Forensic Log Analysis

The primary purpose of a network security solution is to protect the network from attacks. It should monitor security events and alert you in real time to help you take remedial actions as soon as possible. In addition, you require in-depth information to analyze the root cause of any vulnerabilities, attack event reconstruction, and user activity; that's where forensic log analysis comes into the picture.
Forensic log analysis software helps you analyze firewall logs to find the root cause of a vulnerability or crime. After this investigation, you can use the information gathered from the logs to take action and prevent future attacks.

Firewall Analyzer: Leading forensic log analysis tool

The basic requirements of a forensic log analysis tool include being secure and tamper-proof, and having the ability to archive logs for a specific and flexible period of time. It's not enough to just have historical log data available; you need a powerful search engine to parse these logs and discover the exact information you require for investigation.

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is the ideal solution for archiving log data and conducting forensic log analysis. Using this tool, you can choose the storage duration of archived forensic analysis logs, ensure the data is encrypted for security and time-stamped for tamper-proofing, index the archive data flexibly for optimal search, and use the tool's powerful engine to search both the aggregated logs and raw logs. With the added ability to save the search results as reports, you can save time and avoid repeated searches.

Flexible log archive retention time

This firewall forensics tool archives firewall logs for a flexible time period as per your requirement. Because various regulatory standards mandate different retention periods and your own organization may have one as well, it's important to be able to configure your own archive retention time. Additionally, you can also choose the data retention time of the database.

 Forensics Log Analysis - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


Secure and tamper-proof log archive

This network logs forensics tool secures logs with encryption, ensuring that the logs cannot be read even if they land into the wrong hands unintentionally. Firewall Analyzer also provides time-stamping on log files. Time-stamping prevents the saved logs from being tampered with by any user trying to destroy the evidence of a security attack.

 Forensics Log Analysis Tool - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


Flexible indexing of log data

Firewall Analyzer has the ability to import and index archived logs. Log indexing is a CPU-heavy and memory-consuming task; to minimize the CPU load and memory consumption, you can choose to index only security logs, or both security and traffic logs. The forensic analysis security logs are critical for finding the cause of an attack or hack.

Firewall Logs Forensics - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


Why you need a powerful search mechanism for forensic log analysis

The log archive contains a huge amount of logs. However, the evidence of an attack is only present in a few. It's nearly impossible to manually pinpoint the exact logs that contain this information, and you may have to apply many criteria and filters to drill down to the exact logs of the incident. Even with a fairly good search engine, it can be a tough task. Firewall Analyzer’s log search engine is robust enough to easily and efficiently pull the required logs from the archive by offering both a raw log and formatted log search. If you cannot fetch the desired results with the formatted log search, you can use the indexed raw log search; most of the time, the formatted log search will suffice for forensic log analysis.

Log Forensic Analysis - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer 


Forensic Logs - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer 


Refer Raw log search report page for more information on raw log search reports.

Saving the search results as reports

Firewall Analyzer has a beneficial feature for forensic investigation in that you can search logs and save the results as reports. This will help you avoid making repeated searches, and circumvents the risk of forgetting specific search criteria and filters.

 Forensic Analysis Firewall Log - ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer


With all these features and more, Firewall Analyzer has everything you need in a forensic log analysis tool. Claim your 30-day free trial.


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