Samsung SDS America uses Exchange Reporter Plus to gain meaningful insights into its Exchange environment

About Samsung SDS America

Samsung SDS America, the U.S. subsidiary of Samsung SDS, is a global software solutions and IT services company. It offers solutions for secure mobility, high-performance computing (HPC) managed services, digital-out-of-home (DOOH), advanced analytics, and contextual marketing to help organizations optimize productivity and make smarter business decisions. Samsung SDS America solutions enable customers in government, financial services, retail, and other industries to drive business and improve competitive positions in a hyper-connected economy.

Challenge: Gaining meaningful insights from Exchange Server

Emails are the backbone of business operations in many organizations. They're used to send sensitive business data to stakeholders, share important decisions and business ideas with employees, and much more. So, it's essential to ensure that email services are always available and secured from breaches.

Samsung SDS America uses Microsoft Exchange Server as its email system. While Exchange is one of the most popular email systems across the globe, it has many drawbacks. One of the major issues is that Exchange Server does not provide a built-in reporting function to easily create reports that provide important metrics and insights. As a result, IT admins at Samsung SDS America had to use PowerShell scripting to get the information they needed.

Juga Bortsvadze, IT Manager at Samsung SDS America, said,


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"Microsoft doesn’t have any reporting tools built into Exchange Server. We relied on PowerShell scripting for getting the necessary details."

However, he found manually creating reports using PowerShell was time consuming, and the generated reports were neither comprehensive nor clear. Much of the vital information he needed, such as mailbox permissions and inactive distribution lists, was not clearly visible.

Insightful reports from ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus

Bortsvadze and his team were already using other IT products from ManageEngine, and their experience with the solution provider and its support team were extremely positive. So, they decided to evaluate Exchange Reporter Plus, an Exchange reporting, auditing, monitoring, and content search solution from ManageEngine. When asked why he chose Exchange Reporter Plus, Bortsvadze said, “We are happy with ManageEngine products and their support. Their support [team] is very fast.

Exchange Reporter Plus comes with more than 450 reports on Exchange Server, Exchange Online, and Skype for Business. These reports are readily available, and IT admins can easily obtain the information they need with just a single click. Exchange Reporter Plus combs through the Exchange server at regular intervals, as scheduled by the IT admin, to collect data. When a user clicks on a report, Exchange Reporter Plus instantly fetches the required data and organizes it neatly in reports. Reports are comprehensive and contain tables with all the necessary information; certain reports even provide a visual summary of important metrics in the form of graphs.

As soon as Exchange Reporter Plus was deployed, Bortsvadze and his team were able to quickly and easily get meaningful insights on multiple aspects of Samsung SDS America’s Exchange environment. “Exchange Reporter Plus has eradicated the need for PowerShell scripting,” said Bortsvadze. 

Result: Purging of inactive distribution lists and excessive mailbox permissions 

For the IT team at Samsung SDS America, one of the main benefits of deploying Exchange Reporter Plus is how quickly they're able to obtain important insights into their Exchange environment. Inactive distribution lists (DLs) can expose users to increased spam messages, and provide attackers with a larger footprint to exploit. With Exchange Reporter Plus, Bortsvadze determined that almost 20 percent of the DLs in Samsung SDS America’s Exchange environment were inactive. Using the Inactive Distribution Lists report, he was able to identify and disable DLs that were no longer in use.

“[I] found the Room Mailbox Reports beneficial and also found the Permission Based on Users report very significant. I was able to remove the unwanted permissions,” said Bortsvadze.

Inactive Distribution Lists report in Exchange Reporter Plus Figure 1. Inactive Distribution Lists report in Exchange Reporter Plus

Moreover, Bortsvadze was able to identify the permissions held by each user or group over other mailboxes using the Permissions Based on Users report. Analyzing the mailbox permissions each user has is vital for ensuring only intended users have access to the sensitive data contained in each mailbox. Exchange Reporter Plus helped Bortsvadze remove excessive mailbox permissions from users who didn't need them.

“[I] found the Room Mailbox Reports beneficial and also found the Permission Based on Users report very significant. I was able to remove the unwanted permissions,” said Bortsvadze.

Permissions Based on Users report in Exchange Reporter Plus Figure 2. Permissions Based on Users report in Exchange Reporter Plus

Exchange Reporter Plus enables these reports to be exported in various file formats, such as XLS, CVS, PDF, and HTML, and can schedule them to be delivered automatically to multiple users through email. The predefined reports can be customized, or an entirely new custom report can be created to meet specific business requirements.

With Exchange Reporter Plus, Bortsvadze and his team are now equipped with a powerful Exchange reporting solution to ensure the safety of their users’ mailboxes and their content, all while keeping the Exchange environment secure and compliant.

About Exchange Reporter Plus

Exchange Reporter Plus is a reporting, change auditing, monitoring, and content search tool for hybrid Exchange environments and Skype for Business. It features over 450 comprehensive reports on various Exchange objects such as mailboxes, public folders, and distribution lists, and also on Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync. It accomplishes granular auditing, monitors Exchange services and endpoints, and helps perform instant mailbox content search.

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