would be transmitted during 4,000 Mars missions.1

Don't delay, deploy

Organizations seek operational speed, workload scalability, and stability in their migration from on-premises environments to the cloud.

Make me mobile

The BYOD and enterprise mobility market is predicted to be worth $75 billion by 2021 .2

Total endpoints we managed this year = Twice the number of iPhones sold in India in 2018.3

Up your defenses

With over 4.2 billion data records stolen in 2018, IT security has now become a boardroom concern.4

A 360° view

Organizations are seeking native integrations to get a 360° view of their IT environment.

Wrangle those regulations

IT auditing and reporting solutions provide insights into security threats and help businesses comply with regulatory requirements.


increase in global customers using our IT audit and compliance solutions


increase in EU organizations adopting our GDPR compliance solutions

Power to the end-user

Self-service solutions give employees more autonomy to manage their IT while saving the time and effort of administrators.

With the extra man-hours that IT self-service saves, each technician can now watch five extra episodes of Game of Thrones every day.

Product updates

To meet the demands posed by global IT trends, our products feature new capabilities and integrations to help your organization reach new heights.

Active Directory and
Office 365 management

25% increase in the number of licensed users of our Active Directory management solution

  1. New capabilities

  2. Integrations

    • ADManager Plus integrated with Workday, Splunk, Zendesk, Zoho People, and ServiceDesk Plus
    • O365 Manager Plus integrated with Log360
  3. Scale

    • 3.2 million Office 365 user accounts managed
    • 15% increase in the number of domains managed using ADManager Plus

IT service management

182 million request management activities performed in our cloud-based service desk solution

  1. New capabilities

  2. Integrations

    • ServiceDesk Plus integrated with Password Manager Pro, Mobile Device Manager Plus, ADManager Plus, Outlook’s actionable messages, Office 365’s calendar, JIRA, and Azure

IT operations management

161% increase in the number of network interfaces our customers monitor with our network monitoring solution

  1. New capabilities

  2. Scale

    • 279% more alarms handled by our application monitoring solution
    • 1.8 billion page views evaluated for performance by our cloud-based application monitoring solution

Endpoint management

5 million endpoints managed by our unified endpoint management solution

  1. New product releases

  2. New capabilities

  3. Integrations

    • Mobile Device Manager Plus integrated with Spiceworks
    • Patch Manager Plus integrated with Spiceworks
    • Endpoint Central integrated with Zendesk and Jira Service Desk

IT security

400,000+ new devices audited using our security information and event management (SIEM) solution

  1. New capabilities

  2. Integrations

  3. Scale

    • 238% more administrators using our privileged identity management solution
    • 114% increase in the number of encryption keys managed using our SSH key management solution

Inside ManageEngine

2018 brought boundless opportunities and creativity to
ManageEngine, and we grew as a company.


increase in ManageEngine's workforce


acres of new office space

ManageEngine workforce can now fill 3 Airbus A380s.5

This is roughly the size of 10 soccer fields.6


Our partnerships are instrumental to our success. Without our partners, reaching out to every corner of the world would be impossible.


increase in the number of our global partners


Our customer support team reached out to 100,000+ users to provide product tutorials, demos, training sessions, and support.

The total number of hours spent during these interactions equals the total class hours available on Coursera.7


453 delightful occasions to interact with all of you.






User Conferences




industry events


CIO meetups

The total number of events hosted and attended by ManageEngine is equal to the number of shows played in Broadway in a year. 8

Thank you!

Here's to another year of growth, opportunities, and innovations.

Happy New Year


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