Monitor Huawei firewall policies, configurations and logs

Huawei is one of the leading firewall vendors in the market with over a decade of experience under its belt. They offer features such as VPN support, IDS, and IPS and provide comprehensive network security that helps combat common security threats such as malware, hacking, and most forms of cyber attacks. Huawei firewalls comply with various regulatory mandates and ensure your business operates within legal guidelines.

Firewall Analyzer application and Huawei Next Generation firewalls make a perfect combination for network security. The application exploits the full potential of the Huawei device features in securing the network. The application carries out the industry's major vendor Huawei firewall monitoring.

Why Firewall Analyzer is a perfect combination to monitor Huawei devices

Firewall Analyzer ensures most of the Huawei device features are monitored and manages the policies, generates reports for cloud application control, URL filtering, behavior & content audit, and bandwidth usage. The application collects the Huawei firewall logs and analyzes then to get security reports. Here are some of the features offered by Firewall Analyzer to monitor your Huawei firewalls.

  • Policy Management
  • Application Control
  • URL Filtering
  • Behavior and Content Audit
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Huawei firewall configuration management

Policy Management

The application's Rule Management capabilities, enhances the Huawei devices' security policy deployment. It cleans up, recommends reorder and optimizes the Huawei device rules. It also analyzes the impact of new rules with the existing rules and suggests changes to the new rule.

Huawei Firewall Policy Configuration Allowed Rules

Huawei firewall policy, configuration allowed rules


Huawei Firewall Policy Management Unused Rules

Huawei Firewall Policy Management Unused Rules

Application Control

The cloud control feature of the tool uses the application identification and control to extract the applications used and specific access control to improve the firewall performance.

URL Filtering

With the rich URL database information and allowed, blocked URLs and URL categories provided by the device, the application vastly improves upon the reports and projects a clearer picture. With this the URLs access can be accelerated for few URL categories.

Behavior and Content Audit

The behavior and content audit feature of the device, user Internet activity monitoring reports of the application makes user activity management easy.

Bandwidth Monitoring

The exhaustive bandwidth information provided by the device is fully utilized by the application to provide extensive bandwidth reports. The reports are:

  • Real-time usage
  • User-wise usage
  • Protocol-wise usage
  • Application-wise usage

This will help you to prioritize critical business bandwidth usage and control using policy based routing (PBR).


Huawei Firewall Bandwidth Monitoring

Huawei Firewall Bandwidth Monitoring

Huawei firewall configuration management

Firewall Analyzer, a Huawei firewall monitoring tool offers in-depth configuration reports of Huawei firewall devices. These reports help perform security audits, understand the changes made to firewall configuration, and manage compliance audit requirements.

With these exhaustive reports, Firewall Analyzer simplifies gaining visibility into your Huawei firewall devices and makes it easier to enhance its performance and operational efficiency. Simplify monitoring your Huawei firewall with Firewall Analyzer. Download our free 30-day trial today.

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