Firewall Traffic Reports

Firewall Analyzer provides reports to analyze the traffic through individual Firewalls.

Firewall Analyzer carries out traffic analysis which best suits non-NATed (Network Address Translation) networks. The traffic information captured from the Routers will not be suitable for non-NATed networks and it works good for NATed networks. Firewall Analyzer will be able to perform the traffic analysis easily, because the IP address/host name information of source and destination of traffic inside the network is available at the firewall level.

Firewall Traffic Report

From the Firewall data, Firewall Analyzer extract a lot of information about the traffic. As a network administrator, you can visualize the behavior pattern of the network traffic from the traffic reports. Traffic reports answers to a lot of traffic related questions.

  • Who is sending, receiving the traffic?
  • Which host is sending, receiving the traffic?
  • What is the traffic share of various protocol groups?
  • What is event severity pattern due to the traffic?

You will get traffic reports for the following:

  • Host specific traffic
  • User specific traffic
  • Protocol Group specific traffic
  • Event severity specific traffic

Benefits of Reports

Now a days all businesses depend on Internet traffic, it is critical to keep watching the traffic for maximum business usage and fair personnel usage. In this scenario, traffic congestion will hamper your business and keep your customers away. Hence, the traffic analysis reports are necessary.

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