Case Study

Leading investment management company monitors its Exchange infrastructure easily using Exchange Reporter Plus

Company : Beyout Investment Group (BIG Holding)
Industry : Investment management
Location : Kuwait
About the Company
BIG Holding is a major investment management company based in Kuwait and the MENA region. The company works with a plethora of businesses from different sectors, such as travel and tourism, logistics, civil construction, energy, education, real estate, and food and beverage. The company believes that its most valuable asset is its human resources and attributes its growth and development mainly to its employees.
About Exchange Reporter Plus
Exchange Reporter Plus is a reporting, change auditing, monitoring, and content search tool for hybrid Exchange environments and Skype for Business. It features over 450 comprehensive reports on various Exchange objects such as mailboxes, public folders, and distribution lists, and also on Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync. It accomplishes granular auditing, monitors Exchange services and endpoints, and helps perform instant mailbox content search.

Business challenge

The rapidly growing business required rapid growth of its employee base to work on the various businesses it handles. With the increase in employees came the need to effectively manage all the mailboxes in the organization. The IT infrastructure department immediately started facing several issues, particularly in relation to monitoring mailboxes and internal license audits.

Controlling the logons to company mailboxes and monitoring a number of parameters related to mailboxes, particularly mailbox size, was a difficult and time-consuming feat for administrators. The administrators also discovered that they were losing valuable time looking for inactive mailboxes in the organization during internal license audits. Microsoft licenses are not cheap and these dormant mailboxes were hogging licenses that could have been put to better use elsewhere. Being a fast growing business, the company was losing tremendous amounts of time and money due to these issues.

The ideal solution

The administrators were often inundated with requests to discover inactive mailboxes, monitor mailbox sizes, and so on. After the multitude of problems they went through, all they wanted was a solution that would completely simplify the administration process and quell their worries. They wanted a cost-effective solution that would be easy to understand, use, and deploy.

Final choice

The administrators of BIG Holding were already satisfied users of ManageEngine's ADManager Plus, Service Desk Plus, ADSelfService Plus, ADAudit Plus, and EventLog Analyzer. That encouraged them to purchase Exchange Reporter Plus to cater to their Exchange reporting, auditing, and monitoring needs. When asked why they chose Exchange Reporter Plus over other products, the head of IT infrastructure, Bijoy Mon Sethumadhavan, said they found it "very user friendly."

They found the Exchange Reporter Plus UI easy to understand, which made the administrators' jobs easier. They did not need any specific training for the software—every part of the product was straightforward and self-explanatory. "The software is simple and gives value for the cost spent," states Mr. Sethumadhavan.


The administrators of BIG Holding were able to finally breathe a sigh of relief. With Exchange Reporter Plus, they were able to free up time to focus on more pressing needs. Of all the Exchange Reporter Plus advantages, the IT infrastructure department was most impressed with its ability to:

  • Easily discover the inactive mailboxes in the organization. The company also stopped losing large amounts of money to licenses for inactive mailboxes. "It ultimately saved the money lost on Microsoft's licenses," declared Mr. Sethumadhavan.
  • Monitor all aspects of mailboxes in the organization. Details on the sizes of mailboxes, mailbox and public folder databases, and server volume are now easily obtained by the administrators.
  • Track mailbox logons on the fly using audit reports. "[With Exchange Reporter Plus, we have control over] user logons and mailbox monitoring, especially mailbox sizes," remarked Mr. Sethumadhavan.
  • Simplify the reporting, auditing, and monitoring processes with a very user-friendly interface.

Results experienced

Every challenge the company faced in relation to administration of its Exchange environment was resolved when they started using Exchange Reporter Plus. Capacity planning is now done efficiently with the mailbox monitoring reports by their side. Microsoft licenses are no longer wasted on dormant mailboxes, thanks to the inactive mailboxes reports of Exchange Reporter Plus.

The simple and cost-effective deployment of the product further impressed the company. BIG Holding now entirely relies on Exchange Reporter Plus for reporting on their Exchange environment. The configurable, real-time alerts also help the administrators be vigilant about any modification to their Exchange organization. The administrators leave the change auditing and monitoring to Exchange Reporter Plus and are now free to work on other important issues.

The intuitive and user-friendly nature of the product has also pleased the IT infrastructure department. They haven't faced any issues with the product that would require frantic calls to the Technical Support team. "So far I didn’t [need] any support for Exchange Reporter Plus. Usually ManageEngine's technical support is amazing," says Mr. Sethumadhavan.

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