Service Pack for builds 126000 & above.

Version 127138 

(Released on September 22, 2023)
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How to apply service pack?

  • 1. Choose your
    upgrade path
  • 2. Download the
    appropriate ppm
  • 3. Apply it on
    OpManager Plus
  • 4. Restart
    OpManager Plus

Choose your upgrade path

Current build Upgrade path to the latest build SHA256 Value
127000 & above - Install the service pack to move to the latest build. cff40e30a8dccebeecb61cb95e811157bf874b97052d5db61aab973a819f005b
126000 to 126329 - Install the service pack to move to the build 127003. cd09ffc67ce5212f46ef8d1457a8792160ec9f03e41217eaf68075c4ffe81a2a
125000 to 125659 - Install the service pack to move to the build 126006. 98b78cd3147e63b858b90e68dedbb4fb849846b86178eee9a06aa77003c92a88
124000 to 124196 - Install the service pack to move to the build 125012  61894a37398fe154e33efb174f787c90cf9d50281a4bfafe3da1c55bc7bb7743
12300 - Install the service pack to move to the build 124006  de726f2f3eaae3513532e44fdcef64e113b5dc4fd4ca4163371b4c75f2b96e7d
12200 - Fill this form to migrate to build 12300  ad8738cb2240a9bb98da95f8da43899141217a21e07e14438f4034bdc1f37c5e
12000 / 12100 - Install the Service Pack to move to build 12200  dc4171d607bfc000308c0f68baa90215ea035e78d00d3e3fa05c6c9d1fae10d1
  1. Shut down OpManager Plus. (If OpManager Plus is running as a windows service, stop the service from 'Control Panel' > 'Services' window and close the window)
  2. Start command prompt as an administrator [cmd > right click --> run as administrator] Click here to see the screenshot.
  3. Backup database - click here to know the steps.
  4. End the processes: Open the Task Manager and make sure the processes 'java.exe' or 'wrapper.exe' of OpManager Plus ( OpManager, NetFlow, NCM & IPAM) are terminated. If not, terminate the processes.
  5. Backup OpManager Plus folder: Take a copy of '<OpManagerPlus-home-directory>' folder. This step is to back up the product configuration settings and the plug-in data.
  6. Launch Update Manager - Go to '<OpManagerPlus-home-directory>/bin' folder and run the script 'UpdateManager.bat' ( for Linux).
  7. Click 'Browse' button to select the Upgrade Pack file (the .ppm file that you'd downloaded) and choose 'Install'.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to apply the Service/Upgrade Pack.
  9. Once the upgrade is complete, start OpManager Plus Service for the changes to take effect.
Remember, if you are applying more than one upgrade pack, you have to follow the above instructions for applying each upgrade pack

How can I find the build number of OpManager Plus?

  1. In the Web Client, click on the "Administrator" icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Search for the 'Build Number' among the product details listed.

Need help ?

Want help with upgrading OpManager Plus to the latest version? Contact OpManager Plus Support

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