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64bit.bin 71779c78c15185f88aa63148864e153fd1d6acd812abecf9b18bd7e2b8f2c19a
File sha256 value
Enterprise edition (.bin) Central -  e65ea9eb2cccb2bd3c23989aeaa0b983926dea593e2ae7e48399825e0c79f280
Probe -  5920f50a1caeedbab0bda17a45f5524e0c8c782120d460e15f789373a9c17247

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Click here to go through the APM Plugin installation guide.

Note: APM Plugin can be installed only if you have already installed OpManager Plus. If you're using an older version of OpManager Plus, you may need to download a compatible version of APM Plugin. Please refer this page to find the right version.

If you have any questions about OpManager Plus, feel free to raise a support request and we’ll get back to you.

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